Wang Teng came out of the police station when it was nearing 9 pm.
Before this, he had called home and told his parents that he was having dinner with his classmates tonight.

In actual fact, he was brought to the police station to record his statement.

Fortunately, Wang Teng was a victim, so the police released him after they understood what had happened.

The captain of the criminal police personally sent Wang Teng to the door.
He passed a cigarette to him.

“Want one?”


Wang Teng didn’t stand on ceremony.
He directly took the cigarette and placed it in his mouth.

The two of them lit their cigarettes and started smoking in front of the police station.

“You know how to smoke at such a young age,” Yang Zhenchao smiled and teased Wang Teng.

“Let’s not talk about it.”

Wang Teng sighed and shook his head.

Yang Zhenchao didn’t probe further.
He dropped the casual attitude and said seriously, “Those robbers fled from other cities to our Donghai City.
They have committed many heinous crimes, and they are all wanted criminals.

“You should be able to tell that they are all cruel and evil people.
Their hands are stained with the blood of quite a few innocents.

“You are getting rid of evil for the people by killing them.
Hence, don’t feel too pressured.”

Wang Teng instantly felt much better.

“As expected, they were bad people.
If I wasn’t forced into a corner, why would a model student like me with all-rounded development in morality, intelligence, and physical education retaliate so violently?”

Yang Zhenchao: …

This brat seemed a little shameless.

Yang Zhenchao felt that his concern was redundant.
He said grumpily, “After we finish the procedures on our side, we will reward you with a silk banner and the bounty.”

“Huh? You are still going to give me a silk banner and bounty?” Wang Teng was a little shocked.
He hurriedly waved his hand and said, “There’s no need for that.
I don’t deserve it.”

“Really? This gang of robbers has been on the wanted list for a long time, but no one managed to catch them.
So, the bounty is extremely high.
It’s as much as 100 thousand!” Yang Zhenchao thought that Wang Teng didn’t know what he was rejecting, so he kindly explained to him.

“I really don’t need it.
I don’t lack the money,” Wang Teng replied casually.

“You don’t lack the money?” Yang Zhenchao was speechless.
This brat was really arrogant.

“Why don’t I donate the bounty to your station? You are the servants of the citizens.
That is hard work.
You can take it as my way of saying thank you,” said Wang Teng.


“Allow me to represent the police and thank you on their behalf.” Yang Zhenchao was filled with profound veneration.

“Oh right, Captain Yang, before I was taken hostage, my car was abandoned in the middle of the road.
Can you help me check if it was seized by the police?”

Wang Teng suddenly remembered his sports car that was stuck in the traffic.

“Okay, I will make a call and ask.”

After the call connected, Yang Zhenchao spoke a few sentences.
Then, he asked Wang Teng for his license plate number.
The answer arrived very quickly.

“It was indeed seized.
Come, let me bring you over to collect your car,” Yang Zhenchao hung up and said.

“Okay.” Wang Teng nodded and followed the guy.

“Honestly speaking, your attacks were a little ruthless.”

While walking, Yang Zhenchao suddenly turned and said to Wang Teng.

“This is the first time I’ve encountered an issue like this.
It looks like I really didn’t know how to control my strength,” Wang Teng said helplessly.

“Compared to you, my first time was very different.
I almost failed miserably on an easy task.
Luckily, a senior helped me.” Yang Zhenchao was immersed in his memory.

Then, he exclaimed, “You are so young, yet you are already an advanced stage martial disciple.
You are stronger than me.
I feel that within two years, you can become a martial warrior!”

“Captain Yang, you are praising me too much.
I was just lucky.” Wang Teng remained humble.

After some time, the duo arrived at their destination.
They were asked to sign some papers before collecting the car.
Yang Zhenchao looked at the sports car in front of him and was rendered speechless.

“No wonder you felt that the 100 thousand was nothing.
You really don’t need the money.”

Wang Teng got into the car and waved at Yang Zhenchao.

“Captain Yang, thank you for today.
I need to go home now.
If not, my parents will be worried.”

“You’re welcome.
I almost forgot that you’re a high school student.
Hurry up and go home.” Yang Zhenchao nodded.

A man around 30 years old came beside Yang Zhenchao, who was watching the sports car drive off in the distance.
He asked, “What is this young man’s background? How is he able to make you send him off personally?”

“He doesn’t come from anywhere.
But, he’s an advanced stage martial disciple.
Today, he personally killed five criminals carrying rune guns, empty-handed,” Yang Zhenchao replied.

“Advanced stage martial disciple!”

The man was astounded.
“He’s only around 17, right? Yet, he’s already an advanced stage martial disciple.
He even managed to kill five criminals with rune guns on them empty-handed.
That’s really powerful.
Where did this genius come from?”


