Chapter 241: My Son Has The Potential To Become A General!

On the way back, Wang Teng was still thinking of the Yao family’s matter.

Yao Guancheng wasn’t sincere when he said he wanted to reconcile with him.
His attitude was slightly contemptuous, and he was looking down on him.
He must have encountered something, so he had no choice but to make this decision.

However, he could confirm one thing: Yao Guancheng didn’t know that Dan Taixuan was his master.
If not, he wouldn’t have dared to threaten him.

The Crimson Tiger Troop had sealed off news of what happened that day.
Outsiders didn’t know about it.

As the chief commander of a troop, suffering such humiliation wasn’t a glamorous thing.
There was no way he would let outsiders know about it.

Yao Guancheng’s pressure might have come from the Jixin Martial House.

Once I agree to patch up with him, the martial arts academy won’t have a reason to look for him anymore. This Yao Guancheng is very scheming! A cold smile appeared on the edge of Wang Teng’s lips.

But, why didn’t the Crimson Tiger Troop look for Yao Jun?

He was puzzled.
By right, Yao Jun was the culprit who had caused everything.
There was no reason for the Crimson Tiger Troop to let him go.

However, the thoughts of the higher authorities weren’t something he could understand.
They might not even remember someone like Yao Jun.

After all, to someone like Xiao Nanfeng, Yao Jun was just a nobody.
Why would a giant care about a nobody?

Wang Teng shook his head and threw this matter to the back of his head.
Very soon, he sat on the taxi back to Deer Garden.

“Mom, I’m back,” Wang Teng shouted the moment he stepped into the house.

“My son is back!” Li Xiumei’s eyes lit up as she walked out of the living room.

I just finished my mission, so I came back to take a look at you guys before heading back to school,” Wang Teng said.

“Just nice.
I will make some food for you in the afternoon.
You can go back to school in the evening,” Li Xiumei said happily as she pulled Wang Teng into the house.

“Hey, Dad is home too,” Wang Teng said in surprise when he saw Wang Shengguo in the living room.

Shouldn’t Wang Shengguo be in the office at this time?

“You’re back.” Wang Shengguo nodded at him.

“Dad, why aren’t you in the office today?” Wang Teng asked.

“Don’t mention it.
Doudou’s relatives don’t dare to kick up a fuss in Deer Garden, so they go to your dad’s office and block him every day.
Your dad is so irritated that he could only hide at home,” Li Xiumei said.

“They create trouble in our company?” Wang Teng frowned.
“Dad, what’s going on? Where did they get this courage from?”

It wasn’t a secret that Wang Teng was a martial warrior.
Many people knew about it.

Doudou’s relatives should also know that he was a martial warrior.
However, they still dared to cause trouble.
Did they have some support?

“They found a 2-star soldier-level martial warrior from somewhere,” Wang Shengguo replied helplessly.

“2-star soldier level? Let me go and meet him,” Wang Teng said.

“Nevermind, let’s hide for some time.
I don’t believe that the 2-star soldier-level martial warrior will allow them to order him around without a reason.
They must have paid him a hefty sum.
They won’t be able to afford him for long,” Wang Shengguo said.
He was worried that Wang Teng wasn’t the martial warrior’s match.

“That’s right.
Let’s not get in a head-on fight.
You’re still young.
You will definitely be more powerful than the 2-star soldier-level martial warrior in the future,” Li Xiumei comforted Wang Teng, afraid that he would let his young emotions get the better of him.

The two of them had no idea how powerful their son was, so they were worried for nothing.

“Dad, Mom, I’m a 4-star soldier-level martial warrior.” Wang Teng was caught between laughter and tears.

“What?” Their eyes widened.
They suspected that they heard wrong.

“I said that I’m a 4-star soldier-level martial warrior,” Wang Teng repeated helplessly.

“4-star soldier level!” Wang Shengguo was still in disbelief.
He asked curiously, “Son, are you joking?”

“That’s right.
Don’t try to coax your mom,” Li Xiumei said.

“Why will I lie to you? If you don’t believe me, I can bring you to the Jixin Martial House and show you the examination result,” Wang Teng said.

“There’s no need for that.
We believe you.” Wang Shengguo exchanged glances with Li Xiumei.
He then exclaimed, “We just find it a little unrealistic.
You have only become a martial warrior for a short time, yet you’re already at 4-star soldier level.
I heard that it’s very difficult for a martial warrior to advance his stage.”

“Haha, your son is a genius,” Wang Teng said.

Wang Shengguo laughed.
“Good, good.
My son has the potential to become a general!”

“Look at how happy you are.
General? Is that a stage you can reach so easily? I think that you’ve gotten dizzy with success.” Li Xiumei was elated too, but she still nudged Wang Shengguo and told him off.

“Alright, alright, I understand.
I was just too happy,” Wang Shengguo said.

“Dad, Mom, where’s Doudou? Why don’t I see her?” Wang Teng glanced around and asked curiously.

“I asked Sister Chen to bring her to the garden to play,” Li Xiumei said.

Wang Shengguo nodded.
Then, he said to Wang Shengguo, “Dad, let’s go to the company now and solve the matter.”

“Okay, let’s go now.”

Wang Shengguo wore his clothes happily and went out with Wang Teng.

They drove directly to the office.


“Young Master Wang!”

Chen Ergou from the security department was standing guard at the entrance.
When he saw the father and son, his eyes lit up.

“Hey, Ergou!” Wang Teng had some impressions of Chen Ergou.
After all, his name was easy to remember.

“Young Master Wang, you actually remember me.” Chen Ergou felt overwhelmed with favor.

“Ergou, are those people still here?” Wang Shengguo asked.

They are in the lobby and playing cards.
They do nothing else, but they don’t want to leave, either,” Chen Ergou said helplessly.

He glanced at Wang Teng unconsciously as he spoke.
He knew that Wang Teng was a martial warrior.
A few days ago, Mr.
Wang was forced to hide at home because of these people.
He hadn’t been to the office in a while, but he suddenly came back today.
It must be because Young Master Wang was back.

He wondered if Young Master Wang was able to deal with that martial warrior.

Chen Ergou muttered in his heart.

“Bring me over,” Wang Teng said.

Young Master Wang, this way, please.” Chen Ergou led the way.

They walked towards the group in the lobby who were having a ball of a time.
The other party had obviously noticed them too.

“Hey, Mr.
Wang, I heard that you were on an overseas trip.
Did you come back today?” A mean-looking man around 30 years old stood up and smiled at Wang Shengguo.

Wang Shengguo wanted to reply, but Wang Teng stopped him.
He said to the person, “This is private property.
Please leave this place.”

“Who are you? Do you have the right to speak here?” The mean-looking man frowned and said.

“He’s my son, Wang Teng!” Wang Shengguo said.

“You’re Wang Teng!” The mean-looking man was stunned.
He took a few steps back uncontrollably.

Behind him, another muscular man stood up slowly.

“I heard that you’re a 1-star soldier-level martial warrior.
It’s impressive for you to have such an ability at this young age.
However, you’re not my match.
I’m in charge of this matter.
You better hand the person over obediently and not force me to act.
You know the consequences of a battle between martial warriors,” the muscular man said calmly.


Wang Teng didn’t reply to him with his mouth.
Instead, the aura of a 4-star soldier-level martial warrior surged towards the man.

The muscular man’s face turned pale, and he retreated continuously.
The chairs behind him got knocked on the ground, but he didn’t seem to notice them.
He looked as though he had seen a ghost.

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