Chapter 192: Attack!

The three young men were extremely depressed.
They looked as though there was shit stuffed in their mouths.

Where did this person come from?

He looked really young, but he was so strong that he seemed like a bug!

Also, picking Illusion Grass was a relatively simple mission that didn’t have much difficulty.
Why did this monster take it?

They didn’t understand!

They didn’t understand at all!

“Misunderstanding?” Wang Teng looked at them with an ambiguous smile.
He continued, “Somehow, I remember that this wasn’t what you said just now.”

“No, no, no.
This is exactly what we meant.
Since you picked the Illusion Grass, it’s yours.
We are the good youths of this era with comprehensive development in morals, intelligence, sports, aesthetics, and labor.
How can we do something like snatching your gains?” The trio shook their heads frantically, denying anything of the sort.

Bullshit, they wouldn’t admit it even if they died!

The person in front of them was a powerful presence who could burst apart a 1-star star beast with a single punch.
They had just become 1-star martial warriors not long ago.
If they fought with him, they wouldn’t even be able to take one of his punches.

What if he got unhappy and beat all of them to death?

Their mothers told them before that when they followed their hearts, they must follow it decisively without any hesitation!

Bai Xiaocao and her father were stunned.

A moment ago, the three of them were still furious and determined.
Now, they were so frightened.
This was something new.

“Don’t you want to fight for a chance?” Wang Teng asked.


This was definitely an entrapment!

“No, no!” The three of them continued shaking their heads.
In their hearts, they were filled with contempt.
They weren’t stupid and wouldn’t be fooled so easily.

“I was planning to give you some herbs, but since you don’t want it, forget it.” Wang Teng shook his head as though he was feeling pity for them.

The edges of their lips twitched a little.
They exchanged glances with one another and laughed awkwardly.
“You must be kidding.
We still have things to attend to.
We will leave first!”

Then, they carefully retreated, afraid that Wang Teng would suddenly attack them and force them to stay behind.

However, they were obviously thinking too much.
If they didn’t attack him, Wang Teng was too lazy to care about them.

Wang Teng’s gaze shifted to the dead python.

Blank Attribute*5

Wood Force*6

He picked up the two attribute bubbles before inspecting the giant python’s body.
He didn’t see any star core or star bone.

But, the scale armor on the giant python was worth some money.
He peeled it off and stuffed it into the backpack he was carrying.

“The meat and blood of this giant python will benefit you greatly.
If you don’t find it troublesome, you can carry it down,” Wang Teng took some meat for himself and then got up to speak to Bai Xiaocao and her father.

Bai Xiaocao and her father were a little scared of Wang Teng.
However, they were elated when they saw that Wang Teng was willing to share the giant python’s meat and blood with them.

“Is this really for us?” Bai Xiaocao hesitated and asked.
She still couldn’t believe it.

“If you don’t want it, you can leave it here for the wild beasts,” Wang Teng said nonchalantly.

“Yes, yes, yes.
We want it.” Bai Xiaocao nodded hurriedly.
What a joke.
This was the blood and meat of a star beast.
To normal people, it was extremely rare.
Eating it would not only benefit their health, but they could also earn some money if they sold them away.
How was it possible that they didn’t want it?

On the other side, the three young men rushed down the mountain, not daring to take even a moment of rest.

When they reached the bottom of the mountain, the trio looked behind them.
They immediately heaved a sigh of relief when they noticed that Wang Teng didn’t chase after them.

“Ha… Haha, I almost got frightened to death!” The young man with a crew cut laughed awkwardly as he patted his chest.

“Hahaha, I almost peed my pants,” the hot-tempered young man said in embarrassment.

“Let’s go.
I don’t want to stay here a moment longer.
I don’t mind getting my school credits deducted.
I will take it as a lesson learned.
I just became a martial warrior, so I got a little proud.
In the future, I must keep a low profile when I come out,” the last young man said with lingering fear.

“Let’s go, let’s go…”

The three of them left without turning back.
It was as though there was a ferocious monster chasing after them.
However, you could still hear faint noises in their direction.

