Chapter 216: Your Team Has Been Enlisted

“Oh no, it’s the head of the Black Wind Bandits!”

Their expression changed when they saw the black figure flying towards them with a massive force of presence.

“Quickly kill the other bandits.
Leave this person to me.”

Lin Zhan chopped a 1-star soldier-level bandit and turned around to fight with the head of the Black Wind Bandits.

The guy was a muscular man around 30 years old.
His hair was brown and curly, and his face was covered with different colored mustaches.
He was extremely rough-looking.

The current situation outside made him enraged.
He pounced on Lin Zhan without any hesitation.




This person’s weapon was a huge battle blade.
It slashed towards Lin Zhan with an invincible yellow Force.
At the same time, the man kept shouting furiously again and again.

He shouted three times continuously!

His ferocious aura was extremely frightening!

Lin Zhan’s expression changed.
He threw out his Two-Handed Axe to block the huge blade that kept chopping towards him.

His battle techniques, along with his battleaxes, were fierce and unyielding.
But, he had met his match today.

The blade skill of the head of the Black Wind Bandits was fierce and unyielding too.
He smashed his blade down repeatedly, forcing Lin Zhan to retreat.

Lin Zhan was at a disadvantage!

When everyone saw this scene, their expressions turned somber.
If Lin Zhan couldn’t beat the head of the Black Wind Bandits, they would… run away.

However, it hadn’t reached that stage yet.
The most important thing now was to kill the scattered bandits around them and help Lin Zhan fight with the head of the Black Wind Bandits afterward.

A group versus a person, there was nothing wrong with it!

Liu Yan was on full throttle.
The alloy bullets spilled out as though they weren’t worth anything.
It took the lives of many bandits.

The Yan siblings combined their sword and blade skills and cooperated very well.
Their speed of killing was astonishingly fast.
Very soon, many bandits had died under their blade and sword.

Ni Ya and the other dwarves went berserk from all the killing.
Many low-rank martial warriors got killed by them.

After a few minutes, all the bandits had gone to hell.

Everyone finally had the time and effort to surround the head of the Black Wind Bandits and lighten the pressure on Lin Zhan.


The head of the Black Wind Bandits stood in the middle and looked around him.
His gaze paused on Ni Ya and the other dwarves.
He said in contempt, “I didn’t go and look for you personally.
How dare you come and find me?”

“You have done many evil things.
What’s wrong with killing you?” Ni Ya shouted angrily.

“Hahaha, kill me?” The head of the Black Wind Bandits laughed.
He glanced at them scornfully and said, “With just the few of you? Kill me?”

“You will know after you try!” Wang Teng said calmly.

“He who knows not fears not!” The head of the Black Wind Bandits shook his head.
He stared at them with his tiger eyes, and his aura increased exponentially until it reached the peak of 4-star soldier level.


When his aura reached its maximum, he roared and stomped on the ground.
He looked like a crazy wild bear charging at them.


The ground around him was unable to bear the huge pressure.
It caved in, and cracks that looked like spider webs appeared.
They spread out toward the team.

“4-star soldier level peak!”

Everyone’s expression changed.
They felt unprecedented pressure.

Could they beat this head of the Black Wind Bandits?

However, the arrow was already in the air.
They had to remain tough and fight with him no matter how hard it was.

Wang Teng also turned serious.
He didn’t hesitate and rushed forward together with the others.

Boom, boom, boom!

The glints of weapons and Forces collided, creating huge explosions.
The powerful wind swept the dust into the sky, and sand and stones flew around them.
This was evidence of how heated the battle was.

The head of the Black Wind Bandits was honestly powerful.
Despite fighting with so many people, he didn’t show any signs of weakness.


The dwarves were still weaker.
He grabbed an opportunity and swept his legs at them, kicking them a few meters back.
They laid on the ground and couldn’t get up for a long time.
It looked like they were seriously injured.

The Yan siblings attacked his back when he was distracted.

Two lines of blood instantly appeared on the bandit’s back.
He turned around abruptly and swung his sword at them with a hideous face.
He forced the Yan siblings back.

At this moment, a ray of gold ax glow struck him from his left.
The sharpness of the attack caused the bandit’s expression to change.
He didn’t dare to block it, so he could only dodge to the side.

At the same time, Wang Teng moved.

He had been waiting for this chance.
When the head of the Black Wind Bandits dodged, a fiery red sword glow appeared on his path of escape.

Fire Kirin Sword Skill!

Half-formed sword presence!

Wang Teng didn’t hold back any of his power in this attack.
Also, the attack hit the head of the Black Wind Bandits directly.
These frightening scorching flames engulfed the entire body of this man.

The head of the Black Wind Bandits screamed in agony!

“We succeeded!?” Lin Zhan and the others were delighted.
They increased the power of their attacks and started hurling all kinds of Force battle techniques at the bandit.

Kill him while he was sick!

They had finally injured him, so they must pursue their victory.
They couldn’t give him any chances of turning the tides.

A few moments later, the head of the Black Wind Bandits crashed into the ground.
His body was burnt, and there were many wounds on it.
He was dead.


Everyone couldn’t help but sigh.

All of them had suffered injuries on their bodies.
When they relaxed, they felt their wounds, and their faces turned pale.

The price was a little high, but at least they had won this battle.

They were unable to hide the happiness on their faces.
Just when they were planning to sit down and have a rest, the sound of clapping was suddenly heard outside the camp.

“You did well!”

More than ten people walked into the camp.
A few of them were wearing military uniforms.
They looked like soldiers.

Lin Zhan and the others tensed up, but they immediately relaxed again.

But why are there military people here? They wondered at the same time.

“Leader Lin, we are fated.” A voice suddenly came from the crowd.

“It’s you!” Lin Zhan shifted his gaze and realized that the person who spoke was the young master from the Yao family.
He was the one who wanted to join their team before they departed.

Lin Zhan felt his head hurt.
They had just accepted this mission casually, yet they still met this guy again.

This wasn’t fate.
It was a tragedy!

“Yes, it’s me.
Aren’t you surprised?” Young Master Yao asked with an ambiguous smile.
He glanced at Wang Teng.
Then, his gaze landed on Lin Zhan.

“I am a little surprised,” Lin Zhan replied.

“Lin Zhan.” At this moment, a man with long hair standing beside Young Master Yao called him.

“Chong Liang, it’s you.” Lin Zhan looked at the man.
He then understood what happened.
“So this Young Master Yao must have joined your Wolf Fang team.”

“That’s right.
Speaking about it, I have to thank you for sending Yao Jun to our Wolf Fang team.
He really is strong,” Chong Liang laughed as he said.

“Hmph, congratulations,” Lin Zhan said indifferently.

Yao Jun was furious when he saw Lin Zhan’s nonchalant attitude.
He turned around and secretly looked at the man in a military uniform who was in the lead.

The man in a military uniform coughed awkwardly and said, “Cough, you’re Lin Zhan, right?”

“That’s me.
You are?” Lin Zhan asked cautiously.

“I’m one of the squad leaders in the ‘Crimson Tiger’ troop.
We are on a mission now.
This is a special situation.
I’m giving you an emergency notice.
Your team has been enlisted,” the man in a military uniform said.

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