Chapter 231: The Chief Commander Of Crimson Tiger Troop

The alarm in the Crimson Tiger City blared till their ears hurt.
The lights lit up the city, and large numbers of military martial warriors were sent out to search for the escapees.

This was an important military city.
No mishaps were allowed to happen.
Any problem must be killed in the cradle.

In a building in the middle of the city.

“Tap, tap, tap!”

A middle-aged man with a powerful and frightening aura strode into the office.

“Chief commander!”

“Chief commander!”

“Chief commander!”

Everyone in the office stood up at once and saluted the guy.
When they saw the middle-aged man’s expression, they immediately got nervous.

This man was the chief commander of the Crimson Tiger Troop—Xiao Nanfeng!

Xiao Nanfeng looked around him and scanned everyone’s faces.
The general cloak behind him fluttered slightly even though there wasn’t any wind.
He sat on the host seat and opened his mouth to ask, “Can someone tell me how the prisoners managed to escape from prison?”

Everyone kept as silent as a cold cicada.
They lowered their heads.
No one dared to speak.

This was the domineering presence of a chief commander!

“Wang Yong, speak!” Xiao Nanfeng’s gaze turned to a slightly plump man standing below him.

Wang Yong was drenched in sweat, the muscles on his face trembling uncontrollably.
He placed his feet together with a loud tap and saluted the chief commander.
He said loudly, “I failed to fulfill my duty.
Please punish me!”


The moment he finished speaking, the commander’s force of presence, which felt like a huge mountain, bore down on him.

Wang Yong’s entire body bent over.
His face was pale, and his legs kept shaking.

Yet, Xiao Nanfeng had already shown him mercy.
If not, Wang Yong would have been forced to kneel on the spot.
He would have been greatly embarrassed in front of his comrades.

At this moment, a man beside him stood up and said, “Chief commander, the most important thing now is to catch the escapees.
Why don’t you give Wang Yong another chance and let him redeem himself?”

The other officers agreed and helped to speak up for Wang Yong.
Even if some of them had a bad relationship with Wang Yong, they would just keep quiet at moments like this.
Framing your comrades was taboo in the military.
Their actions had a strong effect on the chief commander’s perception of them.

“Wang Yong, I will give you one more chance,” Xiao Nanfeng said calmly.
“However, if you can’t catch the fugitives, you don’t have to come back!”

The overwhelming aura also disappeared with that sentence.
He got up, turned around, and left.

He came quickly and left quickly.
He didn’t stop at all.

“Yes!” Wang Yong replied loudly.
He waited for Xiao Nanfeng to leave before he finally raised his head.
He could feel that his back was drenched with cold sweat.

“Old Chen, thank you!”

He turned and looked at the man who had helped him just now.

“Hurry up and catch the fugitives.
That’s the crucial thing,” the man waved his hand and replied.

If I manage to survive this ordeal, I will treat you to some good wine.” Wang Yong rushed out hurriedly after he finished speaking.


Wang Teng exchanged glances with his teammates.
When they saw more and more military martial warriors moving towards this side of the city, they immediately made their decision.

The lights had already lit up a huge patch of the city.
Their concealing skill was useful when it was dark, but there was nowhere for them to hide in such a bright environment.
Also, there were a huge number of military martial warriors searching for them with a fine comb.

The only method was to run.
They were already quite close to the back gate of the Crimson Tiger City.
There was still a chance of survival if they forced their way through.

They dashed towards the back gate.

The elder didn’t say anything.
He just followed behind them in a relaxed manner.
He seemed extremely carefree, as though he wasn’t trying to escape.

“There they are!”

After passing through a street, a group of military martial warriors, who were patrolling around this area, saw Wang Teng and his friends.
They shouted loudly.

“Catch them, don’t let them run away!” A huge number of military martial warriors started surging towards the direction where Wang Teng and his teammates were escaping.

“Damn it, we got discovered so quickly.”

