Chapter 219: Gaining Dark Force Again

Wang Teng, Liu Huaixin, and the group hid in the dark and observed the cave from outside for a long time.

They didn’t notice any traces of the dark apparitions.

Yao Jun was already a little impatient.
He said, “Squad Leader Liu, can we move?”

He had never seen a dark apparition before and only heard other people’s descriptions of them.
Many people told him that they were terrifying, but he remained indifferent.

He felt that these people were too weak, so they raised the danger level of the dark apparition to hide their uselessness.

However, he was also very curious about the dark apparitions.
He was a little excited.

Liu Huaixin frowned, and a hint of unhappiness flashed past his eyes.
This Yao Jun was really naive.
Dark apparitions were a menacing presence.
Even military martial warriors like him, who had fought with them many times throughout the year, didn’t dare to let down their guards.
On the other hand, Yao Jun didn’t take it seriously at all.

He glanced at Wang Teng and his teammates.
They were obviously on high alert.
Before he spoke, they didn’t say a single word and were silently regaining their stamina and healing their injuries for the battle later.

Honestly, if Yao Jun didn’t have a strong background, Liu Huaixin wouldn’t be willing to cooperate with him.
But, humans had to give in sometimes.

It was even more so for someone like him who didn’t have any background but felt that his talent and potential were not weak.

However, Liu Huaixin didn’t discover any dangers.
He nodded and said, “Okay, prepare to enter the cave.”

Everyone’s heart trembled.
They knew that it was time for the real challenge.
No one dared to relax.
They followed Liu Huaixin into the cave carefully.

Wang Teng had already used his Spiritual Sight to look into the cave.
There were no dangers near the cave, but he couldn’t tell them that.

Everyone hid beside the entrance of the cave as Liu Huaixin went in to check the area.
After confirming that there was no danger, he waved his hand.

Three of his subordinates walked out with heavy machine guns in their hands.
They walked into the cave.

After some time, a voice echoed out.

“Leader, it’s safe!”

“Let’s go!” Liu Huaixin led the way into the cave.
Everyone followed closely behind him.

The cave was extremely dark, and the visibility was low.
Everyone took out their battle-style infrared glasses.
This was a standard item for martial warriors.
Before heading out on missions, the martial warriors would carry one or two with them.

After putting on the battle-style infrared red glasses, they could see the situation inside the cave.
The group continued inching deeper.

The cave was bigger than what Wang Teng imagined.
After more than ten steps, the cave became broader.
There was enough space for five to six people to walk side by side.

“Do you smell it? There seems to be a stench?” Yao Jun couldn’t bear the smell.

“Indeed, it’s a little smelly.
There might be other living creatures living in this cave.
The smell was probably caused by the accumulation of their feces over the years,” Chong Liang analyzed.

Actually, there was no need for him to explain.
Lin Zhan and the others had guessed the reason.
In this kind of environment, it was either rats, snakes, or insects.
After the purification of Force, the living creatures on Earth became more powerful and harder to control.
The creatures on the Xingwu Continent were worse.

“The living creatures here might have been contaminated by the dark.
Be careful,” Liu Huaixin said.

Everyone became even more cautious.

The contamination of the dark.

Wang Teng repeated this phrase in his heart.
He couldn’t help but remember how a human martial warrior was assimilated by the dark apparition.
This must be the dark contamination Liu Huaixin was referring to.

They kept moving deeper into the cave.
It seemed to have gotten colder and more humid.
Moss and lichen had also started appearing on the inside of the cave.
They were giving off a faint glow.


Two red lights suddenly lit up in the dark.
A black figure pounced towards them violently.
Its target was Yao Jun.

“F**k!” Yao Jun was frightened.
He cursed while retreating and slashed the battle blade in his hand, cutting the black shadow into two.
Black blood splattered on the ground.

They finally saw the corpse of the creature on the ground.
It was a huge rat that was many times bigger than its normal counterpart.
It was half the height of a human, and its body was covered with tough black fur.
It had two teeth as sharp as a dagger, and its black and sharp claws gave off a metallic glint.

Yao Jun raised the battle blade in his hand and poked the rat’s corpse.
“Tsk, is this a living creature that got contaminated by the dark apparition? That’s all?”

“This giant rat is only a 1-star star beast.
However, rats normally come in a colony,” Liu Huaixin squatted down to inspect the rat as he spoke calmly.

“I will kill them even if a swarm of them comes!” Yao Jun said with disdain.

Wang Teng’s gaze landed above the corpse of the rat.
Two attribute bubbles were floating there silently.

Dark Force*5


He was surprised and picked up the bubbles silently.

“Let’s continue moving forward,” Liu Huaixin said.

After walking for a few hundred meters, another two giant rats appeared.
They were easily killed by them.
Wang Teng gained another 12 points of dark Force.

Dark Force: 26/100 (1-star)

He had received 9 points of dark Force when he met the dark apparition the last time.
This time, he gained another 17 points, so he had 26 points of dark Force now.

He felt the dark Force that was hibernating quietly in his force nucleus.
It felt extremely different from the other Forces.
His eyes shimmered.

It had to be said that the uses of this dark Force were quite good.
It could allow him to merge into the darkness.
This was an excellent way to hide.

Would his body get invaded by the dark Force?

Wang Teng wasn’t too worried.
It had been very obedient so far.
It was obvious that the power of the system wasn’t something a human could guess.

Were there other uses for the dark Force? He would figure it out in the future.

Also, he gained 18 points of spirit.

It wasn’t difficult to tell that the living creatures that got invaded by the dark Force were a little berserk.
Thus, they dropped more spirit attributes.

Spirit: Spiritual realm (24.6/100)

The increment of my spiritual power is a little slow.
However, I can take more from the dark apparitions. Wang Teng wondered to himself as he felt his spirit attribute rising.

When his Spirit attribute increased, his spiritual power got stronger too.
It would give him many benefits.

His spiritual power had always been one of his trump cards.
He would only use it when he had no choice.
It was what he relied on to kill his enemies and protect his life at crucial moments.

“Huh?” Suddenly, Wang Teng realized that the people in front had slowed down.
There was a curve in front of them.
Based on how cautious Liu Huaixin was, he wouldn’t move ahead rashly.

After a series of investigations, they finally went around the curve.
Three paths appeared in front of them.

“It looks like we have to split up,” Liu Huaixin hesitated for a moment before he said slowly.

“Split up?” Lin Zhan frowned.
He said, “Squad Leader Liu, this is not a good idea.
We don’t know what’s going on in the cave.
If we split up, it will only be more dangerous for us, and unnecessary casualties might appear.”

Lin Zhan didn’t dare to underestimate the dark apparitions.
The moment Liu Huaixin suggested splitting up, he felt that it wasn’t a good idea.
He didn’t care about the life or death of the others, but this concerned the survival of his team members.
He couldn’t remain indifferent.

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