Chapter 181: I Accidentally Break Through Too

In the arena.

Wang Teng and Zhuo Tai stood facing each other.

Zhuo Tai held a battle sword in his hand.
His aura was strong, and his gaze seemed to be shooting daggers.
It was extremely sharp.

On the other hand, Wang Teng didn’t carry any weapons.
He stood there in a relaxed manner, his posture seemingly full of openings.

“Why isn’t Wang Teng taking out his weapon?” Someone frowned.

“Where is his brick? Where are the boxing gloves?”

The audience was confused.

His opponent was obviously very strong, but why wasn’t Wang Teng bringing out any weapon?

The first-year students were especially worried for him.

Chen Su looked at the duo.
He was puzzled why Wang Teng didn’t carry a weapon, but looking at his expression, this seemed to be his plan.

Feeling helpless, he shouted, “Start!”


The moment he spoke, Zhuo Tai stepped on the ground like a lone wolf that had been staking out for a long time.
He pounced on his prey right away.

The moment he attacked, he formed an extremely sharp golden sword glow in the air.


The sword glow pierced through the sky and rubbed against the air.
A shrill metallic sound was heard.
It slashed towards Wang Teng at a tricky angle.


The sword hit Wang Teng’s body.
Everyone’s expressions changed drastically.

“He got defeated… by a single blow?” They were in disbelief.

“No, that’s just his after shadow!” someone shouted.

The ‘Wang Teng’ that got hit slowly disappeared.
It was just a lingering shadow.

The real Wang Teng had already shifted less than two steps away.
When everyone moved their attention to him again, he had turned into after shadows again and dashed towards Zhuo Tai.

“What a fast speed!”

“His footwork has exceeded the realms of a basic battle technique.
What level is his footwork at? Mastery? Presence enlightenment?”

“Could it be some footwork Force battle technique?”

In the spectator stands, the members of the martial arts club had slight changes in their expressions.
They found it hard to believe.

Zhuo Tai’s pupils constricted viciously.
His speed increased as he retreated.
At this moment, Wang Teng was giving him an extremely dangerous feeling.

But, he didn’t know that Wang Teng only revealed the tip of the iceberg.

Wang Teng waved his fists.
His basic battle technique was merged in every single attack.
He started slamming his fists at Zhuo Tai without stopping.


Zhuo Tai raised his sword to block the attack.
But, his entire body kept retreating because of the enormous force.
His expression changed again and again.

Why is he so strong? His face turned black, and he was filled with disbelief.

The entire stand was silent.
Everyone was flabbergasted.

“Wang Teng is so strong that it’s unrealistic!”

The second-year students turned pale, and their earlier swelled egos deflated.
Even Zhuo Tai couldn’t defeat Wang Teng?

“Damn it!”

Zhuo Tai’s face turned green, and his eyes turned bloodshot from anger.

He had acted aggressively and thought that he could suppress Wang Teng to prove his position and reputation as the top of the second-year cohort.

In the end, this was the result…

He got beaten by Wang Teng until he almost couldn’t resist.

How was this possible?

Zhuo Tai was furious.
He had already lost control of his emotions and mentality.
He didn’t hide his ability anymore.
The Force suppressed in his Force nucleus exploded in an instant.


His aura rose exponentially.

He seemed to have overcome a certain barrier.

“What is this?”

The members of the martial arts club and the first-year instructors on the spectator stand had a slight change of expression.

“Zhuo Tai suppressed his level and breakthrough during a battle!”

The members and the instructors had more experience than the other students, so they understood Zhuo Tai’s plan at once.

Is this where you get your confidence? This is one of the possibilities I guessed.

Wang Teng stopped.
He didn’t choose to attack at this moment.
Instead, he watched the other party as he broke through.

In a short span of time, Zhuo Tai completed his breakthrough.
He completed his transformation from a peak 1-star soldier-level martial warrior into a 2-star soldier-level martial warrior.

Actually, this process was extremely short.
Normal martial warriors might not be able to react in time.
However, Wang Teng had the time to interrupt Zhuo Tai’s leveling up process.

He just didn’t choose to do it.

“Wang Teng, I admit that you are very strong, but I’m at 2-star soldier level now.
How can you fight with me?” Although Zhuo Tai’s aura was still unstable, he was delighted.
He laughed uncontrollably.

“Zhuo Tai achieved his breakthrough!”

“This is great! This time, we can finally keep the reputation of our second year.”

The second-year students were elated.
They started cheering loudly.

However, at this moment…


Another aura belonging to a 2-star soldier-level martial warrior rose in the arena.
In fact, it was slightly stronger than Zhuo Tai’s.

This presence came from Wang Teng.


The cheers stopped abruptly.
The second-year students were like ducks who got strangled by their necks.
Their mouths were opened, but they couldn’t make any sounds.

Zhuo Tai suddenly couldn’t laugh anymore.

His laughter got cut off halfway.
He seemed to have choked himself, and he started coughing uncontrollably.
His entire face turned red because of the coughing fit.

“You, you…”

“I’m sorry.
I accidentally… broke through too!” Wang Teng said innocently.
“Since both of us advanced, let’s continue fighting!”

As he spoke, he didn’t give Zhuo Tai any time to react.
With a loud explosion, he shot out like a cannon and flew towards the other party.

“Come on!”

Zhuo Tai’s expression turned distorted as he clutched his battle sword tightly.
Force congregated on the sword, turning into a frightening and sharp sword glow.

“I don’t believe that my breakthrough after a long period of accumulation will lose to yours.”

He unleashed his attack.
He attacked later, but it arrived first.
The golden sword glow engulfed Wang Teng.


In the end, it slammed on the ground and created a loud explosion.
White airwaves swept through the entire arena.

Even the spectators below the arena had to retreat because of the strong gale.
The sword aura that leaked out hurt the people’s faces.

In the spectator stand, the members of the martial arts club and the first-year instructors stood up hurriedly with changed expressions.

Would a talent with great potential suffer a disastrous defeat just like that?

The first-year students had pale faces.
They were frightened by this powerful attack.
Wang Teng still lost…

Wang Teng, don’t blame me!

At this moment, Zhuo Tai calmed down instead.
He said softly, “It isn’t just about the fight of dignity between us.
It’s a battle of martial arts paths.
Your appearance didn’t just make me lose my Third Section Room No.
1 dormitory.
For an ordinary student like me with an ordinary background, the school’s resources are everything I have.

“Today, if I lose to you, my resources will dwindle.
At first, the resources that are enough for me to become a 4-star soldier level-martial warrior will be cut to less than half.
At that time, it will be hard for me to even become a 3-star soldier-level martial warrior.
My life will be limited by my breakthrough.
I will never allow this to happen.”

Zhuo Tai looked up and was preparing to enjoy the feeling of victory he hadn’t felt in a long time.


Suddenly, a figure charged out from the airwaves.
Wang Teng’s expressionless face zoomed in continuously in his eyes.


Zhuo Tai was dumbfounded.
It was as if his chest got hit by a mountain, and the battle sword in his hand was snatched.
He couldn’t help but fly back.

“What resources? I don’t care.
However, if you want to step on me to move forward, then I’m sorry; I will make sure you fall into an abyss.

“Oh, right.
Your blade isn’t sharp enough.
Let me show you what sword skill really is!”

Wang Teng held Zhuo Tai’s battle sword and spoke in a calm tone.

“Show some mercy…” Instructor Chen shouted anxiously.

Wang Teng ignored him.
He stood on the spot and waved the sword casually.
The sword glow rose into the sky as he doled out his attack.

“Didn’t you say that it was a battle of winning and losing, as well as life and death…”

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