Chapter 234: Dominance Blade Li Hei!

Two days later, they finally saw the Yong City some distance away.

During these two days, Wang Teng and his teammates remained hidden to evade the military martial warriors.
They took a long detour before they finally came back to Yong City.

“They know where we came from, so they might try to intercept us outside the city gates,” Lin Zhan said.

“That is highly possible.” Wang Teng nodded.

“Is the Crimson Tiger Troop able to cover the sky with one hand?” Liu Yan said furiously.

“Let’s contact Jixin Martial House first and ask them to come out and fetch us,” Wang Teng contemplated before replying.

Lin Zhan nodded.
He opened the communication function on his wristwatch and sent a signal.

The wristwatch was a rune item and could be used as a communication device in the Xingwu Continent.
However, there was one con when using it here.
If the distance was too much, the other party wouldn’t be able to receive the signal.

This was why they couldn’t contact Jixin Martial House in the past two days.

Sometime later, Lin Zhan smiled brightly.
“I’ve contacted them.
They will come out and fetch us very soon!”

“That’s great.
I don’t believe that the Crimson Tiger troop can disregard our Jixin Martial House,” Yan Jinming said.

“We can’t rely solely on Jixin Martial House to solve this matter.” Wang Teng shook his head.

Lin Zhan and the others had grave expressions on their faces.
They also knew that this matter was a little troublesome.
After all, the military had sent a large number of advanced-rank martial warriors to chase them.

Also, they had released Li Tonghai!

That old fellow was locked in cell 99.
He was not an ordinary prisoner.

Although they were forced to make the decision because they had no other choice, the Crimson Tiger Troop wouldn’t care about their reason.

In summary, if their support wasn’t strong enough, they wouldn’t be able to escape this ordeal.

Half an hour later, a large group of martial warriors from Jixin Martial House walked out of the city.
The passers-by around them hurriedly parted to the sides to make way for them.

“What’s going on? Is the Jixin Martial House having an excursion?”

“Are you blind? Can’t you see how fierce they looked? Do they look like they are going for an excursion?”

“It looks like something big is about to go down!”

Everyone started gossiping in low voices.

A few martial warriors from the Crimson Tiger Troop also saw this scene.
They were hiding in the shadows.
They asked Li Gang uncontrollably, “Lieutenant Li, what should we do?”

“It looks like they are back!” Li Gang’s expression was extremely ugly.
He said in a low voice, “Let’s go.
Let’s see if the Jixin Martial House dares to hinder the Crimson Tiger’s operation.”

Li Gang walked out with many martial warriors from the Crimson Tiger Troop.
They walked towards the people from Jixin Martial House without backing down.

A muscular man from the Jixin Martial House’s side walked forward and asked Li Gang, “How do I address you?”

“Li Gang, Crimson Tiger Troop, lieutenant!” Lieutenant Li said coldly.

“Chen Tian, guardian of Jixin Martial House.” The muscular man continued, “May I know what crime my Jixin Martial House martial warriors have committed that caused you to mobilize so many people?”

“Complying on the surface but opposing in heart, delaying the battle and causing the death of many of my military martial warriors, escaping from prison thereafter and releasing a major criminal, are these crimes enough?” Li Gang replied coldly.

The people around them went into an uproar.

“The martial warriors from Jixin Martial House committed such huge crimes?!”

“This is big news!”

“If they don’t take care of this matter properly, the reputation of Jixin Martial House will be greatly affected.”

Chen Tian’s expression changed slightly.
However, he still braced himself and said, “This is just your side of the story.
I will have to confirm if this is the truth.”

“Why will I lie to you?” Li Gang flew into a rage.
His aura erupted and surged towards Chen Tian.

Chen Tian wasn’t one to take it lying down.
His aura exploded too.
It was as powerful as Li Gang.
He said, “Lieutenant Li, hold your horses.
Let’s call the people concerned and talk things out.”

“Alright, call them over,” Li Gang’s gaze flickered as he answered.

Chen Tian sent a message through his wristwatch.
Then, he waited.

“Let’s go.
Guardian Chen Tian asked us to go over,” Lin Zhan said after he received the message.

Wang Teng and the others nodded.
They ran towards the city gate.

“They are here.” Chen Tian smiled slightly as he saw the figures rushing towards them quickly.

When Wang Teng and the others got closer, Chen Tian frowned as he looked at them.
“Why are you in this state? Never mind.
Please explain what happened—”

“Take them down!”

Before he could finish speaking, Li Gang gave his order.

The martial warriors under him raised their rune guns immediately and aimed at Wang Teng and his teammates.

Lin Zhan and the others turned pale in shock.
They didn’t expect Li Gang to act so recklessly.

