Wang Teng dragged his tired body as he left Dan Taixuan’s house.
He seemed spoiled.

Whenever he thought of the fact that he would need to seek a living under the hands of Dan Taixuan, he immediately felt his future turning gray.


He turned his head and looked back.
At the moment, Dan Taixuan’s house looked like a demon cave.
It was immersed in the dark.

Wang Teng followed Dan Taixuan’s advice and came to the second floor of the logistics department.

It was already late, but there was still staff working.

Wang Teng expressed his intention.

“Black Jade cream!”

The staff member was a middle-aged man.
He raised his head in astonishment, but he didn’t say much.
He just said directly, “One for 100 school credits.
You can use it for five days.”

“What?” Wang Teng felt hopeless once again when he heard the price.
“Why is it so expensive?”

“No, it’s not expensive.
It’s good value for money.
I’m not cheating you,” the middle-aged man said expressionlessly.

…Wang Teng highly suspected that Dan Taixuan was helping the logistics department in their sales.
If not, why would she fool him into buying this Black Jade cream?

100 school credits for one!

Why don’t you rob me!

You even say that it’s not expensive.
Not expensive your head…

“I have seen many students like you.
All of them wanted to exchange items, but once they heard the school credits, they couldn’t bear to part with them.
It’s as if I am taking a piece of meat from their bodies.
I feel like I’m forcing y’all to buy,” the middle-aged shook his head and said.

Wang Teng was speechless. Talk is cheap.
Look at your price.
Who will be willing to buy?

But, he remembered his condition and the brutal training he had to undergo tomorrow night again.
He had no choice but to grit his teeth and say, “Give me one!”

“That’s right.
You will be able to earn more school credits, so don’t hug it too tightly.
It’s only meaningful once you spend it.” The middle-aged man finally gave a smile.


Wang Teng took the Black Jade cream and turned around to leave.

He felt his heart scrunching up in pain!

When he accepted the challenges from the second-year students, he only earned 100 school credits every match after working so hard.
However, this stupid Blade Jade cream actually required 100 school credits, and he could only use it a few times.
The school credits he just collated had to be all used to fill this bottomless pit.

“Looks like I have to find other ways to earn school credits,” Wang Teng touched his chin as he pondered aloud.
“Anyway, since I need to challenge the top 100 students in school, I can’t do it for nothing.
This is tough labor.
Can I do something about this?

“Speaking of it, it feels a little exciting to challenge the top 100 students in school.
I wonder if they will gang up and beat me to death.

“Don’t worry, don’t worry, let me think about this carefully…”

Wang Teng pondered all the way back to his dormitory.
When he entered his house, he noticed that the damaged living room had already been repaired.

Their efficiency was truly amazing!

Wang Teng exclaimed.
He opened his bedroom door and walked in.

A black shadow pounced over immediately and cawed.
It almost sounded a little pitiful.

Wang Teng slapped his head.
“Oh my, I forgot about you.”

People were coming to repair his room, so he had locked his bedroom when he left.
He wasn’t worried that anything would happen in school, but he was afraid that this little fellow would run away and get lost.

He didn’t come back for a day.
All he did was leave some star beast meat for it in the morning before he went out.
It was obviously not enough for the little crow.
It must be famished now.

“It’s my fault, my fault!”

Wang Teng rubbed the little crow’s head.
He took out star beast meat and fed it.

The little crow immediately threw its bad mood away beyond the highest heaven when it saw food.
Of course, it didn’t know what the highest heaven was.
It only cared about eating.

“Eat slowly.
There will be enough for you.” Wang Teng was afraid that the little guy would choke, but he was thinking too much.
The little crow ate smoothly, one piece of meat per bite.
Its throat moved like a machine and swallowed everything.
He was worried for nothing.

After some time, the little crow was finally satisfied.
It started sauntering around the room while wobbling left and right.

Wang Teng’s jaw almost dropped.
It grew a little too fast.
It just hatched one day ago, yet it was able to walk already. Why are you so strong?

Unfortunately, it still hadn’t grown its feathers.

Wang Teng didn’t care about it and allowed it to do whatever it wanted.
He took his clothes and the Black Jade cream and walked into the bathroom.

He took off his clothes and released the hot water.
As the hot water flowed, he applied the Blade Jade cream all over his body.

The instructions on the Black Jade cream said that after applying it, you needed to soak in hot water.
This would help with the absorption of the medicine.

Yes, it would be great if the water was scorching and steaming, the kind that could burn a layer of skin off your body.

Wang Teng was really vicious.
He turned the temperature to the highest.
After the bathtub was filled, he dipped his hand into the water with fire Force flowing around his palm.

The temperature of the hot water kept rising…

When Wang Teng felt that it was enough, he stuck his leg inside to test the water temperature.
Suddenly, he felt that he might be seeking death.
However, to hasten the absorption of the medicine, he forced himself and sat inside the bathtub while grimacing in pain.

“Gasp… I’m getting cooked!”