The group’s expressions were ugly.
They had tried their best to choose the most secluded path.
Yet, they still got noticed by a group of military martial warriors who suddenly appeared at the side of the street.

They ran frantically.
The streets of the Crimson Tiger City were all straight and simple.
There were no complicated layouts like main roads and small alleys.
Thus, no matter how secluded the path was, it was still easy to get spotted.

Also, this was the headquarters of the Crimson Tiger Troop.
They were at a numerical disadvantage.
It only took a short moment before martial warriors started rushing over from all directions.

“What should we do? We seem to be surrounded,” Liu Yan asked as she ran with all her strength.

“We have to fight!” Lin Zhan gritted his teeth and said.

“The people in front, you have been surrounded.
Surrender quickly.
If not… we’ll shoot!” The people opposite them used the loudspeaker to speak to them.

Wang Teng and his teammates didn’t care about what he said.
Shoot? Things had already reached this stage.
Why would they be afraid of their shooting? There was no room for negotiations.


The group roared in low voices before charging towards the military martial warriors in front.
Force exploded from their bodies, forming airwaves in the surroundings.
They seemed to have turned into rays of lights as they shot towards the military martial warriors in front.

Although their weapons had been confiscated, they still had been placed in the prison.
When they escaped from their cell, they took their weapons back.


It was a heated battle.

The military martial warriors didn’t expect Wang Teng and his teammates to be so straightforward.
The fugitives charged into their group without a shred of hesitation.
For a moment, the group of martial warriors was in a state of frenzy.
Even though they were holding heavy machine guns, they couldn’t fire recklessly.

On the other hand, Wang Teng and the others had more room to wiggle since they had fewer people.
They shuttled back and forth through the crowd and dealt powerful blows at the military martial warriors.

There were many military martial warriors, but most of them were low-ranked.
Their battle experience wasn’t weak, but that depended on who they were facing.

Lin Zhan and his teammates were all 3-star soldier level and above.
When they dashed into a group of 1-star and 2-star soldier-level martial warriors, they were like tigers entering a herd of sheep.

The military martial warriors got thrown out in the air, and screams of agony were heard continuously.


Lin Zhan and others didn’t continue fighting for long.
They found their direction and charged towards their target like a sharp blade piercing through the air.

It had only been a few seconds since they managed to get rid of the first group of martial warriors.
However, loud explosions could already be heard behind them.

More than ten compact SUVs raced on the streets.
They were closing in on the fugitives quickly.

Bang, bang, bang!

A few gunshots rang out like loud drums.

Lin Zhan and the others hurled themselves on the ground at the side in a hurry.


Yan Jinyue was a step slower, so she got hit on her arm.
Blood splattered on the road.

“Little Yue!” Yan Jinming screamed.
He dashed to her side immediately and pulled her up to evade the bullets flying towards them.

Wang Teng and Liu Yan rolled on the ground and took out their rune guns.
They started firing behind them.
They were extremely skilled in gun skills, especially Wang Teng.
He used his spiritual power along with Gun Kungfu.
Almost all his bullets hit their targets.

This brat! When the elder saw this scene, his eyes shimmered.

Wang Teng saw a military martial warrior falling after he got hit by his bullet.
The compact SUV he was driving flipped sideways and was about to smash into the building at the side.
At that moment, an idea flashed in his mind.

He moved his body and caught up with the SUV that was about to crash into the building.
He controlled the SUV and then hurled himself over the car.
He ran towards the military martial warriors on the other side.

He passed by a military martial warrior almost instantly.
He grabbed the other party’s throat with one hand and threw him out of the car.

The driverless SUV flipped on the ground.

“Snatch the car!” Wang Teng shouted.

His teammates’ eyes lit up.
Lin Zhan was closer, so he rushed towards the SUV that was lying sideways on the ground.

Liu Yan had also hit a few drivers, giving the Yan siblings an opportunity to snatch a car.
They sped towards the back of the city.

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