“Lieutenant Li, what is the meaning of this?” Chen Tian shouted as his expression changed.

If they have anything to say, they can say it back at the Crimson Tiger Troop’s headquarters,” Li Gang said expressionlessly.

“Is the Crimson Tiger Troop always so overbearing?” Chen Tian’s face was black.
He said coldly, “They are our Jixin Martial House’s martial warriors.
Don’t even think of taking them away before things get clear.”

“Take them! If anyone dares to resist, kill them!” Li Gang ignored him and gave his order once again.

The military martial warriors surrounded Wang Teng and his teammates.
Their rune guns were aimed at the vital points of their bodies.
At such a close distance, it was very hard to evade the bullets.

“This is too much!”

Chen Tian glared at them indignantly.
The aura around him exploded, and he charged towards the military martial warriors who were surrounding Wang Teng and his friends.


Li Gang blocked his path.
When their fists collided, it was like bombs were going off in the air.

Wang Teng and the others saw them start their fight, so they dashed towards the military martial warriors too.


However, the instant they took a step forward, they were seriously injured.
Blood spurted out of their mouths, and they flew back.

5-star soldier level! Wang Teng’s pupils froze.
He saw the man who had pushed them back easily.

A 5-star soldier-level martial warrior was hiding among the military martial warriors!

“Are you going to surrender, or do you need me to capture you personally??” The 5-star soldier-level martial warrior looked at Wang Teng with a mocking smile.

Wang Teng didn’t say anything.
His Shooting Star Spiral was getting restless.
It was on the verge of flying out.

He didn’t mind killing a 5-star soldier-level martial warrior today!

“It looks like I have to do it personally.
Sigh, youngsters refuse to be convinced unless they are faced with grim reality.” The 5-star soldier-level martial warrior shook his head.
Suddenly, he disappeared on the spot.


The next moment, he appeared again, but he didn’t manage to catch Wang Teng.
Instead, he was sent flying backward at an even faster speed.

“Young man, didn’t your chief commander tell you that your blade should be facing the other races, not one of your kind?” An old voice sounded behind Wang Teng.

“Uncle Hei!” Wang Teng’s expression changed.

“Uncle Hei!”

Chen Tian, Lin Zhan, and the others called out in pleasant surprise.

The elder who suddenly appeared was Uncle Hei from Jixin Martial House.

“How do I address you?” Li Gang asked sternly when he saw the elder.

“Li Hei, the Xingwu Continent commanding guardian of Jixin Martial House,” Uncle Hei smiled and replied calmly.

“Commanding guardian!” Li Gang’s expression changed.

He knew that the Xingwu Continent commanding guardians of the top three martial arts academies were at least 6-star soldier-level martial warriors.

If so, this ordinary-looking old man was actually a 6-star soldier-level martial warrior? Maybe… he was stronger than that!

“Wait, Li Hei? You are that Li Hei!!” Li Gang seemed to have thought of something, and his expression changed entirely.

“Oh, it has been so many years, yet someone still remembers an old fellow like me?” Li Hei said in astonishment.

“In the past, on the Guangtong battlefield, the 9-star soldier-level Dominance Blade Li Hei executed a general-stage martial warrior from the devil race!” Li Gang emphasized every single word.

“Old memories are nothing worth mentioning,” Li Hei placed his hands behind his hunched back and replied calmly.

The jaws of Lin Zhan and his teammates almost touched the floor.

Wang Teng was stunned for a long time.
He was flabbergasted.

Oh my god.

Dominance Blade!

A 9-star soldier-level martial warrior who killed a general-stage martial warrior from the devil race!

Uncle Hei had such a glorious achievement!

Who would think that this ordinary-looking Uncle Hei would be such a formidable martial warrior? It was unimaginable.

“It has been ten years, but the aura of Dominance Blade hasn’t changed.” A voice rang out from far away in the sky.
It seemed to be echoing beside everyone’s ear.

Three black dots appeared on the horizon.
Within a few breaths, they appeared in front of everyone and landed gently.

“Walking in the air.
7-star soldier level!” The crowd was dumbfounded and exclaimed uncontrollably.

“You’re speaking too highly of me.
Why do you need to make a trip here? It’s just a small quibble between the younger generations,” Li Hei said.

“We don’t have a choice.
This isn’t a small matter.
Our chief commander personally asked about this, so we have to make a trip personally,” one of the men smiled and replied.

At this moment, a military martial warrior from Yong City ran out and said, “I’ve just received this news.
Our General Shen invites everyone to the military camp.
He says that we are all on the same side, so we should sit down and talk things out.
There’s no need to fight.”

“I didn’t think that we would alert General Shen.
Lead the way.
It’s indeed not appropriate to talk about this outside,” the man gave a bitter smile as he replied.

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