Chapter 206: Spiritual Pet Contract

Wang Teng and his teammates drove to the forbidden military ground where the dimensional rift was.

Along the way, Lin Zhan, Liu Yan, and the Yan siblings showed a huge interest in the little crow.
They had seen star beast cubs before, but this was the first time one had appeared in front of them at such a close distance.

Lin Zhan was driving, so he had no free hands.
Liu Yan and the three of them wanted to tease the little crow, but it ignored them altogether.
Not everyone received Doudou’s treatment.

“This little fellow just hatched not long ago, so it might be a little afraid of strangers,” Wang Teng touched the little crow’s head and said.

The little crow who was arrogant in front of Liu Yan and the others was exceptionally obedient in front of Wang Teng.
Liu and the others were green with envy.

“You’re really lucky! Do you know how hard it is for a star beast to recognize its master?” Liu Yan sighed continuously.

“That’s right.
An adult star beast rarely recognizes a master.
Cubs are hard to find, so it’s difficult to find a star beast for a pet,” Yan Jinming said sadly.

Wang Teng was puzzled.
He asked, “You have been going to the Xingwu Continent for many years.
Isn’t it easy for you to get a star beast cub?”

“You don’t know.” Lin Zhan shook his head and interrupted their conversation.
“We are able to catch normal star beast cubs if we want, but they have limited potential, like the earth armor pigs.
They will remain at 1-star or 2-star no matter how we groom them.
They are not suitable pets either.
Tell me, what’s the use of us raising them?”

Wang Teng was enlightened.
Just like what Lin Zhan said, star beasts like the earth armor pig were commonly seen, so it wasn’t difficult to catch them.
However, besides having a thick hide and being able to block damage for its master, its abilities were almost negligible.
Who would raise an earth armor pig as a pet?

The weakest among this team was at the 3-star soldier level.
If they raised a weak star beast, it would be a waste of time and resources.
The result would be negligible, and there was no purpose at all.

Also, every martial warrior had specializations.
For instance, Liu Yan specialized in rune guns.
As a long-distance fighter, the star beast she needed should specialize in speed or have a certain offensive ability so that it could cooperate with her or protect her during a battle.

All in all, beast pets were supports.

Thus, the pairing was crucial.
It was inappropriate to raise just any star beast as a pet.

“There’s a ‘spiritual pet contract’ in the Xingwu Continent.
If you feel that this little crow is suitable, you can get a contract and bind yourselves together,” Liu Yan suddenly reminded him.

“That’s right.
This little crow is reliant on you, so the binding should be smooth.
Don’t miss the best timing,” Lin Zhan said.

“Spiritual pet contract?” Wang Teng was stunned.
“There’s such a thing in the Xingwu Continent?”

“Haha, there are many interesting things in the Xingwu Continent.
However, we haven’t studied all of them,” Lin Zhan smiled and replied.

Wang Teng nodded.
He thought of a question and asked, “Are spiritual pet contacts expensive?”

“It’s about 100 million,” Lin Zhan thought for a moment before saying casually.

Wang Teng: …

Brother, you don’t feel it because you’re not involved!

100 million! Can you don’t say it so casually? Others might think that you’re talking about 100RMB!

Wang Teng didn’t know what to say anymore.

Half an hour later, they reached the military ground.
They went through a series of inspections that lasted for ten minutes.
Then, they went through the dimensional rift and entered the Xingwu Continent once again.




Wang Teng used his spiritual power to pull the attributes over and picked up nine bubbles.

Some of these attribute bubbles had dropped when Lin Zhan and his teammates came out of the dimensional rift.
Others were left by the people in front.

He picked up a total of 1.6 Space attributes.

He looked at his attributes panel.

Space: 9.2/10000

Wang Teng smiled bitterly.
There was still a long journey ahead!

He wondered how long he would take to fill up his space attributes.

If he could, Wang Teng really wanted to squat here for a few days, but reality didn’t allow him to.

Fortunately, this number of space attributes was enough for Wang Teng to use his space talent briefly.
Although he could only move through space for a short distance, with the help of his spiritual power, this would be the lethal attack among the lethal attacks.

“Let’s go.” Lin Zhan’s voice pulled Wang Teng back to reality.

They drove their car on the streets filled with an exotic aura.
Since it was morning, the streets were crowded, and it was very lively.

Yong City was created by humans from Earth.
As an important trading city, there were races from the Xingwu Continent here too.

“Every time I see the Earth people and the people from the Xingwu Continent interacting without any barriers in a single place, I find it hard to believe that these two factions are battling behind the scenes,” Yan Jinyue lamented.

