Chapter 224: Trap!

Wang Teng recorded the conversation between Yao Jun and Liu Huaixin.
Then, he entered the path on the right before them and met up with Liu Huaixin and his team.

“Let’s prepare.
They are coming in.”

Wang Teng said as soon as he saw them.

Lin Zhan, Liu Yan, and the others felt their hearts trembling.
They replied in low voices, “Okay.”

Under Wang Teng’s lead, they quickly ran deep into the cave.
When they were about to reach the karst cave, Wang Teng signaled them to stop.

“We are almost there.
Later, I will use my concealing skill to hide your auras.
You must not resist,” Wang Teng spoke to them using voice transmission.

Lin Zhan and the others nodded.

First, Wang Teng used his Wave Invisibility skill to hide the fluctuations caused by the dark Force.
Then, he attached the dark Force to the surface of everyone’s body and hid their figures completely.

This is so interesting!

Lin Zhan and the others felt their bodies merging with the dark.
They thought that it was some high-class concealing skill.
They would never have imagined that this was the effect of the dark Force.

Then, everyone silently sneaked into the karst cave and found a hiding spot.

This was the first time Lin Zhan and the others saw a high-level dark apparition.
They were flabbergasted and found it a little unbelievable.
They didn’t think that the high-level dark apparition would look like this.

Wang Teng signaled them to not act rashly.
Then, he parted with them and returned to the passageway.

He had left enough dark Force on Lin Zhan and his teammates.
At the same time, the Wave Invisibility skill he exerted could last for a few minutes.

During this window, Wang Teng must guide the dark apparition to Liu Huaixin and his gang as fast as possible.

On the other side, Liu Huaixin had already brought Yao Jun and the others to the second half of the passageway.
They were only 200 meters away from the karst cave.

“Strange, why aren’t there any sounds? Has the Tiger Warrior Team been annihilated?” Chong Liang suddenly said.

“Be careful.
If the Tiger Warrior Team is exterminated, the dark apparition will be more vigilant.
If it’s hiding in the passageway, we will get ambushed easily,” Liu Huaixin frowned and said.

Everyone raised their guards and walked in carefully.

Almost there! Wang Teng gauged their distance and sniggered in his heart.

He then turned back to the entrance of the karst cave.
He congregated Force on the battle sword in his hand and slashed it forward.


The glow of the sword struck the position where the high-level dark apparition was at powerfully.
However, Wang Teng saw the black shadow flashing, and the dark apparition disappeared.

Wang Teng’s heart jumped.
He didn’t stick around to find its next location.
Instead, he turned around and ran immediately.

“What happened?” The sudden loud explosion caused Liu Huaixin and the others’ expressions to change.
They were stunned.

Everything was fine a second ago.
Why was there suddenly an explosion? Could it be that the Tiger Warrior Team didn’t get wiped out? Were they still fighting?

Before they knew what was happening, they saw a black shadow charging towards them from the darkness in front.

The chilly and eerie aura spread out in the passageway.

“High-level dark apparition!” Liu Huaixin turned pale with fright.
He shouted in panic, “Get ready to engage!”

As he spoke, he had already slashed the battle blade in his hand at the black shadow that was charging at them.

The military martial warriors were the first to react.
The powerful bullets spurted towards the dark apparition.

The members of the Wolf Fang Team reacted a tad bit slower.
Fortunately, with the military martial warriors spearheading the attack, it gave them time to respond.


Chong Liang shouted and executed his battle technique immediately.
He aimed it at the black shadow.


Suddenly, a scream of agony was heard.

The black shadow managed to evade all the attacks and caught a member of the Wolf Fang Team.
Then, it scurried up to the top of the passageway and twisted the neck of the martial warrior.
It threw the corpse at the people below.

The martial warrior was standing beside Yao Jun a moment ago.
All he saw was a flash of the black shadow.
When the person screamed in despair and was caught, Yao Jun shuddered in fright.
He felt his head turning numb and cold sweat dripping down his entire body.

“Damn it, what is this?” Yao Jun couldn’t help but curse.
He shrunk into the crowd, afraid to take any risk.

The others had no time to bother about him.
All their attention was on the high-level dark apparition.
They kept hurling attacks one after another at the dark apparition.
All kinds of skills were put on full display.

Everyone, fight properly.
I will cheer for you! Wang Teng hid in the dark like a sly and sinister fellow.

Then, he returned to the karst cave and met up with Lin Zhan and his teammates.

“The high-level dark apparition is too powerful.
Liu Huaixin and the others might not be its match,” Lin Zhan said with a grave expression.

“You’re right.
I saw its speed just now.
I almost got a heart attack,” Liu Yan clutched her chest and said with lingering fears.

“Shall we go and help?” Yan Jinming asked.

“The dark apparition is extremely dangerous and harmful.
It’s best to kill it as soon as possible,” Lin Zhan looked at Wang Teng and said.

“We will lay an ambush here.
With their ability, they will be able to retaliate.
There’s a high chance that this dark apparition might be forced back into this karst cave.
We will take it by surprise and grab the opportunity to land the final blow,” Wang Teng said.

“Alright.” Lin Zhan nodded.

The few of them hid once again and waited for the dark apparition to come back to its cave.

Actually, Wang Teng had left out a sentence.
If the dark apparition didn’t come back, they wouldn’t need to risk their lives to fight with it.

Wang Teng kind of hoped that it wouldn’t come back.

There were two possible outcomes for that.

First, Liu Huaixin failed.
The high-level dark apparition would be worried that something had happened to the ore mine, so it would go to check things out.

Second, Liu Huaixin and the others killed it successfully, and all troubles came to an end.

Unfortunately, things did not happen as he wished…


A loud explosion suddenly occurred at the entrance of the cave.

Wang Teng sighed.
He saw the high-level dark apparition rushing into the karst cave.

Liu Huaixin and the others followed closely behind it.
But, there were fewer of them.
They seemed to have suffered heavy losses.


Lin Zhan immediately launched an attack.
He waved the battleaxes in his hand and aimed for the dark apparition.
Golden rays congregated around the axes.

The high-level dark apparition didn’t expect someone to be lying in ambush inside the cave.
It was caught off guard and got chopped.
It fell from the air.

Liu Yan shot alloy bullets from the heavy machine gun in her hand.
She was aiming at the wings of the dark apparition.
She wanted to damage its wings first.

She expected to hear the sound of bullets entering the flesh, but it didn’t happen.
Instead, the sound of metals clanging was heard.

“So hard!’ Liu Yan’s expression changed slightly.

“Attack its head and heart!” Liu Huaixin looked at them expressionlessly and shouted.

The Yan siblings were just about to act.
When they heard Liu Huaixin’s voice, they aimed their blade and sword at the high-level dark apparition’s heart.

Lin Zhan followed up his victory with hot pursuit and smashed his battleaxes at the dark apparition’s head.

Liu Huaixin and the others didn’t slack either.
Their attacks followed closely and engulfed the dark apparition.


The limestone around the cave exploded, and dust flew everywhere.
Due to the intense battle, airwaves swept through the cave.
No one could see what was happening inside.

This is it!

Wang Teng saw the chance.
A ray of light flew out from his sleeve and rose into the sky.
It was so fast that no lingering shadows could be seen.

I found you!

Using the tracking function of his Shooting Star Spiral, he aimed for the heart of the dark apparition.
Under its astounded gaze, the spirals pierced through its heart.

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