Chapter 239: Sweet-talk And Counting His Gains

“Why are you so strong then?” asked Wang Teng speechlessly.

“That’s because, from the moment I started my martial warrior career, I chose the formidable path,” Dan Taixuan glanced at him from the corner of his eyes and replied calmly.

“The formidable path!”

Wang Teng almost choked on his own saliva.

Oh my god, is my master spouting nonsense?

“You don’t believe me?” Dan Taixuan asked.

“How is that possible? Master, you’re so magnificent and talented.
I can tell that your talent is invincible in the universe.” Wang Teng laughed awkwardly.

Dan Taixuan enjoyed Wang Teng’s flattery.
She accepted his praises readily before continuing, “I know you don’t believe me, but I have to tell you that I have never suffered a defeat ever since I became a martial warrior.
I’m not just invincible; I can even kill enemies at a higher level than me.
You might be able to do that too.
There are numerous talents in the world, and some of them can indeed do this.
However, I have never heard of anyone that can kill opponents with a higher level at any stage of their journey.”

Wang Teng turned serious.
At first, he thought that Dan Taixuan was just boasting, but gradually, he noticed that Dan Taixuan’s tone was too composed.
She seemed to be stating the truth, not persuading someone to believe it.

This mentality proved that she wasn’t making a casual remark.
She was honestly invincible at her level and could even kill martial warriors at a higher stage compared to her.

No wonder!

No wonder the tough Xiao Nanfeng wasn’t her match.

“How did I manage to remain invincible?” Dan Taixuan answered her own question, “First, you need to integrate your spirit, Qi, and essence to form the force of invincibility.

“With this force of invincibility, you will then be able to blaze your way through all manners of obstacles and defeat countless talents in the field.
You will become the real unbeatable warrior and progress to the top level quickly.”

Wang Teng immediately registered profound respect for his master.
The image of his master was becoming better and mightier in his heart.

“What do you think? My stupid disciple, do you want to try your master’s formidable path?” Dan Taixuan asked with a smile.
She felt a little proud when she saw Wang Teng’s reverent expression.

“Yes! I want to walk the formidable path too,” Wang Teng nodded and replied.

“Good, I have high hopes for you.” Dan Taixuan nodded in satisfaction.
But, in her heart, she heaved a sigh of relief.
Talking nonsense with a straight face was so difficult!

At this moment, the doorbell rang, breaking their conversation.

“The food should be here.
Open the door.”

“Alright!” Wang Teng ran to open the door when he learned that the Force dishes were here.

The person outside the door was the fatty he saw last time.

Wang Teng knew from Dan Taixuan that this fatty was a Force chef master.
Thus, he immediately gave an amiable and gentle smile.
“Hello, did you come to send food to my master?”

“Erm… yes.” The fatty outside the door was stunned.

“You can pass it to me.
Thank you so much.
The Force dishes you make are delicious,” Wang Teng praised him sincerely.

“Oh, thank you… wait, the principal is your master?” The fatty asked curiously after he realized what Wang Teng had said and felt astounded.

“Is there a problem?” Wang Teng asked.

“No… I didn’t expect the principal to have a disciple.
You are really young and promising,” the fatty commented.

“Thank you, thank you.
Brother, you are a Force chef master.
You are even more amazing…”

The two of them started complimenting each other just like that.
A Roland for an Oliver, a well-matched contest.
The atmosphere was harmonious.

The fatty only realized what he was doing after the door closed.
Why did he talk to someone he didn’t know for so long?

“What are you up to now?” Dan Taixuan felt puzzled when she saw Wang Teng chatting with the fatty for a long time.

“Nothing, nothing.
I just want to keep an amicable relationship with him so that I will have good food in the future,” Wang Teng said.

“Tsk, as long as you’re powerful enough, you will be able to eat all kinds of good food,” Dan Taixuan said with contempt.

“Time to eat, time to eat.”

Wang Teng laughed.
He didn’t mind her master’s comment.
He rubbed his hands and opened the lunchboxes.
When he placed the dishes on the table, the fragrant smell wafted into his nose.

This time, Dan Taixuan had ordered two servings of food.
It was enough for them to fill up their stomach.


More than ten minutes later, Wang Teng laid on the sofa and gave a satisfied burp.

“Look at you!” Dan Taixuan rolled her eyes and kicked him.
“Go back to your room after you’ve finished eating.
Don’t run around for the next few days.
Heal your body properly and wait for the lessons to start.”

I will leave immediately!” Wang Teng got up.

“Oh right, the benefits that we asked for from the Crimson Tiger troop… it’s useless for you to take the high-level dark apparition’s corpse, so I will pass it to the Black Sparrow troop for research.
As for the ore mine, you can’t swallow it either.
I can give you other benefits in exchange.
Is there anything you want?” Dan Taixuan asked.

Wang Teng had never thought about this.
Dan Taixuan was the one who asked for all these things from the Crimson Tiger troop.
It had nothing to do with him.

But, since Dan Taixuan mentioned it, Wang Teng thought of something.

“My family is preparing to enter the military dan medicine and weapons industry.
We need to get a license,” Wang Teng smiled and said.

“That’s simple.
I will inform the related parties when needed,” Dan Taixuan replied.

Wang Teng thanked her hurriedly.
It might be a simple task for Dan Taixuan, but it wasn’t easy for them.

After bidding farewell to Dan Taixuan, Wang Teng went back to his dormitory.
The moment he stepped into the house, a black shadow swooped down from the roof.

“What the f**k!”

He hurriedly stretched out his hand to catch it.
It was the little crow.
This little creature had just learned how to fly, or more accurately, it was halfway through learning.

Now that he thought about it, the little crow had suffered so much when it followed him to the Xingwu Continent this time, especially when he was escaping from prison and the pursuit of the Crimson Tiger martial warriors.
It was stuffed in his bag most of the time and almost got claustrophobia because of this; that was if birds could get this illness.

Wang Teng placed the little crow on the ground and fed it some star beast meat.
Then, he allowed it to stumble and flap its wings in the room.
It kept bumping into the furniture.

He walked into his bedroom and laid on the bed.
He silently counted the gains for this trip.

The greatest benefit was undoubtedly the increase in his levels.

Currently, his fire Force, metal Force, and earth Force had reached 4-star soldier level.
Overall, he wasn’t much weaker than a 5-star soldier-level martial warrior.

Also, his dark Force and wind Force had reached 3-star soldier level too.
They had jumped two levels, from 1-star to 3-star.
Mind you, these two Forces were rare, so it was harder to increase their levels.
He was lucky enough to be able to climb two stages up in one leap.

Besides these, Wang Teng also received three battle techniques: Wave Invisibility, Berserk, and Bewitch.

Wave Invisibility was a concealment skill.
Berserk was an amplification skill, while bewitch was a support skill.
All of them had their pros and uniqueness.
They were all exceptional battle techniques.
It was hard to find ways to get one of them, but Wang Teng got his hands on all three at once.

He could only clap his hands and applaud the system!

His spirit had also increased tremendously.
He was halfway through his spiritual realm state, so his spiritual power had increased many times.
If not, he wouldn’t have been able to kill that high-level dark apparition.

These were all his personal gains in terms of ability.
Besides, the dwarves gave them rewards and offered their friendship.
Overall, the harvest was amazing.

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