Chapter 184: Gains And Disposal



Intermediate Stage Metal Talent*5

Metal Sword Presence*8

Metal Force*25

These were the attribute bubbles Zhuo Tai had dropped just now.

Wang Teng had almost figured out the pattern of how the attributes were dropped.
Normally, if the person died directly, the greatest number of attribute bubbles would be dropped.

If it was just a practice or a normal fight, or if he injured his opponent, there would be relatively lesser attribute bubbles.

But, Wang Teng wasn’t a serial killer.
He couldn’t kill people for no reason.
Hence, he relied on normal fights to accumulate his attributes.

Besides this, the talent of the person who dropped the attributes would affect the number of attributes dropped.
People with greater talent would drop more.

It was like a wealthy person who carried money around all the time.
If he accidentally dropped some money, it would definitely be a large note.

Zhuo Tai had dropped a lot of good stuff in his attribute bubbles.
There were spirit, enlightenment, and metal Force attributes, and the numbers were sizable.

He had picked up many of these attributes ever since he got his bug, so he was able to maintain his composure.

He could proclaim loudly that he wasn’t a country bumpkin who had never seen the world!

However, the last two attribute bubbles surprised Wang Teng.

Intermediate stage metal talent!

Wang Teng only had water, fire, and earth talent.
A while ago, wood talent was added to his arsenal.
Now, he had gained another metal talent, completing his collection of all five elements.

The most important thing was, all the five talents were at the intermediate stage.
This was a little scary!

Zhuang He and the other martial arts club members were already amazed when they thought that Wang Teng was a double element martial warrior.
If they knew that Wang Teng had collated all the talents of the five elements and even had the two rare mutated talents of the wind element and poison element, their jaws would probably drop to the floor.

They weren’t the only ones whose jaws would drop, though.
If others knew about this, their reaction wouldn’t be any better.

Then, there was… sword presence!

Metal sword presence!

8 points of metal sword presence in total.
It wasn’t a lot.
It wasn’t even one-tenth of 10%, but it allowed Wang Teng to understand the metal sword presence.

Wang Teng had cultivated sword presence personally, so he knew how difficult it was to comprehend one’s sword presence.
That was why everyone was dumbstruck when they saw Zhuo Tai understanding his sword presence.

But, Wang Teng had received Zhuo Tai’s attribute bubbles and immediately got enlightened.
One step to success!

The fight ended with one party dead.
Everyone in the stadium had different thoughts in their minds.
They didn’t stay any longer and left one after another.

Wang Teng returned to his dormitory.
He sat cross-legged on his bed and closed his eyes to feel the metal sword presence.

There seemed to be a frightening golden sword glow spinning in his mind.
The sharp aura cut his consciousness, making him feel as though he was personally at the scene.


Half an hour later, Wang Teng heaved a long sigh and slowly opened his eyes.
There was an extremely sharp golden sword glow in his pupils.
It felt real.

Fire and metal.
The fire element sword presence is scorching and vigorous.
On the other hand, the metal sword presence is exceptionally sharp.
It is able to cut through any matter.

If I have to compare them, the metal sword presence is more focused on a certain point of attack.
If Zhuo Tai had managed to enlighten his sword presence to the halfway mark and we were both on the same level, my fire element sword presence might not be able to suppress him.

Wang Teng pondered to himself.
Then, he smiled.

But, in the end, I won.
I took over the metal sword presence.
The starting is always hard.
I’ll just have to work harder in the future and slowly deepen my understanding.
Naturally, my metal sword presence will get stronger and stronger.

Wang Teng and Zhuo Tai’s battle came to an end.
At the same time, the curtain also drew on the fights between him and the second-year students.

The second-year students did want to regain their reputation, but the outstanding ones had already been badly defeated by Wang Teng!

Temporarily, they were unable to find someone on par with Wang Teng.

Based on the ability Wang Teng had displayed so far, a normal 2-star soldier-level martial warrior might not be his match.
Even if the third-year 2-star soldier-level martial warriors wanted to fight with him, they had to think about it carefully.

Zhuo Tai’s ending was a warning for them.

Also, Wang Teng even dared to talk back to an instructor without fear.
He was obviously a hard nut to crack.
If they wanted to challenge him with evil intentions in their minds, they would suffer severe consequences.

When they discussed how Wang Teng had talked back to Instructor Chen Xiangming, even the third-year and fourth-year seniors raised their thumbs and said, “Amazing!” (And their voices would break.)

After this event, Wang Teng’s popularity among the freshmen exploded.
No one could take over his position anymore.

The situation rolled bigger and bigger like a snowball.

All the students and instructors were talking about it.

This matter was being discussed in all the huge forums of the school, the WeChat groups of the various classes, and other messaging apps.

