Extreme danger!

Although this was Wang Teng’s second lifetime, it was the first time someone was pointing a gun directly at his head.

In the face of life and death, the fear was terrifying.

He was reborn, but he hadn’t experienced an actual death before.
Back then, he felt that he just woke up from a deep sleep.

It was nothing compared to the situation now.

The black muzzle felt like a terrifying huge beast opening its mouth.
Inside, it was hell, and it felt eerie.
The beast seemed to be waiting to swallow him whole.

Terrifying! Horrifying!

Immediately, Wang Teng’s body froze, and his soul trembled uncontrollably.

Even though he was practicing martial arts, he was still a normal person.
He had never met such a situation before.

Also, at such a close distance, he could clearly see the silver patterns on the body of the pistol.

They were Force runes!

This was a Force rune gun.
It was a deadly threat to advanced stage martial disciples, as well as martial warriors.

Hence, even though he had reached the speed of 50 meters per second and his footwork was at the mastery stage, he didn’t dare to move when there was a Force rune gun pointing at his head.

“Damn it!”

Wang Teng cursed in his heart.
Then, he instantly gave in.

He gave in within a split second!

He gave up without any hesitation.

“Don’t shoot.
I will cooperate with you.”

Wang Teng said in a hurry.
He was afraid that the other part would kill him out of pure unhappiness.

He had no choice but to be a coward.

This was too frightening.
He couldn’t help but tremble in fear.

“Be obedient.
Don’t think of playing any tricks.
If you do, I will let you have a taste of this gun.”

The man with a scar on his face pushed Wang Teng and threatened.

Thus, Wang Teng was forced to join their escape gang.

He observed them secretly.
There were a total of five people in this group, and they all had Force rune guns in their hands.
From their aura, they were at least intermediate stage martial disciples.

When Wang Teng’s gaze swept past three of them, he paused instinctively.

Each one of them was carrying a huge bag that was stuffed to the brim.
The zip wasn’t closed properly, so one could faintly see the notes inside.

Could it be that they… robbed a bank?

I remember that there is a bank not far away in front… 

Wang Teng suddenly felt that his situation wasn’t good.
He seemed to have gotten involved in a troublesome matter.

Does this mean that they were just passing by and I accidentally became their hostage?

Wang Teng was a little speechless, feeling innocent and unlucky.
He was able to meet robbers on his way home!

Meeting them was alright.
Why did they choose him as their hostage when there were so many others around?

Were they bullying him?

He didn’t know that the man with a scar on his face chose him because he was driving a sports car.
A rich second generation definitely had a higher status than an average person.
Hence, he took Wang Teng as his hostage.

Wang Teng was forced into a small alley as the robbers seized him by his arm.
Then, he kept running and making turns in the alley, losing his sense of direction.
He didn’t know how long he ran.

He pretended that he was extremely weak and started panting heavily after running for a short time.

“Damn it, this rich second generation must have slept with too many women.
Look at how weak he is.”

One of the robbers cursed Wang Teng.
He was probably envious, jealous, or just didn’t like Wang Teng.

“Shall we kill him directly? Bringing him along will be a hindrance,” another robber wearing a cap said ruthlessly.

What the f**k!

Wang Teng’s heart skipped a beat when he heard this.

This person was so cold-blooded.
He only ran a little slower, yet he already wanted to kill him.
Did he have to be so cruel?

“Don’t kill me.
I can run.
I will definitely keep up with you,” Wang Teng said frantically.

“Forget it.
We have already come this far with him.
It’s just a few more meters.
Everything will be fine once we get in the car,” the leader of the robbers replied.

The few of them ran for another ten minutes.
Wang Teng appeared exhausted, but he still managed to keep up with them.

A white van was parked at the side of an old street.
One robber pulled the car door open and stuffed Wang Teng inside.
The engine of the van started with a loud roar.

The van drove in the city at high speed.

Suddenly, the police siren was heard behind them.

“F**k, the police have caught up with us.” The robber, who was driving, slapped the steering wheel and stepped heavily on the accelerator.
The van charged forward.

“The van in front, listen.
Stop at the side of the road immediately.
Stop at the side of the road immediately…”

“You must be kidding!”

The driver stuck his hand out of the car and gave the cars behind his middle finger.

“To the right.
Go up the highway,” the leader of the robbers said calmly.

The driver turned the steering wheel.

The head turned sharply as the van’s boot skidded for a distance, creating a long mark on the ground.
Then, it started flying towards the right.

The police car in front overshot by a huge distance before it managed to stop.
It turned and started chasing the van.

Hence, the police car and the van started their cat and mouse game on the highway.

During the chase, many cars collided with one another, causing traffic congestions.
Drivers with road rage symptoms stuck their heads out to curse.

“Calling the van in front.
If you don’t stop your car now, we will open fire!”

The robbers turned a deaf ear to the police.


A gunshot was heard immediately thereafter.
However, it was fired at the sky.
Since there were too many people in the city, the police didn’t dare to fire randomly.


This gunshot was purely to scare the robbers!

But, the robbers weren’t easy to deal with.
The more you tried to scare them, the more vicious they would get.

The man with a scar on his face pushed his gun against Wang Teng and stuck his head out of the car.
He shouted fiercely, “If you dare to shoot, I will kill him first!”

Wang Teng felt like a puppet.

