When Wang Teng walked up the arena, the crowd went into an uproar.

“How can it be him!”


“Wang Teng dared to challenge the no.
100 Yue Qun? Who gave him the courage?”

“I admit that he’s strong, but there’s still a huge difference between him and the top 100.
Is he getting a little arrogant?”

Yu Xuexin was enlightened.
“No wonder he bet on the challenger.
He’s the one who challenged Yue Qun.”

Then, he looked at Zhuge Xiaoliang beside him.
“He knew that you were fooling him, but he used the opportunity to bet on himself.
This fellow is a little sly!”

“It looks like he’s very confident,” Zhuge Xiaoliang touched his fat chin and said.

Yu Xuexin frowned and asked, “He has defeated many second-year students, but don’t you think it’s a little arrogant of him to challenge the top 100 now?”

Zhuge Xiaoliang said, “I believe that he should have the confidence.
Do you think that he’s stupid?”

Yu Xuexin shook his head quietly.
Confidence was subjective.
There was never a clear line between confidence and arrogance.
The main party would find it difficult to decide if he was confident or arrogant sometimes.

Like most people, he believed that Wang Teng was arrogant.
Overconfidence was arrogance.

Most of the people at the scene felt that Wang Teng was overestimating himself.

Zhuge Xiaoliang looked at the situation around him and laughed slyly.
“It seems like no one thinks that Wang Teng will win.
Haha, this is getting fun.
Since the match hasn’t started, I will pull more people in.”

Yu Xuexin shook his head speechlessly when he saw Zhuge Xiaoliang running away.
“This stupid fatty is really shameless.
If he lets more and more people participate, it will attract the instructors’ attention.
This time, he probably can’t earn anything again!”

In the arena.

Yue Qun noticed the commotion and opened his eyes.
He looked at Wang Teng opposite him and smiled.
“You’re really popular.
Unfortunately, no one seems to believe that you can win.”

“It’s alright.
I’m just completing my master’s homework.
I don’t need their recognition,” Wang Teng said with a calm expression.
He didn’t care about other people’s skepticism.

“Homework?” The corners of Yue Qun’s lips twitched.
He felt a flame of anger surging up to his heart uncontrollably.
“Your words are a little infuriating!”

“Erm… Sorry!” Wang Teng finally realized that his words seemed to have stimulated Yue Qun.

“There’s no need to apologize.
Let’s find out who’s more powerful through our fists.
Even if you consider me as your homework, you must have the ability to do it first,” Yue Qun said coldly.

Wang Teng nodded.
“Let’s start.”

Like before, the judges this time also came from the martial arts club.
However, they were not Chen Su and Yang Lin.
Wang Teng had seen these two people when he went to the newbie gathering the last time.

The two of them didn’t waste any time.
When they noticed that Wang Teng and Yue Qun were prepared, they shouted, “Start!”

The battle immediately started.
There was no unnecessary testing or quarreling.
They got right to it.


Yue Qun stepped on the ground.
A loud sound accompanied each of his steps.
If this was an ordinary floor, it would have been destroyed by him.

He chose to attack face to face.
Yellow Force congregated on his arms, and his entire body seemed to have grown taller.
He looked like a giant.

When he was three meters away from Wang Teng, he stomped his feet on the ground and shot up.
He pounced on Wang Teng in mid-air.

The astonishingly muscular arms were pressed together and smashed down forcefully like a hammer.

The expressions of the people below changed tremendously when they saw this terrifying attack.
They were flabbergasted.

“Senior Yue Qun is really strong.
As expected of the top 100!”

“Why isn’t Wang Teng moving?”

“Hmph~ he’s probably shocked by Senior Yue Qun’s aura and forgot to dodge.”

“Sigh, he shouldn’t have challenged Yue Qun.
He didn’t have any chances of winning from the start.”


When Yue Qun’s fists smashed down, Wang Teng finally moved.

He wasn’t frightened just now.
Instead, he was feeling the aura of a 3-star soldier-level martial warrior.

Wang Teng had seen 3-star soldier-level martial warriors before.
Lin Zhan and the other team members of the Tiger Warrior team were 3-star martial warriors.
However, they were his comrades, so they wouldn’t use their presence to suppress him.

Thus, Wang Teng had never personally experienced the full force power of a 3-star soldier level presence.

Now, it was different.
There was anger in Yue Qun’s heart, so he didn’t hold back his force of presence.
It surged out in an instant.

This aura might be a little powerful, but it seemed to… have no effect on him.

As compared to Dan Taixuan’s presence, it paled in comparison.
There was nothing to compare at all.

At this moment, Wang Teng raised his head abruptly, and ice Force congregated on his fists.
He didn’t move or dodge.
Instead, he took the attack head-on.


The four fists collided.

Yue Qun’s expression changed slightly.
He felt a bone-piercing chill entering his body, feeling as though it wanted to freeze his earth Force.

However, this was not enough to harm him.

“Not bad.
No wonder you dared to challenge me!”

Yue Qun used the recoil force to land on the ground.
He shook his arms to disperse the chill.
Then, he charged towards Wang Teng again without stopping.

Wang Teng didn’t say anything.
His speed increased exponentially, and he turned into a series of lingering shadows as he flew towards Yue Qun.

Bang, bang, bang!

The sound of collisions was heard continuously.

Force surged around the arena and turned into a scary tornado.
It circled the two people fighting on the stage.

“What a frightening attack!”

“Wang Teng managed to receive it!”

“In the past, some instructors said that Wang Teng’s ability can be compared with 3-star soldier-level martial warriors.
But it’s just comparable.
If he is to fight with a real 3-star soldier-level martial warrior, there is still a difference.
How can Yue Qun lose to him?”

“Yue Qun hadn’t displayed his full strength, right?”

Everyone was staring at them in bewilderment.
There were looks of disbelief on their faces.

Some third and fourth-year students couldn’t help but assume that Yue Qun hadn’t unleashed his full power.
If not, how could he only be on par with a freshman?

Only Yue Qun knew that he had already called forth all his energy.
He didn’t hold back at all.

This fellow is really weird!

The strength of his Force is weak.
It is only at the 2-star soldier level, but he’s actually able to continue fighting with me.

The longer he fought, the more depressed Yue Qun felt.
His mentality almost collapsed.
He was a 3-star soldier-level martial warrior, but he couldn’t even handle a 2-star soldier-level martial warrior.

If he lost, he wouldn’t be able to face anyone anymore.

When he thought of what would happen after he lost this challenge, Yue Qun’s heart trembled.
His expression turned hideous, and his attack became even more vicious.

But Wang Teng was still handling it with ease.
He understood the intention of Dan Taixuan asking him to challenge the top 100 students in school.

Battle for cultivation!

He would fight with Dan Taixuan at night, but she was too strong.
Although there were many benefits, there were also disadvantages.

Wang Teng thought of the scene when he fought with Dan Taixuan last night.
He was getting trashed the entire time.
She had an overwhelming victory.

Wang Teng wasn’t able to put the things he learned into practice in front of her.
He needed a buffer point.

The top 100 students were the buffer point Dan Taixuan gave Wang Teng.

Their ability was on par with Wang Teng, so when they had duels, Wang Teng had ample time and space to release his potential.
He was able to put all the things he learned from Dan Taixuan into practice.
Wang Teng used the duels to digest the knowledge and let it become a part of him.

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