Steam started rising from his forehead.

The instant he entered the water, the scalding heat almost caused him to jump.
However, very soon, a cool and icy feeling started spreading from the Black Jade cream.
It engulfed his body and neutralized the heat from the hot water.

I see, so this is the effect of the Black Jade cream.
I knew that it wouldn’t be so crazy!

Half an hour later, the temperature of the warm water returned to normal.
The Black Jade cream on Wang Teng’s body also started dropping by itself.
He walked out of the bathtub while feeling invigorated.
The tiredness and pain on his body had very much subsided.

Once the medicinal property spreads throughout my body, I will be able to recover by tomorrow. Wang Teng pondered.
He wiped his body, put on his pajamas, and dried his hair.
Then, he went back to his bedroom and sat cross-legged on the bed.
He started cultivating.

The flowing of Force would help with the conversion and absorption of the Black Jade cream.

I will cultivate the ‘Raging Bull Skill’ when I have the time.
Before you learn martial arts, you need to get beaten first.
Getting beaten is a technique too!

A silent night.

The next day, Wang Teng went to his lessons as per normal.

Tuesday was filled with classes.
Thus, he didn’t have the time to observe lessons from other faculties.
He could only wait for the lesson to end to run there and pick up attributes.

No one noticed him because when he went over, the other students had already left.

Also, he was just passing by.
He activated his spiritual power, and with a single thought, he swept all the bubbles and collected them.
He didn’t need to exert much force at all.
It was simple and convenient.

In the afternoon, after he finished eating, Wang Teng made use of the afternoon resting time to go to the dormitory of the top 100 students.

First Section Room No.

Although it was just the house at the end of the line, it was still the First Section.
It represented the last student of the 100 most powerful students of Huanghai Military Academy.

Before school started, he had heard Senior Brother Zhu Tao saying that the top 100 students were at least 3-star soldier-level martial warriors, and all of them had gone through many missions.
They were experienced in actual combat, and their ability couldn’t be compared with ordinary students.

Wang Teng wasn’t worried, though.
With his current battle prowess, it might be a little tough for him to challenge the front-ranked students of the top 100, but he was still confident of beating the ones at the back.

His only worry was that the top 100 students were rarely in school.
They had almost completed their modules, so normally, they were outside doing missions.
If they were not in school, he wouldn’t be able to complete the task Dan Taixuan gave him.

Would he suffer at night if he couldn’t complete the task?

When he thought of the unpredictable lady that was like a devil, Wang Teng felt that he should temporarily keep a low profile and complete the task she assigned to him properly.

He walked forward and knocked on the door.

Fortunately, someone responded.

The person who walked out was a tall and young man.
However, he looked a little… old.
His face was covered with a mustache.

“Wang Teng?” He was a little surprised.
He recognized Wang Teng.

“Yes, it’s me.
Erm, Senior Yue Qun, are you free tonight?” Wang Teng had already investigated this no.
100 senior.

Actually, it wasn’t difficult.
There was a ranking for the top 100 students.
It was shown on the school’s official website, so anyone could see it.

Of course, there was only a brief introduction of the students.
The school wouldn’t reveal all the details, but this was enough for Wang Teng.

“What do you want? I’m… not gay!” Yue Qun seemed to have thought of something.
His expression changed, and he took a step back abruptly.

“Gay?!” Wang Teng immediately felt stunned.
He froze on the spot.


Wang Teng almost exploded in anger.
But, he thought of today’s motive and took a deep breath to force himself to calm down.
He said, “Senior, I came to challenge you!”

“Challenge me!” Yue Qun’s expression turned stern.
He stared at Wang Teng with a frightening gaze.
“Do you know what you’re saying?”

“I’m sorry.
I can’t disobey my master!” Wang Teng replied.

“You have a master!” Yue Qun’s expression changed.
He continued, “As expected of a genius.
You just came into university not long ago, yet you have already been spotted by an instructor.
Or rather, could it be the president?”

Wang Teng didn’t reply to him.
Instead, he said, “7 pm, martial arts arena.
Senior, you will come, right?”

“You seem really confident!” Yue Qun said.

“More or less.
If not, I won’t dare to come and look for you,” Wang Teng smiled and said.

“Hahaha, alright.
I will fight with you and let you see the power of the top 100.” Yue Qun laughed.

“I will wait for you!”

Wang Teng turned around and left without saying anything more.

Yue Qun stood at the door and squinted his eyes slightly as he watched Wang Teng walking further away.
Then, he dialed his instructor’s number and told him about Wang Teng’s challenge.
At the same time, he wanted to know who Wang Teng’s master was.

Unfortunately, his instructor didn’t tell him the answer.
He just said helplessly, “Use your full power to fight with him later!”

Yue Qun hung up the call.
His instructor didn’t tell him specifically, but he wasn’t stupid.
He guessed that Wang Teng’s master must be a higher authority of the school.

“I’m so envious.
A genius doesn’t need to look for a master.
The powerful people will lay their eyes on him, unlike me.
I remember how much effort I used before I found my master,” Yue Qun muttered to himself.

