Chapter 186: Should I Play Hard To Get

The machine announced the result using the sound system.
The moment Wang Teng’s Jiugong stakes result came out, it attracted many students’ attention.

At first, it was nothing.
But, he had broken the record in a single try.
This was extremely surprising.

Suddenly, a lady walked over and looked at Wang Teng’s test result.
She sized him up with interest after confirming that the machine wasn’t malfunctioning.

“Little Junior Wang Teng, you’re really astonishing.
Even 3-star soldier-level martial warriors who are not well-versed with speed will not be able to achieve this result,” she continued, “I’m Ning Ziyu, a third-year student and a 3-star soldier-level martial warrior.
Are you interested in having a duel?”

“It’s Senior Sister Ning Ziyu!”

“I heard that Senior Ning Ziyu’s footwork is quite good.
She actually asked Wang Teng for a battle!”

“This Wang Teng is quite powerful.
He just defeated our second year, and now, he has attracted the attention of our third-year senior sister.”

The second-year students around them couldn’t help but start discussing.

Some third-year seniors were slightly shocked for a second.
Then, they looked interested.
They were about to leave, but they stopped and decided to stay back to watch the battle.

3-star soldier level. Wang Teng thought to himself.
This was a good chance for him to test his speed.
He nodded and agreed.

“Good, Little Junior Wang Teng is very decisive.” Ning Ziyu tied her hair in a ponytail and smiled.
“There’s no need to look for other venues.
Let’s use this Jiugong stake.”

“Okay,” Wang Teng nodded and replied.

“Based on our speed, the advanced level is nothing.
Shall we try the nightmare level directly?” Ning Ziyu asked again when she went over to choose the level.

I wanted to give it a try too.” Wang Teng smiled.

The students around them looked at each other.
These two were really fierce.
They chose the nightmare level directly.

The wooden posts would change at a faster speed, and there would be many changes to their formation at the nightmare level of the Jiugong stake.
The speed at which the plastic bullets shot out was frightening too.
Even a 3-star martial warrior would feel pain when he got hit by the bullets.

The third-year seniors got even more interested.

“Is Ning Ziyu planning to bully our junior?” Someone laughed.

“Wang Teng has never tried the nightmare level before.
He doesn’t know that its difficulty is much greater than the advanced level.”

“He’s extremely gifted, but it’s time to display the power of the third-year seniors.
We can’t be looked down on!”

As they were happily discussing, Wang Teng and Ning Ziyu stood at the starting point of the Jiugong stakes.

They looked at each other and moved in unison without needing other people to shout start for them.
They dashed into the Jiugong stakes almost at the same time.

Wang Teng continued to use his basic footwork as his foundation.
However, he increased his speed.

Ning Ziyu had the thought of pushing Wang Teng down, so she used around 70% of her ability.
She even executed her proudest footwork battle technique.

Once a professional acted, you knew that they had the ability.

A moment ago, everyone wanted to see Ning Ziyu demoralizing Wang Teng.
But now, Wang Teng was almost advancing at an equal pace with Ning Ziyu.
His speed was incredible.


“This is basic footwork?!”

The third-year students exchanged glances with one another.
They were honestly a little astounded.

It wasn’t just because of how fast Wang Teng’s speed was.
It was also because he didn’t execute any battle technique.
He was able to remain equal to Ning Ziyu using just his basic footwork.

Ning Ziyu’s expression changed slightly when she noticed Wang Teng chasing her relentlessly.
She got serious, and her speed skyrocketed.

When Wang Teng saw this, he increased his speed too.
He moved his feet irregularly as he dodged the bullets and shuttled at high speed between the wooden posts.



More than ten minutes later, the two of them shot out of the Jiugong stake almost simultaneously.

Before this, Ning Ziyu had already changed the mode of the Jiugong stake to double player mode.
After they cleared the level, the machine immediately displayed their results.

Ning Ziyu: 83

Wang Teng: 86

The machine announced the results.

There was a huge commotion.
Wang Teng’s result was three points higher than Ning Ziyu’s.

“Senior Sister Ning Ziyu actually… lost!”

“How can Wang Teng’s speed be so fast?”

“Even a third-year senior sister can’t defeat him? What is this?”

The jaws of the second-year students dropped.
They were flabbergasted.
No wonder Zhuo Tai lost to him.
He lost for a good reason!

“This brat is really hard to understand!” The third-year seniors shook their heads and smiled bitterly.


Ning Ziyu couldn’t help but heave a long sigh.
She gave a forced smile and said, “Little Junior Wang Teng, I really embarrassed myself today!”

“I was just lucky!” Wang Teng picked up the speed attribute bubbles Ning Ziyu had dropped as he waved his hands.

“Don’t be humble.
Your ability is enough to gain everyone’s recognition,” Ning Ziyu said earnestly.

There seemed to be another meaning behind her sentence.
She glanced at the second-year students around them.

“I noticed that you were using basic footwork just now, right?” Ning Ziyu asked.

“Yes,” Wang Teng replied.

“I didn’t think that I’d lose to basic footwork.
You have my respect for practicing your basic footwork to this level.
Come, Senior Sister will treat you today.
We can discuss what we have learned from practicing footwork along the way.” Ning Ziyu pulled Wang Teng down the stairs without giving him time to react.

Wang Teng: …

The group of young men who were left behind stared at them with their mouths wide open.

“F**k, Senior Sister Ning invited him for a meal.
Look at this treatment!”

“Sob, why can’t I be that person?”

“You bastard, let go of my Senior Sister Ning!”

“Ah, Wang Teng is just fairer and a little more handsome.
Ning Ziyu, you can’t succumb…”

Ning Ziyu’s popularity in school was very high.
She was strong and pretty, and her figure was amazing.
Many people wanted to pursue her, but no one had succeeded so far.

Yet, today, she actually invited Wang Teng for a meal voluntarily.
This wasn’t scientific! It didn’t make sense.

At this moment, Wang Teng was also in a daze.

Didn’t she say that she just wanted a duel? Why did you suddenly have other thoughts towards me? You’re making things difficult for me!

Should I resist a little now?

Although Ning Ziyu is pretty and her figure… Yes, it’s not bad.

But a person should have his principles, especially a man.
I can’t just do whatever she wants and have a meal with her just because she asked.

No matter what, I should play hard to get.
I heard that the effects are outstanding.
Ladies always fall for this trick.

“Senior sister…” Wang Teng wanted to say something to show that he had his principles and morals.

“What? Are you not willing to give me face?” Ning Ziyu frowned.
She thought that he was unwilling to eat with her.

“Oh, no.
I feel that I should be the one treating today.
My mother said that it’s not good to let a lady treat,” Wang Teng spouted nonsense with a serious expression.

Was it important whether Li Xiumei had said this before?

Mom, this is a critical moment.
It’s time for you to appear!

“Your mother is extremely right.
This is how you can get a girlfriend,” Ning Ziyu smiled secretly as she said.

“Cough, Senior Sister, I think you misunderstood me.
I’m a good student who views studies and cultivation as the most important things.
I won’t find a girlfriend,” Wang Teng said awkwardly.

At first, I wanted to give you a chance.
However, from the looks of it now, you have great aspirations, so you might not want me,” Ning Ziyu said.

Wang Teng: …

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