“Who knows? But… he’s really amazing.
I’m afraid that when I meet him in the future, I can only look up to him,” Yang Zhenchao also exclaimed.

The man nodded his head in agreement.

Wang Teng didn’t know the discussion going on between the two people behind him.
He drove his car and went directly to the Jixin Martial House.

After he reached the martial arts academy, he directly headed to the second floor.

Looking at the students practicing diligently in the training hall, his anxious nerves started to calm down.

Wang Teng made a round around the hall and picked up the dropped attributes.
He then walked in front of a sandbag and started practicing his fist skill.

Bang, bang, bang!

Wang Teng needed an avenue to let out his emotions.
He needed to release the accumulated stress and pressure in his heart.
Thus, he pounded the sandbag furiously.
His arm formed a lingering shadow as he punched the sandbag.

The sandbag started shaking violently due to the force of his punches.
It seemed as though it was experiencing a storm.

The students beside him unconsciously took a few steps back when they saw his crazy actions… This was so scary! Was this person a maniac? They needed to stay as far away from him as possible!

While Wang Teng was practicing his fist skill, the image of him killing the five robbers kept replaying in his mind.


If he was given a chance to choose again, would he attack so ruthlessly?

The answer was… yes!

He wasn’t used to it, but he didn’t feel that he was wrong.


A person who killed others would be killed in return by other people!

Also, in that situation, the robbers would have retaliated even more violently if he hadn’t finished them in a single move.

They had rune guns.
If he wasn’t careful enough, he would be the one getting killed.
Thus, kindness was undesirable.
He did everything… because he just wanted to live.

After he finished practicing his fist skill, he started on his sword and blade skills.

Wang Teng didn’t want to stop even for a second.
Instead, he wanted to be exhausted.
That was the only way he was able to release all the pressure in his heart.

Thus, Wang Teng practiced all the way until 11 pm.
After the students left, he dragged his tired body to his car and drove back home.

Only when he reached home did he finally feel relieved and at peace.

“Son, weren’t you eating dinner with your classmates? Why did you go to the martial arts academy?”

Li Xiumei couldn’t help but ask when she saw Wang Teng drenched in sweat and the look of exhaustion on his face.

“I went there after dinner.
We need to be consistent in practicing martial arts,” Wang Teng smiled and replied.

“You are really serious this time, my boy,” Li Xiumei said with relief.

“Hurry up and bath.
I will make some supper for you.
Come down and eat it later.”

Li Xiumei’s care and concern warmed up Wang Teng’s cold heart.
He smiled and walked upstairs.

He took some clothes and entered the bathroom.
Then, he opened the water tap.

Cold water splashed on his tired body, seemingly washing everything away.

After a cold bath, Wang Teng felt an unprecedented sense of relaxation.
He felt light and free.
He dried his hair and went down.

“Wow, this smells really good.
Mom, what good food did you make?”

“Your favorite egg noodles.
I used star beast meat to make the soup and added some star beast meat inside too.
Come and eat it.” Li Xiumei carried a bowl of noodles and walked out of the kitchen.

“No wonder it smells different.
It’s even more fragrant.” Wang Teng took his chopsticks in anticipation and slurped a huge mouth of the noodles.

“This is delicious.”

Wang Teng swallowed everything into his stomach like a whale.
The heat flowed out of his mouth as he complimented involuntarily.

“Eat more if you find it delicious.
Practicing martial arts takes up too much of your energy.
You need to replenish your stamina,” Li Xiumei said.


Wang Teng finished more than half of the noodles within a few mouthfuls.
He raised his head and asked, “Mom, where’s Dad? Why don’t I see him around?”

“He went overseas for business.
He won’t be returning for the next two days,” Li Xiumei replied.

“I see.”

Wang Teng finished his noodles quickly and patted his stomach in satisfaction.
Then, he stood up and stretched his back.

“I’m so full.
Mom, I will go up now.
Rest early too.”

I will sleep after I wash the dishes,” Li Xiumei answered.

Wang Teng went back to his own room and took out his phone.

There were a few unread messages on his WeChat.

Bai Wei had dropped a couple of messages, asking him what he was doing.
One came from Yu Hao.
This fellow wanted to practice martial arts with him.

They had sent the messages when he was taken as a hostage, so he naturally couldn’t reply to them.

Since it was very late, he didn’t message them back.
He decided to wait until tomorrow.

Wang Teng got on his computer and surfed the internet for a while.
He watched the thickheaded netizens quarreling and making fun of other people.
When he started feeling sleepy, he climbed onto his bed in a happy mood and said goodnight to himself.

He closed his eyes and slipped into the dreamland.

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