“My stupid sister, isn’t this normal? Even on our Earth, when there isn’t a conflict of interest, everything will seem peaceful on the surface.
However, once you need to fight for your own benefits, no one will give in to another person.
When they need to deal the lethal blow, they won’t hesitate,” Yan Jinming said.

“Peace is comparative,” Lin Zhan said.

As they spoke, they reached the Yong City branch of the Jixin Martial House.

“This time, you have seven days of break, so I decided to take a short-term mission.
We can kill star beasts and complete the mission at the same time, killing two birds with one stone,” Lin Zhan said as he brought everyone into the main building of the martial house.

Their acquaintances greeted them with a smile.

This time, no one looked down on Wang Teng anymore.
In the past, Wang Teng had headed to the Dark Mist Forest alone and came back unscathed.
Not only that, but he had also killed a huge number of star beasts.
Hence, everyone knew that this newbie wasn’t a simple person.

Martial warriors respected the powerful people.
If you were strong enough, you would naturally get recognized.

Lin Zhan and his team members didn’t act arrogantly.
They also greeted everyone.
Even if some male martial warriors made some harmless jokes on Liu Yan and Yan Jinyue, the two ladies didn’t take it to heart.
They smiled and let it go.

Lin Zhan walked in front of a machine and opened the internal mission platform of the Jixin Martial House.
He started scrolling the site with his team members.

After searching for a long time, Lin Zhan finally clicked on the description of a mission.

“Help the dwarves in Red Leaves Hill to clear the Gale Mantis horde that has been increasing in size.
The mission reward will be based on the number of Gale Mantis killed.
The more you kill, the higher the reward.
(Note: It’s suspected that there is a 3-star elite-class Gale Mantis King.)”

“What do you think of this mission?” Lin Zhan asked for everyone’s opinion.

“Dwarves? The wine they make and the weapons they forge are good stuff.
If we can befriend them, it won’t be a bad thing.
I have no objection,” Yan Jinming smiled and replied.

“The Gale Mantis horde is hard to deal with, though,” Yan Jinyue said.

“It’s alright.
I made a 4-star rune machine gun.
Let me show you what a gunfire rain is.
I’ll take care of everything,” Liu Yan said handsomely.

“Wang Teng, what do you think?” Lin Zhan turned to Wang Teng and asked.

“I have no objection.
I’m also curious about the living environment of the dwarves.”

This was what he said, but internally, he was thinking to himself, I can pick up some wind element attributes along the way.

Among all the Forces he possessed, only his wind Force was still stuck at 1-star.
He needed to raise it as quickly as he could.

Wind element star beasts were rare.
It looked like he was lucky today.
This mission was killing a bunch of wind element Gale Mantis.

“Alright, we’ll choose this then,” Lin Zhan said.

They entered their martial warrior credentials into the machine and accepted the mission as a team.

Then, they went to the car park and drove a heavy armor vehicle out.

“We’ll go to the ‘Rune Treasure Pavilion’ first to get Wang Teng a spiritual pet contract,” Lin Zhan said.

No one had any objection.

Lin Zhan drove the car and took many turns in the city.
Finally, they arrived at the most prosperous business district of Yong City and stopped outside a building with a strange design.

This building possessed the style of Earth buildings as well as the form of the Xingwu Continent’s architecture.
At first glance, it looked weird, but once you continued looking at it, you would feel that it had a different kind of beauty.

Sometimes, you must admire the unusual ideas of the architects.

“So this is the Rune Treasure Pavilion!”

Wang Teng looked at the classical, ancient, and unsophisticated building in front of him with curiosity.

“That’s right.
You might not know, but this Rune Treasure Pavilion was founded by Jack Ma from our Earth and the Ziqing Chamber of Commerce.
This is their joint venture as well as the first special ‘company’ formed by both the Earth and the Xingwu Continent.
It created a good role model for the cooperation between the two parties.
Jack Ma is an incredible figure,” Lin Zhan exclaimed.

Wang Teng’s expression was strange. Jack Ma is doing business in the Xingwu Continent too?

They all walked into the Rune Treasure Pavilion while chatting.
The interior was extravagant.
The gold was so glaring that Wang Teng almost got blinded.
A beautiful lady wearing a cheongsam welcomed them.

“Hello, I’m your guide, Xiao Ya.
If you need anything, you can tell me.” The beautiful lady gave a pretty smile as she spoke to them.

“I need a spiritual pet contract,” Wang Teng opened his mouth and said.

The beauty immediately knew that the buyer was this young man in front of her.
Looking at his appearance, he seemed to be a martial warrior.
She didn’t dare to neglect him, so she said politely, “Alright.
Please follow me to the second floor.”

She led the way in front and brought Wang Teng and his teammates past the lobby.
They walked up to the second floor through a flight of wooden stairs.

