Chapter 187: Naughty Teng, Let’s Go

Wang Teng and Ning Ziyu went to the cafeteria on the second floor.
Ning Ziyu wasn’t polite to him at all.
She took the menu and started ordering with ease.

“Please give me a Ginseng Black-bone Chicken first.”

Wang Teng’s heart turned cold when he heard the first dish.

Ginseng Black-bone Chicken.
He had glanced at this dish the last time, and it required ten school credits.
It was enough to order a few more dishes.

This wastrel!

“And a Thousand Layer Sea Cucumber,” Ning Ziyu continued.

Wang Teng glared at her.
This was another expensive dish.
After the purification of the Force, the living creatures in the sea had also mutated.
It was hard to catch them without professional equipment.
The cost increased significantly, so naturally, the price followed suit.

Ning Ziyu didn’t plan to stop here.
She ordered another two dishes.

“Senior Sister, isn’t this too much?” Wang Teng’s heart was bleeding as he asked cautiously.

“Not really, not really.
My appetite is really good,” Ning Ziyu looked at Wang Teng curiously as she said, “Are you unwilling to pay?”

“Hahaha, how is that possible? Besides being generous, I have no other merits,” Wang Teng said as he laughed awkwardly.

After some time, the dishes were served.

Force chef masters were indeed amazing.

The dishes were pretty, fragrant, and delicious.
You would start salivating when you looked and smelled the dishes.
Your appetite would increase tremendously.

It was pricey for a reason.

Maybe I should learn some Force cooking skills in the future.
I could rake in a lot of money. Wang Teng thought to himself.

After that, the two of them started eating and discussing.

Wang Teng’s basic footwork was at the highest presence enlightenment stage.
His Steps of Gale had reached the perfected stage too.
Thus, his understanding of footwork was as strong as Ning Ziyu’s.

Both of them benefited greatly through this mutual exchange.

After they finished eating, Wang Teng saw Ning Ziyu touching her stomach in satisfaction without caring about her image. Ning Ziyu’s appetite is indeed not small, Wang Teng thought to himself.

He couldn’t afford to raise her!

The edge of his mouth twitched slightly as he prepared to get up and scan his student card to pay with his school credits.

However, Ning Ziyu had already passed her student card to the waiter in the cafeteria before him.
She said, “It’s my treat this time.
I’ll give you a chance to ask me out next time.”

Wang Teng was stunned for a moment.
Then, he said shyly, “Erm… this isn’t very nice.
I’m not such a casual person.”

Ning Ziyu’s pretty face turned black.
She rolled her eyes at Wang Teng.
“You’re a little naughty!”

Wang Teng: O(╯□╰)o

“Naughty Teng, let’s go,” Ning Ziyu got up and went down the stairs.

Wang Teng: …

After they left the cafeteria, Wang Teng parted with Ning Ziyu.
He wanted to go back to his dormitory, but suddenly, he felt chills on his back.

He turned around and saw four bitter gazes staring at him.

“Dates before mates!” Hou Pingliang and his friends said simultaneously.

“Go away!” Wang Teng replied angrily.

“Brother Teng, you’ve changed.
In the past, you treated only us to the second floor for a meal.
Now, you’re treating ladies.” Hou Pingliang looked as though he had been forsaken by his parents.

“F**k, you’re so disgusting.” Wang Teng felt goosebumps all over his body.
He raised his leg and kicked him.

“Hahaha…” Hou Pingliang chuckled and dodged.

But, he soon realized that Song Shuhang and his friends were looking at him with a weird and vigilant gaze.

“What’s with that look?” Hou Pingliang’s face darkened.

“Hou Zi, I didn’t expect your sexual preference to be so… advanced, yes, advanced!” Song Shuhang said slowly.

“Don’t worry, we won’t ostracize you,” Lu Shu said calmly.

“I’ll still treat you as my brother,” Baili Qingfeng patted his shoulder and then quickly stepped to the side.