Temporarily, only a few people know that Wang Teng was challenging Yue Qun.
It wasn’t known to everyone like the challenges of the second-year students.

After 6 pm, Yue Qun came to the stadium.
When he noticed that Wang Teng hadn’t arrived, he went directly to the martial arts arena.

There, he stood in the middle of the martial arts arena and closed his eyes to take a rest.

At this moment, the students training in the stadium finally realized that something was going to happen.

100 Yue Qun?”

“He went up to the arena.
Is he planning to have a duel with someone tonight?”

“F**k, this is a huge piece of news.
The battle of no.
Hurry up and inform everyone to take a look.”

It was publicly known that one could challenge the ranking of the top 100 students.
The person who won would climb up the rank!

It was an honor.

Some people regained their senses and took out their phones to send messages to their class WeChat groups.
Some went to tell their roommates.

In a short span of fewer than ten minutes, many people surged into the stadium.

When Wang Teng arrived, he was still talking on his phone.
“I know, I know.
I’ll go back after the duel… Why will I slack off? I’m definitely not that kind of person… Alright, no problem.
I will win.
What if I can’t win? You can do anything to me… That’s right, I said it… I’m at the stadium.
I can’t talk anymore.
Can I hang up?”

After receiving confirmation, Wang Teng hung up the call.
He heaved a long sigh of relief and said, “Oh my god, women are indeed troublesome.
No matter how strong the lady is, she’s no exception.”

When Wang Teng saw Yue Qun standing in the arena from afar, he walked forward.
Suddenly, a fatty pulled him back sneakily.

“Junior Wang Teng.”

“You are?”

“I’m a third-year student from the command faculty, Zhuge Xiaoliang,” the fatty said.

“Erm, your name is quite impressive!” Wang Teng said in astonishment.

“Of course.
My actual name is Zhuge Changliang, but I admire Zhuge Liang very much, so I changed my name.
I can’t compare with Zhuge Liang’s achievements now, but one day, I will definitely surpass him.
At that time, I will change my name to Zhuge Daliang!” Zhuge Xiaoliang said.

“Pfft… you are a genius.
You have my respect!” Wang Teng was speechless.

“You speak too highly of me.”

“Do you have something to tell me since you stopped me?”

“Oh, it’s like this.
Yue Qun is going to have a duel with someone.
I started a bet.
I don’t know who the challenger is, but it must be a third-year student.
Hence, the odds are smaller, 3:1.
Are you interested?” Zhuge Xiaoliang looked around him carefully before speaking to Wang Teng in a low voice.

…Wang Teng was flabbergasted.
Mind you, the school was known for its strict discipline.
This fatty was really bold to do such a thing.

“Fatty Zhuge, you are absolutely unrepentant.
How many times have you been caught? Why do you still have the guts to open a betting stand?” A mocking voice suddenly came from the side.

“F**k, I was wondering who it is.
You frightened me.” Zhuge Xiaoliang patted his chest, which wobbled under the force.
He continued angrily, “Yu Xuexin, please don’t appear without a sound.
If I get a heart attack, will you compensate me?”

“Fine, you are so bold and you have a big heart.
Anyone can get frightened by me, but you won’t.” The person who came over said, “You want to play, right? I will put in 100 school credits.
I bet on Yue Qun winning.”

“Aren’t you afraid of getting discovered? Why do you still want to play?” Zhuge Xiaoliang asked in astonishment.

“We know the instructors’ methods.
What’s there to be afraid of?” Yu Xuexin said nonchalantly.

“Alright, since you dare to play, I will dare to take your credits.” Zhuge Xiaoliang smiled and turned to look at Wang Teng.
“What do you think? Junior Wang Teng, have you finished considering it?”

“I’m just a little curious.
Why did you look for me?” Wang Teng asked.

“What’s there to be curious about? Freshmen are easier to fool.
Among all the freshmen, you have the most credits.
If he doesn’t fool you, who is he supposed to fool?” Yu Xuexin said.

Zhuge Xiaoliang: …

“Haha.” Wang Teng smiled.
“I will bet 100 school credits too.
I bet on the challenger.”

Zhuge Xiaoliang thought that he wouldn’t participate, so he wasn’t expecting to hear this.
He raised his head abruptly.
“Okay, you are very straightforward.”

“You know that he’s fooling you, so why are you still betting?” Yu Xuexin was shocked.

“I’m still able to fork out 100 school credits.
I’m just having fun,” Wang Teng replied.

“You are the first freshman I’ve seen who’s so wealthy,” Yu Xuexin smiled and replied.

Wang Teng didn’t say much.
He transferred 100 school credits to Zhuge Xiaoliang and squeezed into the crowd.
He walked towards the arena.

When Yu Xuexin and Zhuge Xiaoliang saw him walking up the arena, they looked as though they had seen a ghost.
After a long moment of silence, they spurted out one word, “F**k!”

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