Chapter 212: A Dragon Doesn’t Live With A Snake

Although Yan Jinyue was joking, this was the truth.

In the Tiger Warrior team, her ability had always been at the bottom.
She managed to climb up a rank after Wang Teng joined them, but she could only enjoy this feeling for a few days before being pushed down again.

They knew how powerful the Gale Mantis were and how astonishing their speed was.
It was impossible to guard against their attacks.
Also, as a 3-star star beast, the Gale Mantis King must be harder to deal with than the other Gale Mantis.

However, Wang Teng was able to kill the Gale Mantis King with a single sword attack.
Just based on this, Liu Yan and Yan Jinming might not be his match.

“In the past, I often heard that there are geniuses who can cultivate very quickly.
One month of their cultivation might be one year, or even three years, of other people’s cultivation.
In the past, I didn’t believe it, but now, I do,” Lin Zhan looked at Wang Teng and couldn’t help but lament.
“When I see you, I can imagine that there really are super talented people in this world.

“Geniuses like you will really frustrate normal martial warriors like us to death.”

Actually, Lin Zhan was talented, too, since he was able to become a 4-star soldier-level martial warrior in his twenties.
But, when compared to a super genius, the difference was huge.
Also, Wang Teng was more than a super genius.

He couldn’t be predicted based on logic.

“That’s right.
You’re really a monster,” Liu Yan said.

“In that case, the overall ability of our team has increased again.
In the past, Leader didn’t have the confidence to deal with 4-star star beasts because he just broke through to the 4-star soldier level.
Now, with the addition of Wang Teng, Leader, we can take on the challenge,” Yan Jinming said excitedly.

“Hmm, you’re right.
With Wang Teng’s ability, it shouldn’t be a problem for us to hunt for a 4-star star beast as long as we are careful,” Lin Zhan nodded and replied.

“That’s great.
This means that we can start hunting 4-star star beasts earlier.
You might think that there’s only a one-level difference between 3-star and 4-star, but the amount of money we can earn is much more than hunting 3-star star beasts.
From now on, our team’s ability will enter a rapid upgrading period,” Yan Jinyue said longingly.

She might look weak and gentle, but her desire to become stronger wasn’t weaker than any of her teammates.

In fact, because she was weak, her desire to become more powerful was much stronger.

Lin Zhan glanced at Wang Teng unconsciously.
He opened his mouth, but he couldn’t bear to destroy everyone’s excitement.
In the end, he still didn’t say some things.

He could see things clearer than the others.

Based on the talent Wang Teng displayed, he would only become stronger and stronger in the future.
The time wouldn’t be on their side at all.
When Wang Teng’s ability was too far ahead of them, it would be time for him to leave the Tiger Warrior team.

A dragon wouldn’t live with a snake!

And they were the bunch of stupid snakes!

Wang Teng’s future was further and brighter.
One day, he would have to fly away.

Lin Zhan sighed in his heart.
He didn’t say anything and just asked everyone to clear up the corpses of the Gale Mantis.

Ni Ya, Wa Ke, and the dwarves came to help them.
Powerful warriors would be respected wherever they went.
It was obvious that Lin Zhan and his teammates had won the respect of these dwarves.

Based on the instructions of the mission, the Gale Mantis killed by Lin Zhan and his team belonged to them.
The materials on these star beasts could be sold for quite a lot of money.
They mustn’t waste it.

Wang Teng glanced at Lin Zhan’s back view in deep thought.
Then, he turned his gaze to the attribute bubbles dropped by the other Gale Mantis.

One look, and he could see more than twenty attribute bubbles floating in the weed field.

Wind Force*8

Blank Attribute*6

Wind Force*10

Wind Force*4

Blank Attribute*15

Wang Teng picked up everything.
He gained a total of 76 blank attributes and 84 wind Force attributes.

His wind Force had just broken through to the 2-star soldier level, and it immediately shot up again.

Wind Force: 105/500 (2-star)

His ability increased exponentially.
Unfortunately, wind element star beasts were rare, much less wind element star beasts that came in packs.
If not, his ability could skyrocket all the way.

At the same time, he had a sizable number of blank attributes after the recent accumulation.

The gains for this mission were huge!

After he picked the attribute bubbles, Wang Teng didn’t rest.
He went over and cleared up the bodies of the Gale Mantis.

There were more than 20 Gale Mantis, including the Gale Mantis King.
But, they didn’t find any star core or star bone.
The team was disappointed.
Fortunately, the materials on the Gale Mantis could be sold for some money.

Adding the rewards from the mission, they could earn a lot from this trip.

The group transported the corpses of the Gale Mantis back to the living quarters of the dwarves.
Leader Ao Mu had been waiting for them for a long time.

Ni Ya went up and briefly explained what happened.
Leader Ao Mu was delighted.
“This is great! After clearing the Gale Mantis, we can finally resume farming on that huge field.”

The dwarves around them had already seen the huge number of Gale Mantis corpses and were discussing in hushed voices.
When they heard what their leader said, they were thrilled.
They couldn’t help but cheer loudly.

“That damn group of Gale Mantis is finally dead!”

“Hahaha, this is a happy thing! We need to have a bonfire banquet tonight!”

“Yes, yes.
We need to have a banquet.
Call all the guests over too.
We have wine and meat…”

Leader Ao Mu walked forward under the accompaniment of Ni Ya.
Suddenly, he bowed to Lin Zhan and his team members.
“Powerful martial warriors of the human race, thank you very much.”

“Leader, there’s no need to do this.” Lin Zhan and his team members were shocked.

This leader was an elder.
How could they receive such a bow from him?

“No, this isn’t enough to express our gratitude.
We will be preparing a bonfire party tonight.
It’s getting late, so why don’t you stay back and join us? Let us welcome you with our best wine and meat,” Leader Ao Mu smiled and said.

Lin Zhan and his teammates were moved.
The wines of the dwarf race were extremely famous, and every tribe had its special wine.
It was tempting.

The two young men, Lin Zhan and Yan Jinming, couldn’t help swallowing their saliva.
They asked the others for their opinion, “What do you think?”

“Look at the two of you.
If you don’t drink the wine, you probably won’t leave this place.
Why are you still asking us for our opinion?” Liu Yan rolled her eyes and retorted.

Yan Jinyue covered her mouth and smiled.

Wang Teng became curious about the dwarf race’s wine when he saw their reaction.

Thinking about it, in his past life, after the Wang family collapsed, he often drowned his sorrow in wine.
After all, wine and cigarettes had always been the best buddies.
When there was one of them, the other had to be there too.

“We are happy to stay,” Lin Zhan rubbed his hands and chuckled as he spoke to Leader Ao Mu.

“Hahaha, don’t worry, there will definitely be enough wine!” Although Leader Ao Mu was old, his heart wasn’t.
He was even a little naughty.
He winked at Lin Zhan like a child.

Leader Ao Mu was a busy person.
He asked Ni Ya to lead them around the tribe while he directed the dwarves to prepare for the banquet.

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