…Hou Pingliang was stunned.
He felt as if he had dug a hole for himself to jump.
He was left frustrated.

He said anxiously, “I’m not.
I didn’t.
Don’t frame me!”

Wang Teng burst out laughing when he saw his agitated look.

Song Shuhang and the others also bent down and laughed.

“You’re so evil.” Hou Pingliang knew that they were laughing at him, but he couldn’t admit this.
If not, they might stick this title to him forever in the future.

The two days of holiday passed quickly.
On Monday, the students started their official lessons.

There were more lessons in the martial arts academy compared to the normal academy.
Not only did they have to take martial arts courses, but they also had to take the normal courses.

The martial arts courses were split into theory and actual combat courses.

It wasn’t hard to understand.
Martial arts theories were taught in theory classes, while actual combat classes were where the instructors guided the students’ cultivation of their scriptures and battle techniques.

Why were martial warriors from school able to have higher achievements than self-taught martial warriors?

That was because the martial warriors from schools had been through systematic learning, which helped them lay a strong foundation.
Also, there were instructors guiding them in their theory and combat skills.
Once there was a mistake, it would be corrected immediately.
It prevented them from taking too many wrong turns and helped them save a lot of time unknowingly.

Wang Teng was getting used to his new student life.
He was finding his routine.
Every morning, he would go for lessons.
When he was free, he would go to the actual combat training building to test his attributes.
He also competed with Ning Ziyu a few more times.

He held back a little, so both of them won and lost a few times.
He gave Ning Ziyu some face.

In a blink of an eye, one week passed.

On Friday, after the last lesson ended, Wang Teng, Hou Pingliang, and their friends were heading to the cafeteria.

“I heard that the dan faculty have started teaching their students how to rub medicine pills,” Song Shuhang said.

“Rub medicine pills?” Wang Teng was puzzled.

“Haha, this is the phrase the dan faculty students gave.
It’s just a simple concoction of herbs with little skill required.
Thus, it came to be known as rubbing medicine pills,” Song Shuhang smiled and replied.

“You are really well-informed.” Wang Teng glanced at him in surprise.

“I always look at the school’s forum and messaging groups.
Naturally, I know more information,” Song Shuhang said proudly.

“This is his only interest and hobby,” Lu Shu said with disdain.

“Can you get the lesson schedule of all the faculties?” Wang Teng had a sudden thought and asked.

“I can.
But, why do you need it?” Song Shuhang asked in surprise.

“I’m interested in alchemy.
I want to take a look,” Wang Teng answered.

“Oh, right.
You wanted to choose all the faculties at the start of school, but you got scolded by the president.” Lu Shu remembered this scene.

“Brother Teng, don’t take more than you can chew.
You are really talented.
Won’t it be a waste of your time and talent if you learn those things?” Hou Pingliang hesitated, but he still spoke in the end.

“That’s right.
A master of one is better than a jack of all.” Song Shuhang and his friends tried to persuade Wang Teng.

“Don’t worry.
I know what I’m doing.” Wang Teng knew that they had good intentions, but he couldn’t tell them that he was a bug, right?

Hou Pingliang and his friends didn’t continue.
They only hoped that Wang Teng would learn his lesson after he tried and knew how difficult it was.
They felt that Wang Teng didn’t have the energy to learn so many things.

“I’ll ask the students from the other faculties for their lesson schedules,” Song Shuhang said.

“Thank you, Shuhang.”

Song Shuhang was really efficient.
The next day, he passed the lesson schedules of the other faculties to Wang Teng.

Wang Teng looked at the lesson schedules of the other four faculties in his hand and sniggered.
He could almost see all kinds of attribute bubbles waving at him.
He was already restless.

However, some of the lessons overlap with each other.
I can only hurry over after my lesson ends and see if I can snatch the last batch of bubbles. Wang Teng thought to himself.

Fortunately, the faculty buildings were all quite close to each other.
With his speed of a martial warrior, one minute was enough.

I will try it next week!

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