Chapter 210: Baffling Hatred

While they were waiting for the dwarf soldiers to gather, Wang Teng took the little crow out of his bag and fed some meat to it.

The lady dwarf, Ni Ya, looked at them curiously for some time.
She couldn’t help but ask, “Is this your spiritual pet?”

“Yes.” Wang Teng nodded.

“Why did you think of raising a crow?” Ni Ya frowned.

To many people, crows were ominous.
Thus, people rarely raised crows as their spiritual pets.
The ancient tribes in the Xingwu Continent felt the same way, so Ni Ya found it hard to understand.

“I don’t have so many taboos.
Also, it’s the descendant of an advanced-rank star beast.
There’s potential in grooming it,” Wang Teng explained in a few sentences.

“Advanced-rank star beast!” Ni Ya was shocked.
The cubs of star beasts were rare, much less the descendants of advanced-rank star beasts.

“You are really lucky.”

She threw away her prejudice.
Instead, all that was left in her heart was jealousy.

When Lin Zhan and the others saw Ni Ya talking to them voluntarily, they joined in the casual conversation.
They received much useful information from her.

Ni Ya told them that she was one of the guardian martial warriors of the Red Leaves Tribe.
She was at the 2-star soldier level and was normally in charge of the safety of the tribe.

There weren’t many martial warriors in the entire dwarf tribe, only around eight.
Their abilities were around the same.
They were all 2-star soldier-level martial warriors.

That was why they needed to seek help from martial warriors outside through the form of a mission.

Also, she said that the tribe could only release four dwarf soldiers, inclusive of her, to hunt for the Gale Mantis with them.

The others had to stay in the tribe in case something happened.

After some time, the three dwarf martial warriors walked over from afar.

They were all extremely muscular and buff.
They used battle axes and maces as their weapons and carried a battle shield behind their backs.
They looked like human-size tanks.

Looking at their appearance, Wang Teng couldn’t help but remember the martial warrior from the giant race he saw in the past.

Besides the height difference, they were similar in many areas.

However, there was another extreme in the dwarf race.
There were small and dainty dwarves like Ni Ya.
When placed together, all the giants seemed huge and muscular.

Of course, the giants were all taller than two meters, so they couldn’t be dainty even if they wanted to!

The moment they walked closer, one of the dwarves raised his loud voice and said, “Ni Ya, are they the human martial warriors who came to help us with the Gale Mantis?”

“Wa Ke!” Ni Ya turned around and looked at him.
She nodded.
“That’s right, they are martial warriors from the human race.”

“Will they really be helpful? The Gale Mantis are difficult to deal with.
The others are fine, but this fellow doesn’t seem very strong.
He just looks a little handsome.” Wang Teng pointed at Wang Teng blatantly.

Wang Teng: …

He felt that he got targeted for no reason!

Is it any of your business whether I’m handsome or not?

Ni Ya frowned.
She glared at him and said, “This is too much.
Is this how you treat a guest?”

Wa Ke’s aura weakened immediately under Ni Ya’s sharp glare.
However, he continued muttering, “He does look a little weak!”

“Shut up!” Ni Ya scolded.

Wa Ke noticed that she was really angry, so he shut his mouth unwillingly.

“I’m sorry.
I don’t know what’s wrong with Wa Ke today.
Please don’t take it to heart,” Ni Ya apologized to Wang Teng.

Lin Zhan and his teammates were furious.
They wanted to open their mouths, but they saw Wang Teng shaking his head at them.
Then, Wang Teng said calmly, “It’s okay.”

Lin Zhan and the others didn’t say anything.
However, their attitude turned colder.
They said, “Let’s not waste time.
Since everyone is here, hurry up and lead the way.”

Ni Ya glared at Wa Ke again when she felt the atmosphere turning awkward.
Then, she led everyone to the field with an overflowing number of Gale Mantis.

“In the past, only a few Gale Mantis would appear.
Our tribe could get rid of them easily.
However, this year, for some unknown reason, a large number of Gale Mantis have appeared.” Along the way, Ni Ya still fulfilled her responsibility and introduced the situation to them.

“There is a 3-star Gale Mantis King among them too.
One of our warriors almost died while fighting.
Fortunately, he was saved by our tribesman.”

“Gale Mantis are wind-element star beasts.
They move quickly, and their front limbs are in the shape of a sickle.
It’s extremely sharp.
There’s a row of hard sawtooth on it and a hook at the edge.
When you’re fighting, be careful not to get hooked by it…”

Lin Zhan’s team’s expressions became a little stern when they heard Ni Ya’s introduction.

Wang Teng silently memorized the special features of the Gale Mantis.

The field that was dominated by the Gale Mantis was some distance away from the residential area of the dwarves.
The martial warriors ran at normal speed and arrived at their destination in around ten minutes.

They stood at the edge of a desolated field.
Weeds were covering the field, and they were almost half the height of a human.
When they looked ahead, everything was green.
They couldn’t see any signs of the Gale Mantis.

“The Gale Mantis are green all over, so it’s hard to notice them when they hide among the grass.
Everyone, be careful.” Ni Ya reminded.

But, the moment she finished speaking, Wang Teng pointed to a certain spot in the grasses and said, “There’s one there.”

Everyone was shocked.
They immediately looked in the direction he was pointing.

As expected, when they looked carefully, they could see a long and narrow Gale Mantis hiding in the middle of the grass.
It was approximately one inch in length and was emerald green in color.
Its color was similar to the leaves beside it, so it was hard to see it.

Everyone was shocked by Wang Teng’s eyesight.

Wa Ke had a similar feeling.
But, he still snorted in disdain and muttered, “He just has better eyesight.”

Ni Ya kicked him this time.
She couldn’t help but ask Wang Teng, “Can you see more Gale Mantis?”

“At 6 o’clock, eight meters away, there’s one.
The third one is in the 8 o’clock direction, ten meters away…” Wang Teng activated his Spiritual Sight and pointed out all the Gale Mantis near them.
In the end, he said, “That’s all I can see.
I can’t see the farther ones.”

Actually, with his Spiritual Sight, he could see all the Gale Mantis in his surroundings.
However, he didn’t want to perform too well, so he held back a little.

Also, he didn’t know where the Gale Mantis King was hiding.
He didn’t see it.

“Let’s take care of these Gale Mantis first,” Lin Zhan said.

“Liu Yan, you will stay outside and cover us.
The others can choose one to kill.
I choose the one in the 8 o’clock direction.
You can take one at random.”

After he finished speaking, he dashed into the bushes.

The dwarves were obviously stunned by how decisive and fast Lin Zhan was.

Liu Yan and the two siblings were used to his method of doing things.
Although they felt a little speechless, they also acted swiftly.

Lin Zhan raised her heavy machine gun and aimed it around Lin Zhan.

Yan Jinming and his sister chose a Gale Mantis each that was nearer to them and charged over.

Ni Ya and the other dwarves didn’t want to lag behind.
They also selected one each and ran into the field.

Before the Gale Mantis knew what was happening, they suffered from all kinds of attacks.

However, the speed and reaction speed of Gale Mantis were indeed impressive.
When they spread their wings and flapped them, they were able to fly three to four meters in the air.
A gale seemed to have appeared in mid-air.
Then, they appeared in front of Lin Zhan and the others and slashed their sickle-shaped limbs at their heads.

“Die!” Lin Zhan was the first to bear the brunt.
When the sickle arms fell towards him from above his head, he got a fright.
He raised his battle axes with his hands and flung them upwards.

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