“Anyway, which school did that person come from? He was so scary!”

“Is he from Donghai University?”

“He might be from Huanghai Military Academy.
Monsters like him will only appear in these two schools.”

“He should be participating in the National Number One Martial Arts Competition this year.
At that time, we will know who he is.”

“You’re right!”

Their conversation couldn’t be heard anymore after they walked further away.

On the other side, Wang Teng finished settling his business and returned to the village.
He bade farewell to Bai Xiaocao and her father and went back to Donghai in the taxi.

“Don’t look anymore.
You don’t live in the same world as him.” Bai Xiaocao’s father sighed when he saw the absentminded Bai Xiaocao beside him.

“I know!” Bai Xiaocao said dejectedly.

Wang Teng didn’t go back right away.
Instead, he went back home.

In his house in Deer Garden.

Li Xiumei was a little surprised when she saw Wang Teng.
She asked, “Son, why are you back? Did you make some mistake and got expelled by the school?”

Wang Teng: (▼ヘ▼#)

He didn’t expect that when he came back, instead of feeling happy, Li Xiumei would be worried that he had caused trouble in school.

“Mom, do you have so little trust in me? Can’t you think of something good?” Wang Teng said angrily.

“Haha, it was just a casual comment.
Have a seat and play with Doudou.
I will cook more dishes tonight.
Let me go make some nice food for you.” Li Xiumei knew that she was thinking too much, so she smiled in embarrassment and hurried into the kitchen to prepare dinner.

Wang Teng shook his head.
He walked to the living room and carried the little girl who was watching cartoons on television.
He smiled and said, “Doudou, did you miss your Brother Teng?”

“Yes!” Doudou shifted her gaze away from the cartoon unwillingly and looked at Wang Teng.
She nodded her head firmly.

“So obedient!” Wang Teng tapped her nose and smiled.

Past 6 pm, Wang Shengguo knew that Wang Teng was home, so he threw away his work and rushed home earlier to have dinner.

Wang Shengguo looked at the array of dishes on the dining table and smiled.
“Look, when you come back, your mother makes all these delicious dishes for you.
Normally, we don’t get to enjoy this treatment, right, Doudou?”

“Yes.” Doudou gradually became more familiar with Wang Shengguo and Li Xiumei after interacting with them for some time.
She started to be more outspoken too.
At this moment, she was stuffing her face in the rice bowl.
When she heard Wang Shengguo’s question, she raised her dirty face and nodded her little head furiously.

“Hahaha.” Wang Shengguo and Wang Teng burst out laughing.

“You greedy little cat!”

Li Xiumei smiled and wiped Doudou’s dirty face.
Then, she took out some food for Doudou.

She didn’t forget Wang Teng, though.
She piled his rice bowl until it looked like a small mountain.

“Eat more.
Look at you.
You just left for a few weeks, but you’ve become so skinny,” Li Xiumei said.

…Wang Teng was speechless.
Indeed, coming home was a wrong decision.

After he finished dinner, Wang Teng went to his rented house in the university town.

The crow egg hadn’t hatched yet.
Wang Teng prepared to bring it to his school’s dormitory in case it suddenly hatched without him knowing.

He hurried his way back and finally managed to enter the school gates right on the dot at 8 pm.

“This little brat!” The guard looked at his back view as he ran away.
He smiled and shook his head.

In the logistics building.

It was already 8 pm, but the building was still brightly lit.
Many students were entering and leaving the building.
It seemed no different compared to daytime.

Wang Teng went directly to the third floor to hand over his mission.

He passed on the stalks of Illusion Grass, and his mission was deemed as completed.
Wang Teng’s first mission ended with a perfect ending.
Well, although there was a small accident, it didn’t matter.

Then, he went back to his No.1 dormitory in Section Three.

The moment he stepped through the main door, before he could even turn on the light, he felt a gust of wind attacking him.

“Who is it?” Wang Teng shouted coldly.
He was shocked.

The other party attacked exceptionally quickly.
He couldn’t dodge in time and could only use his fist to return the attack.

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