Chapter 245: Chen Yang’s Face Turned Green

The students from battle class one spread the news that Chen Yang wanted to challenge Wang Teng.
Very soon, most of the freshmen had heard about it.

This had nothing to do with Chen Yang, though.
The main reason was that Wang Teng was extremely famous now.

He had defeated a few top 100 seniors consecutively.
This was no ordinary feat.

Not only was he famous, but his reputation was also good.
Many people felt proud of him.

Because of Wang Teng’s presence, their seniors from the higher level had high hopes for this batch of freshmen.
They wouldn’t treat them like how they treated the past batches.

You could say that if Wang Teng called for help, at least a third of the freshmen would step out to support him.

Many people felt that Chen Yang had no chance in this battle.
They treated it purely as a show.
In fact, some of them even used him as their scout.

You can go first.
We will stand behind you and support you.

This was what they were thinking.

Actually, most freshmen didn’t have a clear understanding of the ability of the top 100 students.
Of course, this was because Wang Teng had defeated many top 100 students, so in their hearts, the position of the top 100 students was pulled down.

They just felt that Wang Teng was very powerful.
However, Wang Teng was a freshman too.
If he could do it, why couldn’t they?

Youth knows no fear. This was the kind of mentality they had.

But, when the second- and third-year seniors heard this, they shook their heads and laughed.

The student who could defeat the 100 students must at least have the battle power of a 3-star soldier-level martial warrior.
It was useless unless Chen Yang was able to advance to 2-star soldier level within a month and learn an extremely powerful Force battle technique that would allow his battle power to reach 3-star soldier level and above.

If not, this would be child’s play for Wang Teng.

Many students were discussing the challenge after their meals.
However, most of them were talking about Wang Teng.

“I heard that a freshman wants to challenge Wang Teng.”

“Freshman? Who? How is he so confident?”

“I don’t know.
I don’t care who he is.
I only know that he’s a freshman.”

“Wang Teng will probably bestow him with bruises on his head again.
After all, even the third- and fourth-year seniors couldn’t evade it.”

Chen Yang heard such discussions when he walked along the paths in school and the cafeteria.
He realized that he had become the backdrop.

To hell with a backdrop!

His face turned green in anger.

At first, he thought that this was a good chance for him to become famous.
However, things went in an unexpected direction.
No one cared about him.
They were all discussing how Wang Teng would torment him a month later.

Wait for me.
I entered the university as an extreme martial disciple.
With the resources given by my family and the school, I believe that I can catch up with Wang Teng in a month. Chen Yang clenched his fist and gritted his teeth as he thought to himself furiously.

He wanted to go out to relax, but now, he turned around and walked towards the actual combat training building.

Cultivate! Cultivate!

Cultivate to death!

The popularity of this event lasted only for a few days.
Everyone was busy having lessons and cultivating.
Who would care about this every day?

Especially those people who hadn’t become martial warriors.
They wanted to catch up with everyone as quickly as possible, so they worked extremely hard.

The freshmen who just became martial warriors didn’t relax either.
Wang Teng had already set an example.
They had to work hard to run towards him and shorten the distance between them.

Time passed.
Every day, Wang Teng attended lessons, picked up attributes, ended his lessons, picked up attributes…

After his enlightenment and spirit rose, his cultivation speed became faster too.
When he was free, he would practice his battle techniques.
All his battle techniques progressed steadily.

His campus life was extremely fulfilling.

It was Wednesday, and Wang Teng had a theory lesson today.
He left after picking up attributes.

He was able to grasp theoretical knowledge just by picking up attributes.
His progress was ahead of the other students.
This was a piece of cake for him.

He was walking further and further on the path of a star student.

Then, he ran to the dan faculty to observe a lesson.

He was pretty interested in alchemy, rune, and smithery.
It was always good to have more skills.

Thus, usually, whenever he had the chance, he would observe other faculty’s lessons.

He had gone there multiple times already, so all the instructors of the faculties had an impression of him.
They took more notice of him too.

This was an outstanding student who was extremely talented in martial arts.
They didn’t want him to walk on the wrong path.
However, they noticed that his talent in other subjects was also quite high.

Thus, they paid more attention to him.

As time went by, the students from the other faculties couldn’t stand it anymore.
They grumbled in their hearts.

Hey, we are your children!

Wang Teng is from another faculty.
Please don’t show him too much love~

The instructor from the dan faculty, Sha Zhuxiu, stood on the podium and said, “You have been studying ‘Spiritual Herb Differentiation’ for some time.
Let’s do a test today.
Class monitor, come up and help me distribute the papers.”

“Ah, this is too much.
Our instructor is taking a surprise quiz.”

“I didn’t revise.
How can I take the test?”

“That’s right.
Instructor Sha is too sneaky.
He didn’t inform us beforehand.”

The students below started crying in agony.

The class monitor of dan class one stood up unwillingly and walked to the podium to take the papers.
He distributed it to everyone.
At first, he thought that being the class monitor was a good thing.
But it wasn’t.
The instructor called him whenever he needed and treated him like a coolie.

“You must have a strong foundation in spiritual herb differentiation.
The result of your alchemy will depend on how hard you have worked in the past.
Do you want me to give you time to revise when you all are making dans?” Sha Zhuxiu asked.

“Instructor, you have worked hard for so many years, but we’ve only just started learning.
There are so many spiritual herbs, and the book is as thick as a dictionary.
How can we memorize everything?” The students cried bitterly.

“That’s why you have to work even harder.” Sha Zhuxiu encouraged them.
He continued, “Don’t worry.
This is just a small test to see how much knowledge you have grasped.
it will allow me to know how to guide you specifically.”

The class monitor passed the script to everyone.
When he reached Wang Teng, there was one last paper in his hand.

The instructor had prepared a set of papers for Wang Teng too.
The class monitor felt helpless.
Why was this fellow everywhere?

His battle talent was exceptional, and he also displayed high aptitude in the herb field.
This was infuriating.

“I wonder how you will score.” He slammed the test on Wang Teng’s table and turned back to return to his seat.

Wang Teng shook his head before taking a look at the script.

The test started.

Although the students complained and moaned, they still did the papers obediently.
Only the sound of pen scribbling on the papers was heard in the classroom.

This paper isn’t too difficult. Wang Teng scanned the questions and started writing furiously.

Less than half an hour later, he finished the entire question paper.
He handed over the paper and prepared to leave.

It looked like there were no attributes to pick up today.

“Wang Teng, you’re done?” Sha Zhuxiu was surprised.
He looked at the test paper that was filled with writings.
Wang Teng had really finished the paper.
He frowned and said, “Do you want to inspect it?”

It isn’t that difficult,” Wang Teng said calmly.

“Isn’t difficult?” Sha Zhuxiu glanced at him.

He had prepared the questions personally, so he knew that some of them were quite difficult.
A newbie couldn’t answer everything.

Especially the last two questions.
They were extremely difficult.
Students who didn’t have a deep understanding of spiritual herbs might only be able to answer one or two points.
Yet, Wang Teng said that it wasn’t difficult?

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