Chapter 222: The ‘Berserk’ Battle Technique Of The Giant Apparition

Wang Teng ran all the way in.
Along the way, he saw more than ten giant black rat corpses lying in the cave.
He had a happy time picking up attribute bubbles.

He looked at his attributes panel.
So far, he had received 93 points of dark Force.

Dark Force: 94/500 (2-star)

He had also collected 45 points of spirit and 142 blank attributes.

Spirit: Spiritual realm (29.1/100)

Blank Attribute: 166

As expected, the right way to do things was to stay behind someone and pick up the attributes they left behind.

While pondering to himself, Wang Teng kept nodding his head, as if he was agreeing to himself.
He found it reasonable.

At this moment, the sound of fighting could be heard in front.
Wang Teng stopped in his tracks before inching forward.

He felt a little puzzled because the sound was too soft.
By right, a fight between martial warriors shouldn’t be so quiet.

He took a turn in front and saw the situation happening inside.
Liu Huaixin was leading his subordinates to surround three tall and muscular figures.

A ray of light laid vertically in the middle of the passage.
The runes on the walls were giving off a slight glimmer.

No wonder! The sounds were blocked by the rune array.
But why did they have to make this unnecessary move?

Wang Teng felt enlightened and confused at the same time.
The silencing effect on their heavy machine guns was a regular component of their military equipment.
However, why did they have to set up a sound barrier rune array before engaging in a battle?

He felt a little perplexed.
His gaze went past the rune array and into the cave.

The three figures that were surrounded by Liu Huaixin and his men looked like giants.
Despite their large frames, their faces were hideous and frightening.
They were dressed coarsely.
It seemed as though they had peeled off the skin of some wild beasts and wore it as clothes after some simple sewing.

The exposed skin was dark green in color with some black patterns on it.
Their bones were massive, and their figures were enormous.
They looked a little hunchbacked.
Their heads were twice the size of a normal human head.
Their faces were ugly, and you could see their fangs clearly.
Their eyes were as big as brass bells, and their yellowish-brown pupils were filled with brutality and ruthlessness.

This creature… is a kind of dark apparition too? Wang Teng was shocked.
He felt that he had gained more insights into the world.

Including this giant dark apparition, he had seen three forms of dark apparitions already!

Currently, besides the three dark apparitions, four more were lying on the ground.
However, they seemed dead.

Some of the military martial warriors seemed to have sacrificed their lives in the battle.
They had to pay some price to kill those four dark apparitions!

Around twenty attribute bubbles were floating around the corpses.
Wang Teng used his spiritual power to pull them over.

He picked them up.

Fire Force*10

Earth Force*6

Blank Attribute*14

Dark Force*8


He received 42 points of fire Force, 36 points of metal Force, 28 points of water Force, 56 points of earth Force, 33 points of wood Force, 48 points of dark Force, 70 blank attributes, and 30 points of spirit.

The gains were terrific!

There was no change in his realm, so Wang Teng didn’t check his attributes carefully.
He turned his gaze to the battlefield.

Under the attacks of Liu Huaixin and his men, the wounds on the three dark apparitions kept increasing.
Black blood stained their entire bodies, but they didn’t seem to know what was fatigue and pain.
They shouted angrily and swept their weapons, which looked like spiked clubs, horizontally.
The military martial warriors were forced to retreat.

“Retreat, retreat! Damn it.
Don’t get close to the giant apparition!” Liu Huaixin shouted continuously.

The military martial warriors felt helpless too.
They had experienced the brutal strength of these ‘giant apparitions.’ If the clubs slammed on their bodies, even if they were 2-star martial warriors, their bones would shatter under the force.
Hence, they didn’t dare to get too close.

The passageway in front was not small, but it became a little crowded with so many people fighting.
The people weren’t able to stretch their bodies fully.

At first, they could use their heavy machine guns to their advantage and shoot the ‘giant apparitions’ from a safe distance.
However, these ‘giant apparitions’ had thick skins that could resist the bullets’ penetration.
The military martial warriors paid a heavy price because they had rashly charged towards the ‘giant apparitions’.

So they are indeed giant apparitions! Wang Teng’s eyes shimmered.

A few minutes later, two more of the giant apparitions were killed.
The final giant apparition was a spent force.
Wang Teng thought that it was going to die soon.

To his surprise, the giant apparition suddenly screamed in anger, and its aura surged.
It pounced on Liu Huaixin and his subordinates fearlessly.

“This is bad.
It is putting up a desperate fight.
Dodge!” Liu Huaixin’s expression changed as he yelled.

Unfortunately, it was too late!

A military martial warrior got grabbed by his arm.
With a tearing sound, his entire arm was ripped off his body.
Then, the giant apparition slapped him with his hand and sent him flying.
The poor guy slammed into the rock wall at the side and died instantly.

The other military martial warriors turned crazy with grief.
They sprayed the bullets with their heavy machine guns while shedding tears.
Bullets rained on the giant apparition.

Liu Huaixin held his battle blade and restrained the giant apparition with three other powerful military martial warriors.
Force battle techniques were released continuously to prevent the giant apparition from getting close.


More than ten minutes later, the giant apparition was finally killed.
It fell on the ground with a loud bang, and a few attribute bubbles floated up.

When the battle ended, Wang Teng couldn’t help but feel relief for the martial warriors.

Then, he shifted his gaze to the attribute bubbles.

He picked them up.

Dark Force*8


Dark Force*10

Blank Attribute*12


Wang Teng gained 40 points of dark Force, 32 points of spirit, and 56 blank attributes.

However, when he collected the last attribute bubble, he was shocked!


As the attribute bubble merged into his body, Wang Teng learned its uses.

This was a battle technique attribute bubble.
Just as the name suggested, the user would enter a berserk state when this battle technique was used.
He would be able to release two to three times of his usual ability within a short period of time.

This attribute bubble came from the last giant apparition.
Wang Teng guessed that this berserk technique was the reason why it was suddenly able to unleash so much power in its final desperate attempt.

Speaking of it, he had to thank Liu Huaixin and his men for forcing the giant apparition into a corner.
If not, he wouldn’t be able to receive this battle technique.

They are good people! Wang Teng couldn’t help but comment.

If Liu Huaixin knew that Wang Teng was hiding behind them secretly and picking up attributes without wasting any effort while they were fighting for their lives in front, he might die of anger.

Although they had killed the giant apparition successfully, Liu Huaixin’s expression was horrid.
Around half of the military martial warriors he brought along were dead.
The ones left were more or less injured.
Their battle ability had deteriorated greatly.
It would be difficult for them to tackle the high-level dark apparition!

“Let’s rest on the spot and recuperate.
Half an hour later, we will head to the tunnel on the left!” Liu Huaixin said with a gloomy expression.
He pondered for a moment before giving his order.

The military martial warriors quickly sat down and recuperated.
They didn’t dare to waste any time.

As for Liu Huaixin, he observed his surroundings and touched the wall.
Then, he knocked a piece of black gemstone off the wall.
A hint of happiness finally appeared on his face.

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