Chapter 235: Interrogation!

In the military department of Yong City.

Everyone was brought to a meeting room.

“Please wait for a moment.
General Shen will be here momentarily.” The military officer went out of the room.

The atmosphere in the meeting room was a little tense.
The members of Jixin Martial House sat on one side while the martial warriors of the Crimson Tiger Troop sat on the other.
The segregation was clear.
There was no nonsense spoken.

Not long after, footsteps were heard outside the door.
The person who came in first was General Shen, whom Wang Teng had met once before.

“General Shen!”

The 7-star martial warriors from the Crimson Tiger troop stood up quickly and greeted him respectfully.

“Have a seat, have a seat!” General Shen smiled and pressed his hand down.

“General Shen!” On the Jixin Martial House’s side, Li Hei got up and greeted the general too.

“Old Li, it has been a while since we met.
We are both in Yong City, but you’ve never visited me,” General Shen smiled and said.

“I don’t dare to disturb you.
You are busy with military affairs,” Li Hei replied.

“Seriously!” General Shen looked at the lethargic Li Hei and felt pity in his heart.

He sat on the host seat and glanced around him.
He then said, “Sit down.
Since everyone is here, we can lay everything on the table and talk things out.”

“Li Gang, you can do the explanation,” a 7-star martial warrior from the Crimson Tiger Troop said.

“Yes.” Li Gang immediately stood up and said, “A few days ago, my men found signs of a dark apparition on a mountain.
We sent people to investigate and noticed that there was an ore mine there.
I didn’t want to alert the Xingwu Continent, so I only sent my subordinate, Liu Huaixin, and a small team under him to execute this mission.

“They might have noticed that there were many dark apparitions in that place.
There was a lack of manpower on their end, so they temporarily enlisted the Wolf Fang Team and the Tiger Warrior Team, who were around the area.

“But, the Tiger Warrior team disobeyed my subordinate’s commands.
They didn’t follow Liu Huaixin’s order to attack the dark apparition.
Instead, they led the dark apparition to my military martial warriors and the Wolf Fang Team.
When both sides got heavily wounded, they grabbed the opportunity and killed the dark apparition.
My men and the Wolf Fang Team suffered huge losses.
On the other hand, the Tiger Warrior Team remained intact.
They are all standing here properly in front of us.”

At this point, General Shen looked at Wang Teng and his teammates uncontrollably.
He frowned slightly.

If this was true, the Tiger Warrior Team did commit a huge crime.
Their actions were loathing, so what the Crimson Tiger Troop did was reasonable.

On the other hand, Li Hei’s expression remained the same.
He didn’t seem worried at all.

Li Gang continued, “In a fit of anger, I locked them up and waited for the higher authorities to confirm their crimes before giving them their punishment.
Yet, they chose to escape from prison.
If they weren’t guilty, why did they need to escape? The Crimson Tiger Troop suffered heavy losses when we chased them and tried to capture them back.
They even released a major criminal.

“General Shen, don’t you think that they deserve to die after hearing all their crimes?”

“Li Gang, mind your words!” The 7-star martial warrior from the Crimson Tiger Troop shouted.

“I’m sorry, I was too agitated,” Li Gang said hurriedly.
He knew that he had made an indiscreet remark.

General Shen waved his hand.
He said to the Tiger Warrior Team, “Is he telling the truth?”

Lin Zhan and his teammates were infuriated when they heard Li Gang twisting the facts.

“Wang Teng, Lin Zhan, if you have anything to say, say it.
If you are framed, our Jixin Martial House won’t let it slide.
Even if I can’t handle it, the president will stand up for you,” Li Hei said calmly.

“Bullshit, how can I frame them?” Li Gang was boiling in anger.
Even though the person in front of him was the once-famous Dominance Blade Li Hei, he still glared straight at him.

“Enough, let them speak,” the 7-star martial warrior said.

Wang Teng sneered.
He took a step forward and said, “General Shen, Uncle Hei, you will know whether he’s speaking the truth after you listen to this recording.”

He tapped his wristwatch, and a conversation started playing from it.

“I have already sent someone to investigate the three paths.
High-level dark apparitions are guarding the hole on the left.
The Tiger Warrior Team’s fate is grim.
We will go and kill the dark apparitions after they exhaust the dark apparitions’ power.”

“Haha, the Tiger Warrior Team will become history after today.”

“Squad leader Liu, I will remember your favor.”

“There’s no news from the Tiger Warrior Team until now.
It looks like they have met some trouble.
The high-level dark apparition didn’t charge out, so this means they didn’t fail completely.
It’s time for us to enter.”

“Why don’t we wait a while longer? Let’s wait until the dark apparition kills them before we act.”

“Let’s go in first.
We will decide if we should act based on the situation.”

“You and Liu Huaixin are the ones behind this, right?”

“So what if we are?”

“”Don’t look as though you aren’t afraid of death.
I hate this kind of person.
You are going to die, yet you’re still acting.”


“Sigh, Leader Lin, you’re right.
I am despicable.
In your next life, remember not to offend a despicable person, especially one that has wealth and power.”

After he played the recording, Wang Teng retreated to Lin Zhan’s side without saying another word.

The three 7-star soldier-level martial warriors from the Crimson Tiger Troop frowned slightly.

“Impressive!” Li Hei scoffed.
He was seething with anger.

General Shen was indignant too.
He scolded loudly, “What are you doing! Huh? What is this!”

Li Gang’s expression underwent a huge change.
His color turned extremely pale, and he felt the blood in his body rushing into his head.
He staggered uncontrollably and shouted in disbelief, “This is impossible!”

“How is it impossible?” Wang Teng asked coldly, “Did you see it personally? Or did you hear it personally?

“If you weren’t so opinionated and didn’t even give us a chance to explain, would things have reached this state?

“If you hadn’t believed the one-sided story, if you didn’t give us the death penalty because of what Liu Huaixin said, would we have to escape from prison?

“If we don’t escape, are we supposed to wait for our deaths in the cell?”

The series of questions forced Li Gang back.
His face gradually changed from white to red and then to purple-black.
He felt a strong sense of humiliation.

“How dare you!” when the 7-star martial warrior from the Crimson Tiger Troop saw this scene, he shouted.
His aura exploded at the same time.

“Me?” Wang Teng didn’t back down.
He glared at the other party coldly.
“Am I being impudent, or did you go overboard?”

A fierce and powerful aura surged behind Wang Teng.
The force slashed towards the 7-star soldier-level martial warrior like a sharp blade with killing intent.

“Do you think that I won’t dare to harm you?” Li Hei said gravely.

The 7-star martial warrior’s face turned pale.
But, he immediately got angry from embarrassment.
“Li Hei, how dare you oppose our Crimson Tiger Troop!”

“So what if I do? I’ve fought on the battlefield with death all around me.
When have I ever been afraid?” There seemed to be an overpowering dominance hiding in Li Hei’s aged body.
He wasn’t afraid of anything.
The colors of the military martial warriors’ faces changed again and again.
His overwhelming aura was starting to scare them.

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