A smile appeared at the edge of Wang Teng’s lips when he understood Dan Taixuan’s intention.

Dan Taixuan’s attacking method flashed across his mind.
Every attack was lethal and aimed at vital points.
Her each stroke was extremely simple with no unnecessary moves.


Wang Teng followed her example and executed all her moves in his battle with Yue Qun.

Yue Qun, who was opposite him, could feel a sudden change in Wang Teng’s attacking method.
His move got more tricky and lethal.
They were extremely dangerous.

At first, Wang Teng was not familiar with this kind of attack, so Yue Qun could block them easily.
However, as the battle progressed, Wang Teng’s attacking speed got faster and faster.

The changes in the moves became smoother too.
For instance, during the round of attack that just passed, he was aiming at his eyes a second ago, but at the next instant, he turned and attacked his temples.


It was really unpredictable!

Cold sweat started oozing on Yue Qun’s forehead.
Gradually, he was unable to handle the attacks anymore.
At the same time, he noticed something infuriating.

“Bastard, you are using me as your training partner.” Yue Qun was furious.
He was so angry that his face turned red.

“Erm… I got discovered!” Wang Teng was stunned.
He felt a little guilty in his heart.

Yue Qun glared at him.
His Force surged furiously and congregated into a lion’s head on his fist.
A gale blew, and one could faintly hear the angry roar of a lion.

“Raging Lion Violent Fist!”

Wang Teng’s gaze froze!

This was Yue Qun’s famous battle technique!

When they saw this scene, the people below started exclaiming in surprise too.

“It’s here, it’s here.
Yue Qun’s Raging Lion Violent Fist is here!”

“The dark-level high-class battle technique, Raging Lion Violent Fist!”

“This time, Wang Teng is definitely going to lose!”

The relevant introduction of the Raging Lion Violent Fist appeared in Wang Teng’s mind.
This battle technique used a person’s emotion as the guide to unleashing Force to its greatest potential.
Force would congregate at one spot and turn into a lion’s head.
When you released the attack in a state of anger, the power would be astonishing!

Thus, the angrier you were, the more powerful the attack would be!

Yue Qun had mastered the Raging Lion Violent Fist.
By right, with his mentality and Wang Teng’s doings, he wouldn’t be so angry during normal times.
However, to execute his Raging Lion Violent Fist, he exaggerated his emotions and wanted to unleash his strongest attack.

He didn’t want to lose this battle!


The angry roar echoed around the stadium.
Yue Qun released his fist, and the huge lion’s head shot towards Wang Teng.
The powerful gale blew Wang Teng’s hair up.


The sound of a weapon being unsheathed was heard!

A fiery red sword glow swept through the air.
It was exceptionally glaring!

The lion’s head… was executed!

Yue Qun felt as though he was electrocuted.
His entire body shuddered, and his chest cracked.
A sword wound had appeared there as fresh blood spurted out.

He slowly lowered his head.
His anger had already disappeared.
Only shock was left in its place.

He remained silent for a few seconds.
Then, Yue Qun sighed dejectedly and said, “I lost.”

Wang Teng looked at him, not knowing what to say.

“The top 100 is really hard to get in.
I had to persevere hard to make sure that I don’t get defeated by anyone.
I didn’t expect to lose to you today,” Yue Qun said bitterly.
“However, I don’t feel wronged losing to you.”

He glanced at Wang Teng meaningfully before walking down the arena.

The entire place was dead silent as they seemed to be unable to accept this fact.
They had lost their ability to speak.

When Yue Qun walked down the arena, everyone couldn’t help but clear a path for him.

He allowed the blood to drip from his chest as he walked further and further away.
His back view seemed lonely.

“Yue Qun lost!”

“This is…”

No one knew how to describe their feelings now.
They were able to reluctantly accept the defeat of Zhuo Tai and the other second-years, but now, even the no.
100, Yue Qun, lost to Wang Teng.
They found this hard to digest.

Wang Teng looked at Yue Qun’s back view and thought to himself, Master, when you asked me to challenge them, did you consider the stimulation it would give them if I defeated all of them?

He shook his head and turned to look at the attribute bubbles that had dropped on the ground.


Earth Force*20

Raging Lion Violent Fist*6

He picked them up.

Instantly, a few bubbles merged into Wang Teng’s body and caused his enlightenment to increase.
His earth Force also rose a little.

At the same time, a dark-level high-class battle technique appeared in his mind—Raging Lion Violent Fist!

This battle technique is quite interesting. Wang Teng thought to himself as he walked down the arena and left the stadium.

Everyone finally started discussing among themselves, kicking up a huge commotion.

“Wang Teng is a monster!”

“He could even beat a senior from the top 100.
Is he really a freshman? Is he an older student in disguise?”

“We are both freshmen.
Why is our difference so big?”

“Suddenly, I find it a little sorrowful to be in the same batch as him!”

Wang Teng got stopped by Zhuge Xiaoliang the moment he left the stadium.

The fatty was smiling from ear to ear.
He pulled Wang Teng to an empty corner and said, “Hehehe, thanks to you, I earned a lot today.
Come, I will transfer your 300 credits to you.”

“How much did you earn tonight?” Wang Teng asked.

“Not much, not much.
I only earned 1200 school credits,” Zhuge Xiaoliang said proudly.

Wang Teng contemplated for some time.
Then, he suddenly asked, “I will be challenging the other top 100 students in the future.
Are you interested in a collaboration?”

“You’re still planning to challenge?” Zhuge Xiaoliang was stunned.

He thought that after Wang Teng beat Yue Qun and entered the top 100, he would stop.
However, when he thought about it, he realized that Wang Teng seemed to have other motives.
He didn’t just want to enter the top 100.

The fatty asked, “How confident are you?”

“I will challenge them one by one in the future.
I will tell you beforehand how confident I am, so you can alter the odds when the time comes,” Wang Teng’s eyes lit up as he said.

Zhuge Xiaoliang thought for a moment.
He immediately realized the business opportunity there, so he nodded and said, “Sure.
It is decided then.
However, how are we going to split?”

“50, 50,” Wang Teng said.

“Alright, 50 50 it shall be!” Zhuge Xiaoliang looked as though he was making a loss.
He gritted his teeth furiously and nodded.

“Tomorrow, I will challenge no.
99 Fang Ming,” Wang Teng said.

“How confident are you?” Zhuge Xiaoliang’s eyes lit up, and he asked instantly.


“Are you sure?” Zhuge Xiaoliang didn’t believe him.

“I didn’t execute half of my true ability when I fought with Yue Qun today,” Wang Teng glanced at him and replied.

“Hahaha, okay.
Let me do something about it.
I promise that we will both earn a lot.” Zhuge Xiaoliang was elated.

The two of them chatted for some time and gave evil smiles.
Then, they left.


After bidding farewell to Zhuge Xiaoliang, Wang Teng came to Dan Taixuan’s house.

“You’re here.
How do you feel tonight?” Dan Taixuan opened the door and led Wang Teng to the training room as she asked him with a smile.
She seemed to know the result already.

“I don’t feel anything.
However, it did help me,” Wang Teng replied.

“Very good.
It looks like you understood my intention,” Dan Taixuan nodded and replied.

The two of them arrived at the training room and stood opposite each other.
Dan Taixuan raised her hand and hooked her fingers.

“Let me see how much you improve tonight!”

Half an hour later, Wang Teng laid on the floor and panted heavily.

The confidence that he had gained after beating Yue Qun just now was heavily impacted.

“My stupid disciple, don’t be dejected.
You still made some improvements.
Continue to maintain it!” Dan Taixuan squatted beside him and said with a smile.

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