He felt weak and helpless!

As the van sped along the highway, the wind blew against his hair, causing his mind to be in a mess.

Who on earth did I provoke?

Wang Teng asked the heavens helplessly.

As expected, the police behind decided to spare the rat to save the dishes.
They didn’t dare fire anymore.
After seeing their actions, the man with a scar on his face pulled Wang Teng back into the car.

He proudly said to the other robbers, “Look, this is the benefits of having a hostage.”

“You did well!”

The leader wasn’t stingy with his compliments.

Wang Teng rolled his eyes while silently ridiculing them in his heart. You are really smart!

Unfortunately, it was too early for them to feel happy!

More than ten police cars were chasing, obstructing, and intercepting the robbers’ van.
The robbers had underestimated the determination of the police.
Although they were crafty, they were still stopped in front of an office building.

“F**k, we are just taking some money to spend.
Do they have to chase us so fervently?”

“Shut up!” the leader of the robbers shouted with a cold expression.

They had no choice but to alight the van.
Then, they retreated into the office building while dragging Wang Teng along.

“You have been surrounded from all sides.
I repeat, you are surrounded.
Hurry up.
Lay down your arms and surrender…” This sentence kept coming out from the police’s loudspeaker.

The robbers ignored them and dashed into the office building.

It was after-work timing, so most people had already left the office.
No one could be seen in the lobby.

The robbers went up to the third floor, probably wanting to occupy the high ground.


The third floor belonged to a fashion design company.
There were still a few professionals working overtime inside, and most of them were ladies.

The robbers kicked the door open and charged inside.


One of them fired a shot to take control of the scene.

His scare tactics made the scene even rowdier.
The shouts of the anger of the office ladies turned into screams of terror.

The leader of the robbers aimed his muzzle at a middle-aged lady and pulled the trigger.
The other party’s thigh got hit, and she screamed in pain.

The middle-aged lady looked like someone with a high status in the company.

Before the robbers broke in, she was reprimanding her subordinates.
But in a blink of an eye, everything turned tragic.

The other office ladies shrieked when they saw blood.
Some of their voices even broke.

“Shut up! I will kill anyone who makes another sound,” the leader warned coldly.

The office ladies quickly covered their mouths in unplanned unison.
They were afraid that if they made a sound and stood out, the robbers would kill them.

The middle-aged lady, who was shot, forcefully resisted the urge to make any sounds due to the pain.

Cold sweat could be seen all over her forehead.

Wang Teng frowned.
This bunch of robbers was outrageous and ruthless.
They didn’t care about human life at all.
This was too crazy.

“Go to the corner and squat down with your hands over your head.
If anyone dares to create trouble, my gun might accidentally fire at you.”

A robber waved his gun and signaled everyone to squat in a corner.

However, Wang Teng wasn’t so lucky as he was pushed to the window.

He looked down and saw around twenty police cars surrounding the office building.
Many police officers had their guns raised at the windows of the building.

“Leader, what should we do?” The man with a scar on his face asked furiously.

The leader didn’t bother to reply with words.
Instead, he fired a shot straight at the police.
The police officers hurriedly hide behind their shields or cars.

“Listen, prepare a helicopter for us within an hour.
If we don’t see the helicopter one minute after the allocated time, we will kill one hostage.
If two minutes pass, we will kill two hostages… We will kill until everyone here dies!”

The police weren’t the only ones who had heard his words.
Wang Teng and the other hostages in the building heard him too.

The employees of the fashion design company turned pale with fear.
As the first hostage, Wang Teng’s heart was raised to his throat, and his face turned black.


These five robbers had five Force rune guns with them.
He wasn’t confident he could deal with them.

He could only place his hope in the police.
He prayed that they would be able to prepare the helicopter in time.

Time continued to pass slowly.
One hour had almost passed.

However, there was no helicopter.

The hostages had looks of despair on their faces.

“It’s almost one minute past the allocated time.
If the helicopter doesn’t come soon, you are forcing us to kill a hostage,” the leader shouted at the police cars below.

“Don’t act rashly.
The helicopter is on the way.
It will arrive soon.” The person-in-charge below was perspiring profusely because of anxiety as he used the loudspeaker to reply to the robbers.

The leader didn’t say anything.
From his reaction, he didn’t seem to care about the reason.
As long as the time exceeded the deadline, he would kill someone.

One minute passed in a blink of an eye.

“Brat, you, come over!” The leader of the robbers pointed at Wang Teng.

“It’s too bad.
You are unlucky!”

The man with a scar on his face gave a hideous smile.
He pushed Wang Teng towards his leader.

Wang Teng sighed.
He felt that he didn’t look at the almanac before he left his house this morning.
This must be why he was so unlucky today.

Initially, he thought that if he acted as an obedient hostage, the robbers would let him go after achieving their goal.
But, from the looks of it now, he was too naive.

I can’t just wait for death!

There is no route of retreat now.
They want to kill me, but I don’t want to die.
I’m still young and I was given a chance to be reborn.
How can I die here?

I can’t let that happen!

No one can kill me.
My new life is just starting.
I have many regrets to make up for and many things I want to do… This lifetime, I need to be filial to my parents.
I have to become a martial arts warrior and make them proud.
I also want to see how the Xingwu Continent looks like… 

I don’t want to die… 

I don’t want to die.
Thus, I have to kill them!


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