Chapter 237: Crazy Woman!

“Xiao Nanfeng, get out here!”

Dan Taixuan’s voice reverberated throughout the entire Crimson Tiger City.
Everyone was appalled as they looked up.

Who is this?

How dare she come to the Crimson Tiger Troop and call their chief commander’s name directly!

She even asked him to get out there!

Who on earth is so audacious?

Many figures shot into the air from the military camp below, accompanied with angry howls.

“How dare you!”


“How dare you cause trouble here!”

These figures either had wings on their backs or were walking in the air.
They were 5-star soldier-level and above martial warriors.

Their auras pervaded the air and surged towards the offender.

“Go away!”

Dan Taixuan furrowed her beautiful brows.
Her red lips moved slightly, and sound waves bombarded the air.


Boundless pressure crashed into the powerful martial warriors from the Crimson Tiger Troop like a vast sea.
Their faces turned pale as they retreated uncontrollably.

“So powerful!”

“Who on earth is she?”

Some people tumbled to the ground like shooting stars before they could see Dan Taixuan’s face clearly.

Only a few 7-star and 8-star soldier-level martial warriors managed to stabilize their bodies forcefully after plunging a few meters down.

“Why is she here?!” They finally recognized Dan Taixuan.
They were dumbfounded, and their faces turned white in fear.

Suddenly, another domineering aura erupted on the ground.
It rapidly neared them.

“Dan Taixuan, why are you running wild in my military camp?” The chief commander of the Crimson Tiger Troop appeared instantly in front of everyone with a grim expression.

“What am I doing here?” Dan Taixuan replied fiercely, “You injured my disciple, yet you’re asking me what I’m doing here?”

Everyone finally saw Wang Teng, who was standing beside Dan Taixuan.

Wang Teng was at a loss.
Dan Taixuan did tell him that she was going to seek justice for him, but he felt a little extra currently.
He didn’t have the power to speak in front of these bosses.

They seemed to have ignored his presence altogether.

Undeniably, Dan Taixuan was too eye-catching.
Everyone’s gaze was attracted to her.
However, it still felt a little irritating to be treated as a backdrop.

Xiao Nanfeng didn’t expect Dan Taixuan to have a disciple.
After all, she never planned to have one.
He was a little astounded, but he felt confused too.
He frowned and asked, “Your disciple is injured, but what does that have to do with me?”

He didn’t recognize Wang Teng.

The three 7-star soldier-level martial warriors standing behind Xiao Nanfeng were the ones who appeared in Yong City.
They recognized Wang Teng, so they hurriedly flew towards Xiao Nanfeng and whispered into his ears.

Xiao Nanfeng turned unhappy when he heard their explanation.
He said, “I’ve already understood what happened.
My subordinates did make mistakes, but your disciple isn’t entirely innocent.
I will take care of my two subordinates myself.
As for your disciple, I will forget about what he did.
Let’s put an end to this.”

“Bullshit!” Dan Taixuan cursed immediately.
“If your subordinates didn’t frame my disciple, nothing would have happened.
How can my disciple get injured by your men for no reason?”

Xiao Nanfeng couldn’t control his emotions when he heard Dan Taixuan humiliating him in front of so many subordinates.
He bellowed angrily, “Dan Taixuan, don’t go overboard.
Do you think that I’m afraid of you?”

“Come, come.
Let’s cut the nonsense and have a battle.
Let’s see if I cripple you first, or will you kill me first!” While speaking, her entire body had already disappeared.
The next second, she appeared above Xiao Nanfeng’s head with a long sword in her hands.
The blade gave off a sharp and glaring sword glow as it shot towards Xiao Nanfeng.

“You crazy woman!”

Xiao Nanfeng’s expression changed slightly.
He didn’t think that Dan Taixuan would attack him without any considerations.
At their level, every single move they made was frighteningly powerful.
The consequences of a battle were horrifying.

But, there was no time for him to make any considerations.
Dan Taixuan’s attack was right in front of his eyes.
The sword glow was so glaring that it hurt his eyes.
Xiao Nanfeng didn’t dare to underestimate her attack.
A pair of black eight-sided maces appeared on his palms.
The two started fighting without any more fanfare.

At the side, Wang Teng was sent to the ground by a gentle force.
He raised his head and felt a little worried.

The other party was the chief commander of the Crimson Tiger Troop.
His ability must be top-notch.

He wondered if Dan Taixuan could beat him.

In the air, the two parties collided a few hundred times within a few seconds.
The people at the scene could only see the lingering shadows of the two martial warriors intertwining continuously.

Massive explosions rang through the air, and every single attack caused the air around them to erupt.
It was exceptionally petrifying.

Xiao Nanfeng was afraid of damaging the Crimson Tiger City, so he purposely shifted the battleground away from the city.
Hence, the poor mountains and forest were the ones to suffer the wrath of their battle.

Wang Teng saw a large and deep pit appearing in the wilderness from afar.
Even worse, a single strike from them caused an entire mountain to explode.


Sometime later, a figure flew out at a fast speed and smashed into the body of a mountain.

“Chief commander!”

The martial warriors from the Crimson Tiger Troop cried out in alarm.
Their expressions changed.

On the other hand, Wang Teng heaved a sigh of relief.

Good, good!

Dan Taixuan might be a little unreasonable and fierce, but she was powerful enough.
Even the chief commander of the Crimson Tiger Troop wasn’t her match.

At this moment, he had a clearer understanding of his master’s ability.

Powerful! She was indeed very powerful!

The main thing was…

When these two formidable warriors were fighting, Wang Teng saw many large attribute bubbles dropping and floating in the distance.

Oh my god, these are attribute bubbles from general-stage martial warriors! Wang Teng was a little excited.

He immediately used his spiritual power to pull those attribute bubbles over.

He picked them up.

Wind Force*485

Metal Force*360

Fire Force*620

This was an astonishing number of Force attributes!

Wang Teng was dazzled.

All he could say was, as expected of general-stage martial warriors.
They dropped so many Force attributes during a casual bout.

In the battle just now, Dan Taixuan used two Forces, one green and one gold.
Thus, without a doubt, the wind Force and the metal Force came from her.

Thinking about it, when Dan Taixuan tested his ability back then, she had used the same two Forces.
Wang Teng already knew that Dan Taixuan was a wind and metal double-element martial warrior, so he wasn’t shocked.

But, this was a huge surprise for him.

Especially the wind Force, which was much rarer.
He had only managed to get to 2-star soldier-level after killing the Gale Mantis in the past.
He didn’t expect to advance another level so quickly.

Wind Force: 6/1000 (3-star)

After adding the 360 points of metal Force, his metal Force finally advanced from 3-star to 4-star.

Metal Force: 80/2000 (4-star)

The fire Force came from Xiao Nanfeng.
This chief commander from the Crimson Tiger Troop might have suffered in the hands of Dan Taixuan, but he wasn’t someone a nobody like Wang Teng could underestimate.
The fire Force he dropped allowed Wang Teng’s fire Force to rise exponentially.

Fire Force: 625/2000 (4-star)

His ability skyrocketed, dissipating the frustration in Wang Teng’s heart a little.

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