Chapter 240: The Yao Family Wants To Reconcile

Wang Teng led a peaceful life for a few days.
He spent most of his time recovering from his injury.
If he had nothing to do, he would go to the actual combat training building to pick up attributes.

Although it was the holiday, some students didn’t go home.
They continued to work hard in their cultivation.

What was one thing that could make you fall into despair?

When you thought that the more talented people were having fun and enjoying themselves but, then you realized that they were working harder than you.

Wang Teng, who was strolling in the gravity room, saw a familiar figure.


“Brother Teng.” When Baili Qingfeng heard the voice, he turned around.
He was startled upon seeing Wang Teng.
He said in surprise, “You… why are you in this state?”

“Oh, I accidentally injured myself during my mission.” Wang Teng lowered his head and looked at the bandages on his body.
He didn’t explain in detail and just answered the question casually.

Actually, the injuries on his body were mostly healed.
The medicine provided by the school was very effective.
Scabs had already formed on his wounds.
After applying the medication one more time, his injuries would probably heal completely.

Besides, they were just external injuries.
It was nothing serious.

Even if he suffered a serious injury, he would heal quickly with the help of high-quality spiritual dans.

This was why alchemy had a higher status than modern medicine in the current society.

Normally, bone injuries would require at least three months to heal completely.
But, to an alchemist, one spiritual dan down your throat and he guaranteed that you would be alive and kicking in five days.

Force injuries could only be treated by spiritual dans.
Modern medicine was helpless in front of it.

However, never look down on the intelligence of human beings.
After integrating alchemy and rune skills, modern medicine had been progressing rapidly.
In the future, there might be cross-generation high-quality medical equipment like the ones in science fiction movies.
At that time, the advanced medical industry would start blossoming.

“The world outside is indeed full of danger.” Baili Qingfeng squinted slightly when he heard Wang Teng’s reply.
The muscles on his body also tensed up.

Wang Teng had interacted with Baili Qingfeng for a long time, so he understood him quite well.
When he saw his reaction, he immediately knew what he was thinking.
Wang Teng felt a little speechless.

But, after pondering about it, there was nothing wrong with being cautious.
The world outside was indeed dangerous.
Look, he almost couldn’t come back alive.

Thus, being a cautious and brave warrior was a good choice.

“Brother Teng, you are able to execute missions already.
I’m envious of you,” Baili Qingfeng said.

“You should be able to become a martial warrior soon.
At that time, you can claim missions too,” Wang Teng said.

“Just a little bit more,” Baili Qingfeng nodded and said.

“All the best.
I will make a move first.
I won’t disturb your training anymore,” Wang Teng said.


Besides picking up attributes in the actual combat training building, Wang Teng would go to the stadium and walk his dog—sorry, his little crow.

A bandaged monster walking with a fat little crow in the stadium, it became a beautiful scenery of the school.

On the last day of the holiday.

Wang Teng woke up in the morning and realized that the scabs on his body had dropped.
He didn’t need to bandage his wounds anymore.

I should go back home in case my parents worry about me.

Wang Teng finished his breakfast and left the school.

A black sedan was parked outside the school gates.
When Wang Teng stepped out, the eyes of the man who kept watching the entrance of the school lit up.
He immediately walked over.

“Are you Wang Teng?”

Wang Teng was shocked when he saw a stranger rushing towards him.
That guy even knew his name.
He frowned and asked, “Who are you? Why are you looking for me?”

“My family head is looking for you.
Oh right, my family head’s surname is Yao,” the man in the black suit said.

Wang Teng raised his eyebrows.

“You should know what’s happening.
Please follow me.” The man was a little proud.
He thought that he had scared Wang Teng.

After all, based on their family head’s status, it was an honor for this low-rank martial warrior student that their family head was looking for him.


“Get out!” Wang Teng replied unhappily.

The family head of the Yao family? He must be Yao Jun’s father.
Based on the grudge between him and Yao Jun, Wang Teng didn’t want to bother about this person no matter what motive he had.
He didn’t want to have any interactions with the other party either.

The man’s expression froze immediately.
He said in disbelief, “Do you know what you are saying?”

“I asked you to get out.
Don’t you understand human language?” Wang Teng said expressionlessly.

“Do you know what our family head’s status…”

Before the man could finish speaking, Wang Teng walked past him.

“Stop right there!”

The man turned angry from embarrassment.
He hooked his right hand into a claw and attacked Wang Teng’s shoulder.


The next moment, the man felt his vision turning black.
He felt excruciating pain on his face, and his entire body flew out sideways.

How is he so strong?!

The man slammed on the ground.
This was the only thought that flashed through his mind before he fainted.

The middle-aged man in the black sedan was finally alerted.
He walked out of the car.

He looked at the unconscious man on the ground and Wang Teng, who was at the side.
A frown appeared on his face as he walked over slowly.
He said, “Young man, it’s bad to be too violent.”

“How is Yao Jun related to you?” Wang Teng asked him instead of replying to him.

Anger flashed past the middle-aged man’s face.
However, he forcefully suppressed his rage and explained, “I’m Yao Jun’s father, Yao Guancheng.”

“Yao Jun is more violent than me.
Indeed, this is a bad thing.
You need to educate him properly,” Wang Teng said.

“You!” Yao Guancheng was so infuriated that he wanted to slap Wang Teng to death.
But he couldn’t do it, even if he had an extra pair of balls.
He took a deep breath and said, “I will not argue with you.
I came today because I want to reconcile.”

“Reconcile?” Wang Teng seemed to have heard a hilarious joke.
He sneered.
“Your son wants to kill me, yet you want me to reconcile with you?”

“All hatred can be put down.
If it can’t, it must be because the compensation isn’t high enough,” Yao Guancheng said.

“Hmph.” Wang Teng snorted.
He was disgusted by Yao Guancheng’s actions.

Yao Guancheng said confidently, “Tell me, what do you need to reconcile with us? I can satisfy you as long as you don’t ask for too much.”

“I’m sorry.
I’m not interested in reconciling with someone who wanted to kill me,” Wang Teng replied.

Then, he walked past him and continued going forward without giving Yao Guancheng a chance to reply.

“Do you know the consequences of rejecting my good intentions?” Yao Guancheng shouted behind him.
His expression was sinister.

Wang Teng stopped in his tracks.

Yao Guancheng gave a mocking smile.
He thought that Wang Teng was afraid of him.

“Are you threatening me?” Wang Teng smiled for some reason.
“Before you touch me, you should consider whether the Yao family can bear the implications.”

Yao Guancheng stared at Wang Teng as he left.
His face was black, and he was puzzled. Does this fellow have some background I don’t know?

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