Chapter 182: Sword Presence!

When the sword glow shot out, everyone’s expression changed.

“What a powerful sword aura.
Wang Teng is skilled in sword skills too!”

“That is a lethal attack.
Is he too ruthless?”

“Hmph, what you said isn’t right.
Once Zhuo Tai gave the challenge letter, it wasn’t a simple matter of winning or losing anymore.
It’s about life and death.
There’s no such thing as ruthlessness.”

“You’re right…”

Zhuo Tai’s instructor’s expression changed abruptly, and he uncontrollably took a step forward.
He knew that Zhuo Tai couldn’t withstand this attack.

However, the three instructors behind him pulled him back.

“Old Chen, you can’t interfere!”

“This is taboo.
Do you want to get thrown out?”

Instructor Chen’s friends persuaded him hurriedly.
They were afraid that he would make rash decisions.


A loud explosion came from the arena.
A figure landed and stumbled back.

It was Zhuo Tai!

At the moment, an aura was gushing out of his body.
It looked like a sharp sword.
It collided with Wang Teng’s sword and blocked his attack.

He didn’t get hurt!

“This is??” The audience was dumbstruck.

“Sword presence!”

Some experienced students immediately realized something and exclaimed in surprise.

“Zhuo Tai actually comprehended sword presence!”

The instructors were shocked too.
Zhuo Tai was full of surprises.
He managed to comprehend sword presence under the threat of death!

“Hahaha!” Instructor Chen’s emotions turned from despair to astonishment to happiness.
This fight was a rollercoaster ride, and he was laughing uncontrollably now.

“Good! Good! Good! As expected of my disciple!”

The members of the martial arts club were also amazed.
Zhuang He complimented Zhuo Tai.
“He’s indeed the top student of his batch.
He does have some ability!”

“But, Wang Teng is in danger now!” Xia Qiu scoffed.

“Both of them advanced to 2-star soldier level not long ago.
Sword presence will be the ultimate deciding factor.
Whether they have comprehended sword presence or not makes a huge difference,” Fan Bowen said.

Hou Pingliang and the freshmen turned pale.
They felt that Wang Teng had no chance of winning anymore.

The tides had turned too quickly.
A second ago, it was a definite win.
How did it become like this in a blink of an eye?

“He could still admit defeat now!” Lu Shu gasped and said in a low voice.

“Based on the current situation, Zhuo Tai won’t show any mercy.
The only method is to admit defeat,” Song Shuhang said with a serious expression.

Unfortunately, they couldn’t affect Wang Teng’s decision.
No outsiders were supposed to interfere with a martial arts duel!

Just now, when Zhuo Tai’s instructor shouted, he had already crossed the line.
Someone would definitely look for him after this duel.

In the arena.

Wang Teng was stunned for a moment.
He sized up the sword presence on Zhuo Tai’s body with interest and muttered to himself, “Interesting.

Zhuo Tai looked at Wang Teng.
His gaze was as sharp as a sword, and his force of presence soared into the sky.

“Wang Teng, you should feel proud for forcing me to this state.” He then shouted, “I’ve already experienced your sword attack.
Now, it’s my turn to return the favor!”

He fixed his gaze and placed his palms together.
The sword presence around him congregated slightly.
His entire body seemed to have turned into a sharp longsword filled with battle intention.
He charged towards Wang Teng.

Sword presence!

Wang Teng sighed.

You forced me to reveal my trump cards again and again.
You should be the one feeling proud.

The moment he finished talking to himself in his heart, a scorching and sharp aura exploded out from his body too.

Sword presence!

It was sword presence!

With a wave of the battle sword in his hand, a fiery red sword presence shot out like a cannon.


When the fiery red sword presence collided with the golden sword presence in mid-air, sword aura spilled everywhere.
It almost engulfed the entire arena.

Although Wang Teng’s sword presence was only half-formed, it was still more powerful than Zhuo Tai’s sword presence.

Zhuo Tai’s sword presence was at most one-third of Wang Teng’s sword presence’s power.

It was difficult to understand the presence of the sword.

An inch of difference in understanding could cause a massive difference in the result.

Immediately, the fiery red sword presence devoured the golden sword presence.

“No…” Zhuo Tai couldn’t believe what was happening.
He was appalled and terrified as he roared loudly.


However, the sword presence didn’t subside, not even a little.
It swallowed Zhuo Tai completely.

Everyone was stunned.

The instructors and the seniors of the martial arts club couldn’t sit still anymore.

Zhuo Tai’s enlightenment of his sword presence just surprised them, but Wang Teng had astounded everyone.

It was hard to believe!

Wang Teng was just a freshman.

Ever since the country founded martial arts faculties, very few people had managed to achieve what he had.
They were undeniably the cream of the crop.

Now, they were already standing at the top of the world.

Was Wang Teng on par with those people?

The spectators below the arena were dead silent.

The gale caused by the sword presence finally disappeared in the arena.
Zhuo Tai laid horizontally on the ground without moving.
He showed no signs of breathing.


The surroundings sunk into an eerie silence.

Many people were gathered around the arena.
Yet, it was so quiet that they could hear their own breathing.

But, very soon, an uproar erupted.

“Zhuo Tai… lost!”

“Wang Teng understood the presence of the sword too!”

“This is too scary.
His talent is frightening.
What kind of monster did our school recruit?”

The students were dumbstruck.
They were speechless.
When they looked at Wang Teng, there was a hint of respect and fear in their eyes.

“This Wang Teng has exceeded my expectations!” Cheng Wu from the martial arts club had his mouth wide open.
It took a while before he could find his voice.

“I almost got frightened to death!” Xia Qiu patted her chest.
It was trembling furiously.

“Did you notice that he used the fire Force just now?” Zhuang He took a deep breath before he spoke abruptly.

The remaining members were shocked.
They were too amazed by Wang Teng’s sword presence, so they only regained their senses after Zhuang He’s reminder.

“Double element martial warrior!”

“That’s right.
Before this, he kept using the Ice Force.
Now, it looks like he has been hiding his fire Force all this while.
In fact, his fire Force is stronger than his ice Force,” Zhuang He said with a bitter smile.

“This fellow hides too well!”

“A 2-star soldier-level martial warrior specializing in fist and palm skills has comprehended his sword presence and is a double-element martial warrior to boot!” Cheng Wu and the others started counting on their fingers.

Then, they looked at each other and gasped.

“This fellow is a monster!”

“The heads must have been alerted already!” Zhuang He said slowly.

“Let them have a headache.
This monster-level babe is enough to make Old Tiger Tong lose his sleep.
Hahaha…” Cheng Wu laughed at his faculty head’s plight.

Zhuang He and the others burst out laughing too.

It was a happy thing that Huanghai Military Academy had managed to recruit this amazing talent.
However, the higher authorities of the school would have to worry over many things now.

The greater the potential of a talented student, the greater the number of their enemies.
Wang Teng’s path would be even more difficult.

It wasn’t just their enemy factions.
The enemies hiding in the dark in the Xingwu Continent would pop out to kill the genius in his womb.

This was what they had always been doing.

Both parties were like this.
They maintained peace on the surface but did many evil things in the dark.

Ever since the martial arts era dawned, there were many geniuses that had shocked the world.
However, why were they so few powerful martial warriors?

This was because most of the geniuses had turned into a pile of ashes…

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