There were many sealed cabinets on the second floor, and all kinds of precious items were stored inside.
There were Force skill scriptures, Force battle techniques, rune accessories, rune weapons, and many others.
There was a huge array of items.

The beauty brought them to the reception area and poured some tea for them.
Then, she said, “Please wait for a moment.
I have already informed our general manager.
He will be here immediately.
Only he has the right to take out the item you want from the cabinet,”

A few moments later, a middle-aged man walked over with another beautiful lady in a cheongsam behind him carrying a tray.

“My surname is Li, and I’m the general manager of the Rune Treasure Pavilion.
I’m delighted to meet you.” He waved his hand and asked the beauty behind him to place the tray on the table.
Then, he smiled and said, “This is the spiritual pet contract you want.
You can check the item.”

There was a scroll on the tray.
Lin Zhan took a few looks at it before nodding at Wang Teng.

“How much is this spiritual pet contract?” Wang Teng asked.

“130 million!” General Manager Li smiled and replied.

“It’s a little expensive,” Wang Teng said.

“It’s not expensive.
This spiritual pet contract is made by the renowned runemaster of the Xingwu Continent, Master Ling Xu.
Its quality is much higher than other normal rune masters,” General Manager Li explained patiently.

“Master Ling Xu!” Lin Zhan and the others were shocked.

He hurriedly picked up the scroll and looked at it carefully, especially when he saw the unique sign behind the scroll at the bottom right-hand corner.
He inspected it carefully with Liu Yan and the other three people before saying, “Indeed, this is Master Ling Xu’s work.
In that case, this price is reasonable.”

“Of course.
Our Rune Treasure Pavilion is a credible business.
All our products have a fixed price.
We won’t change the price for no reason,” General Manager Li said proudly.

“Alright, 130 million.” Wang Teng was too lazy to bargain, so he nodded and agreed right away.

When he killed star beasts alone in the past, he had earned 580 million.
He spent 270 million to buy the house in Deer Garden, so he was left with 310 million.
It was enough.

Thus, he didn’t back down and spent 130 million just like that.

You could do whatever you wanted when you had money!

General Manager Li’s eyes lit up when he heard that Wang Teng wanted to purchase the contract.
He took out a scanner behind him and asked in a gentle voice, “Are you paying by Force stones or card?”

“You can use Force stones to pay?” Wang Teng was slightly stunned.

“Force stones is the universal currency for the martial warriors in the Xingwu Continent.
Now, most of the martial warriors here use Force stones to pay,” Lin Zhan explained.

“I’ll use my card.
I don’t have enough Force stones.” Wang Teng took out his bank card and passed it to the other party.

A few minutes later, Wang Teng and his teammates walked out of the Rune Treasure Pavilion.

General Manager Li personally sent them to the door and smiled radiantly.
“Please come again.”

Let’s head to the Red Leaves Hill!” Lin Zhan drove the heavy armor vehicle and sped out of the giant gates of the Yong City.

Wang Teng sat at the back and started examining the spiritual pet contact.

“How do you use this?”

“Do you see the two runes on the scroll? There’s a big one and a small one.
You just need to drip your blood and the little crow’s blood on the pictures,” Lin Zhan said.

Wang Teng nodded.
He took a drop of his blood and a drop of little crow’s blood.
Then, he dropped them on the two runes.

The runes blinked with a red light before floating in the air.
The big rune landed on Wang Teng’s forehead while the small one merged into the little crow’s head.

In an instant, Wang Teng felt a strange connection form between him and the little crow.
He could even faintly detect the little crow’s thoughts and emotions.

This is so interesting!

He closed his eyes to inspect this feeling.
Suddenly, he exclaimed, “This is?”

When he closed his eyes, his vision changed.
He seemed to be seeing the outside world through the eyes of the little crow.

Does the spiritual pet contract have this ability? Wang Teng took a deep breath.
He was confused.

He thought for a moment and asked casually, “Leader, do you know what effects there are after you activate this spiritual pet contract?”

“If you’re talking about effects, you will probably be able to sense your spiritual pet’s thoughts and emotions,” Lin Zhan replied.

“Besides this, are there any other effects?” Wang Teng asked.

“Other effects? I haven’t heard of other effects.
Did you discover something?” Lin Zhan smiled and replied.

I was just asking so that I don’t have to fiddle around aimlessly,” Wang Teng said.

“The spiritual pet contract allows you to build a connection with your spiritual pet.
It’s already impressive enough if you’re able to feel the thoughts and emotions of your spiritual pet.
There are no other effects,” Lin Zhan said.

Wang Teng nodded in deep thought.
He didn’t ask any more questions.

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