Many people even started worshipping Wang Teng.

Wang Teng had killed Zhuo Tai in this battle, and many people couldn’t bear with this.
However, as martial arts students, their thinking and perspective were different from ordinary people.

This was a fair battle, to begin with.
Once you stepped into the arena and the battle of martial warriors started, you had to take control of your own life and death.

For martial warriors, the ability was the most important thing.

Unbeknownst to Wang Teng, he already had a group of fans.

In the afternoon, in a certain office in the dean’s office.

The president, Peng Yuanshan, the five heads of the faculties, and the higher authorities of the school were all seated inside.

They were discussing the life and death battle that took place in the afternoon.

Peng Yuanshan was having a headache now.
He rubbed his eyebrows and sighed secretly.
“This stupid brat, Wang Teng, has created such a huge and troublesome matter for me!”

He had tricked Wang Teng and used the military title he promised him as the reward of the challenge because he wanted to suppress Wang Teng’s arrogant personality.
He wanted Wang Teng to know that there were people stronger and more powerful than him.

This was the norm.

Most of the schools would think of ways to fool their freshmen.
They would take special care of the specially gifted ones to prevent them from overestimating themselves and not knowing the immensity of heaven and earth.
This was to prevent them from offending people they shouldn’t when they went out to explore the world and getting crippled or beaten to death by these people.

Even if Wang Teng’s military title got snatched, Peng Yuanshan wouldn’t let him suffer.
He would definitely compensate him in the future.

Who knew that Wang Teng was so outrageous? He was also sly and evil.
He revealed his ability little by little, making a fool of the second-year students.

They only knew how powerful Wang Teng was after all the outstanding students got beaten by him.

By this time, the matter had already gone out of hand.

Also, Zhuo Tai and his instructor…

“I feel pity for Chen Xiangming!” Someone exclaimed just at the right moment.

“After all these years, he still hasn’t overcome that obstacle,” another school leader shook his head and said.

“Hmph, he got scared out of his wits on the battlefield that year.
After he returned, he couldn’t walk out of it.
Instead, his martial arts willpower got worn away gradually.
This is why he’s stuck at the 5-star soldier level and needs to rely on his students to snatch resources.” Someone was angry at his uselessness.

“His martial arts path is gone.
If not, he wouldn’t have allowed Zhuo Tai to go for a life and death battle!”

“Chen Xiangming might have added fuel to the fire, but if Zhuo Tai hadn’t agreed, it would have been useless.
All in all, it was Zhuo Tai’s own choice.”

It was rare to see life and death battles in school, especially in a military academy.
Many students would enter the battlefield in the future, so they might be comrades.
Hence, it was rare for them to face each other in a life or death battle.

The second-year students that challenged Wang Teng at the start were more logical.
They only wanted to challenge him and had no intention of killing him.

Instructor Chen Xiangming was an exception.

When he returned from the battlefield back then, he had experienced some things that broke down his mentality.
Over time, his martial arts willpower was sanded off gradually.
All these years, he had been immersed in his ‘crooked ways,’ unable to extricate himself.

This wasn’t illegal, but it just wasn’t that upright.
He relied on loopholes to seek resources.

This time, he was probably forced into a corner by Wang Teng.

He had spent many resources on Zhuo Tai to groom him into who he was today.
He had placed all his hopes on him.

Also, he used his own fortune to get half of these resources.

Zhuo Tai didn’t disappoint Chen Xiangming either.
He displayed outstanding talent, so the school also distributed many resources to him appropriately.
He had benefited greatly in the end.

But, for a 5-star soldier-level martial warrior, these resources weren’t enough.
However, based on Zhuo Tai’s progression, his future would have been glamorous.
He had a bright future ahead.

Once Zhuo Tai attained a high position in society, Chen Xiangming would then receive the real return of the favor.

Unfortunately, his plan got disrupted by Wang Teng!

Hence, Chen Xiangming became angry from shame and lost control of his emotions on the spot.
He even threatened Wang Teng.

You could say that as humans, anyone could make mistakes.

But, the other instructors in the school wouldn’t do this.
If they didn’t even have this tolerance level, they didn’t have the right to become instructors of Huanghai Military Academy.

Also, people who had reached their stage in life mostly had strong martial arts willpower.
They had their own pride and wouldn’t fight with the students for their own interests.

As for the life and death battle, there was nothing to say about it.
There would always be someone getting injured or killed in a martial warriors’ battle.

“There’s no right and wrong in a martial arts battle.
If you lose, you can’t blame anyone!”

Everyone understood this logic.
Hence, they didn’t think that Wang Teng had done anything wrong when he killed Zhuo Tai.

Peng Yuanshan looked at the people below who were discussing without a conclusion.
He opened his mouth and said, “Alright, please tell me your opinions of how we should deal with Chen Xiangming’s problem.”

The leaders of the school turned quiet.

“Why don’t we… abolish his instructor’s title?” one of the leaders hesitated and said.

“It seems a bit too much to abolish his title instantly, right? Chen Xiangming has been our school’s instructor for many years.
He at least deserves to be credited for his effort.” Another school leader couldn’t bear to go ahead with this suggestion.

“He has threatened a student in public.
This matter can be big or small.
On a more serious note, it gives our instructors an awful image.
It has pulled down the credibility of our instructors.
This isn’t a good thing for the entire teaching faculty in our school,” the dean of students said slowly.

“Aren’t you… exaggerating a little?”

“Old Qian’s words make sense.
On my way here, I’ve already heard many freshmen questioning our instructors!”

Everyone sighed.
They knew that there was no turning back for Chen Xiangming’s punishment.

As expected, Peng Yuanshan said, “How about this? We will keep Chen Xiangming’s instructor title and… send him to the Xingwu Continent’s battlefield for half a year.
His punishment half a year later will depend on his performance.

“The meeting has ended!”

After he finished speaking, Peng Yuanshan stood up immediately and left the office room.

The leaders at the scene wanted to ask Peng Yuanshan how he was going to deal with Wang Teng.
After all, Wang Teng had displayed extremely frightening talent.
The school should place high importance on him.

“Oh right, I have already informed the principal about Wang Teng.
We will calm him down first and decide how to deal with him after the principal returns.”

Peng Yuanshan turned around and said to them when he reached the door.
Then, he left in huge strides.

“He has already informed the principal!” Everyone was dumbfounded.
They discussed in low voices before getting up to leave.
All of them had different thoughts in their minds.

At 5 pm that day, the school announced its punishment for Chen Xiangming.

Many students saw Chen Xiangming leaving the school in a military pick-up truck.
His face was as white as a sheet as he drove away.

The Xingwu Continent battlefield!

This was the first time many freshmen heard these few words, much less seeing the battlefield with their eyes.


They knew what kind of place it was just by hearing the word.

Also, from Chen Xiangming and the seniors’ expressions, it wasn’t difficult to tell that the Xingwu Continent battlefield was more dangerous and frightening than they had imagined.

The school actually gave Chen Xiangming such a massive punishment.

At first, many freshmen were questioning the credibility of the school’s instructors.
They felt that Chen Xiangming broke the teacher’s ethics when he threatened a student.
Many people felt worried.

But now, the freshmen had witnessed the school’s attitude towards this issue firsthand.

He was sent to the Xingwu Continent battlefield! Wang Teng was in deep thought as all kinds of guesses appeared in his mind.

The school had interfered in this matter and sent Chen Xiangming to the Xingwu Continent battlefield.
They gave Wang Teng an answer.

At first, Wang Teng said that he wanted to challenge Chen Xiangming’s students, but now, it was a bit difficult for him to do that.

If they don’t offend me, I don’t have to give them a challenge letter.
But I’ll still challenge them.
If not, they will think that I’m easy to bully. Wang Teng thought to himself.

If they still come and offend me, the school can’t blame me for having a life or death duel with them.

The next day, the last day of the military training ended.
The freshmen were exhausted.
They dragged their tired bodies as though they were tortured viciously.

Fortunately, the school gave them two days of rest to recuperate.
The official lessons would only start after that.

Huanghai Military Academy had close management.
The freshmen could only stay in school; they couldn’t go out.

Fortunately, there were many entertainment facilities in school to allow the students to enjoy themselves in adversity.
Also, many freshmen had already started cultivating.
They didn’t waste any time.

They were probably stimulated by Wang Teng, so many of the freshmen silently decided that they must become martial warriors as soon as possible.
Even if they couldn’t be on par with Wang Teng, they mustn’t lag by a huge distance.

Hence, the small number of credits the freshmen received after their military training were all used in various training rooms.

The school had many high-class training facilities, and they were very specialized, offering great help for a person’s cultivation.
Besides the fact that credits were needed for each use, there was nothing to complain about.

Wang Teng was happy too.
When the freshmen went for training, he would go and pick up attributes.

He could save his credits and get a huge number of free attribute bubbles.
What a good life!

“Brother Teng, you are already a 2-star martial warrior.
Can you rest a little? Can you give us a chance!”

“That’s right.
Why don’t you go back and sleep for two days? Give us some time to catch up with you.”

Hou Pingliang and his friends looked at Wang Teng, who was heading to the training rooms with them.
Their expressions were bitter, feeling as if their lives were hopeless.

What was the scariest thing on Earth?

The people more outstanding than you working harder than you…?

Wrong! The scariest thing was, you thought that he was a genius, you thought that he worked very hard, but he was actually a bug!

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