Chapter 180: Battle Of Winning And Losing And Life And Death!

The main party hadn’t arrived, but the first-year and second-year students were already quarreling.
Daggers were drawn, and a fight seemed imminent.

“Everyone quiet!”

“Don’t you know what’s discipline?”

The instructors at the side couldn’t stand it anymore and scolded them.

The students from the two sides lost their air at once.
The second-year students glared at the freshmen and turned around to leave.

“Hmph, why are they so arrogant? Let’s see if you can still be so arrogant when Zhuo Tai loses later,” the new students muttered softly.
They were unwilling to back down.

“Look, Wang Teng is here!”

Suddenly, someone shouted.

Everyone turned and saw Wang Teng strolling over from afar.
He didn’t seem to be in a hurry.
In fact, the others were more anxious for him.

“Why are you so late? Our Zhuo Tai waited a long time for you,” some second-year ladies said angrily.

“That’s right.
You have no sense of time at all,” another second-year lady complained.

Zhuo Tai was actually quite popular.

Wang Teng was a little dumbfounded.

“Erm… isn’t it 12 noon?” He looked at the time on his wristwatch and said, “There’s still one minute before noon.
I’m early, you know.”

“You!” The ladies didn’t know what to say.

“Senior sisters, please don’t block my way.
Your idol, Zhuo Tai, is still waiting for me,” Wang Teng said.

The second-year ladies felt embarrassed when their thoughts got seen through by Wang Teng.
They turned to look at Zhuo Tai’s expression.

As expected, they saw him frowning.
He seemed a little unhappy, so they quickly cleared the path.

Wang Teng took the chance and weaved his way through the ladies.
No one stopped him anymore, so he reached the arena without any hiccups.

Everyone was looking at him, and the atmosphere was tense.

Wang Teng walked up the arena and scanned the place.
He saw Chen Su and Yang Lin standing at the edge of the arena.

They nodded at Wang Teng.

Chen Su glanced at Zhuo Tai and said, “Wang Teng, the battle today is different from the past.

“A challenge letter means… a fight of life and death!

“Hence, I have to ask you one question.
Are you willing to take part in this battle?

“Zhuo Tai has already reached the peak of 1-star soldier level, and his battle power is nothing to scoff at.
He’s more powerful than the challengers you faced before.
You need to consider this carefully.
As a freshman, you have the right to reject the battle.
If you choose to give up now, no one will stop you.”

“A fight of life and death?!” Wang Teng couldn’t help but raise his head to look at Zhuo Tai.
His expression was calm.
He didn’t seem to be taking this battle to heart.

“Wang Teng had agreed to this battle.
My student wouldn’t force anyone.” The person who spoke was Zhuo Tai’s instructor.

Chen Su frowned.
He looked at the middle-aged instructor below the arena as well as the instructors behind him.
This seemed a little tricky.

Seriously, why are the instructors interfering with the duels between students? Chen Su wondered to himself.
He felt his head hurt.

Instructor Chen didn’t threaten anyone, but since he had opened his mouth, it meant that he was on Zhuo Tai’s side.
This implied something a little different.

Wang Teng looked at the instructor unconsciously with no expressions on his face.

While Chen Su was in a dilemma, a calm voice came from the spectator stand.
“Instructor Chen, are you interfering with the job of our martial arts club?”

When the voice was heard, the surroundings turned quiet.

Zhuo Tai’s instructor turned around and saw Zhuang He sitting on the spectator stand with a gentle smile on his face.
His legs were crossed in front of him.
The instructor also saw Cheng Wu and the others beside him.
The sight made him frown uncontrollably.

“Zhuang He, you’re really commanding!” An instructor behind Instructor Chen sneered.
He seemed a little unsatisfied.

“I don’t have the guts to command you.
But, this is the rule.
If you feel that it’s inappropriate, you can talk to the school or those bosses that have left the martial arts club.
I think that they will give you a satisfying answer,” Zhuang He replied indifferently.

As the top club in Huanghai Military Academy, many outstanding students had been in the martial arts club before.
After these students graduated, most of them gained astonishing achievements.
Many of them were real bosses in the world now.

You could say that the martial arts club was an interest-based community.
It acted as a vital link bonding the bosses of the different industries.

When there was a need, everyone was on the same side, so they would naturally offer their help without stepping out of bounds.

They couldn’t let anyone break the rules of the martial arts club.
Once that happened, the martial arts club would be an empty title only.

The instructors knew this too.

Talk to those bosses? Were they looking for a beating?

Zhuang He smiled.
He didn’t force them and instead looked at Wang Teng in the arena.
He said, “Wang Teng, have you thought about it? Don’t worry, no one dares to force you.”

“Thank you, senior.” Wang Teng knew that they had good intentions, so he nodded to express his gratitude.

“If you don’t dare, go away.
Don’t waste my time,” Zhuo Tai said calmly.

“Enough! Zhuo Tai, don’t get overboard.” Chen Su knew that he couldn’t offend the instructors, but he could suppress this second-year student.
Hence, he immediately shouted coldly.

“Senior, I’m a member of the martial arts club too.
Aren’t you being too biased?” Zhuo Tai looked at Chen Su.
He wouldn’t take it lying down.

“You know clearly whether I’m biased or not.
If this was a fair battle, I wouldn’t have said anything,” Chen Su replied.

“Hmph! Talk is cheap.” Zhuo Tai snorted.
He shouted at Wang Teng abruptly, “Wang Teng, are you fighting or not?”


“Don’t play these small goading tricks on me.
It’s useless.” A hint of contempt flashed past Wang Teng’s eyes.
He continued, “But since you want to fight, let’s fight.”

“Wang Teng, have you thought about it carefully?” Yang Lin asked anxiously.

Zhuo Tai’s battle record was too astonishing.
Honestly, most of them felt that Wang Teng didn’t have any chance of winning.

“Seniors, thank you for your concern.
I have given it enough thought.” Wang Teng smiled at Yang Lin and Chen Su.

Yang Lin and Chen Su exchanged glances.
They were in a neutral position, so they couldn’t speak anymore.

They sighed in their hearts before saying, “Punches are blind, and blades are merciless.
Both of you… good luck.”

The two left the arena, leaving only Wang Teng and Zhuo Tai on the stage.
You could cut the atmosphere with a knife.

“I just learned that a challenge letter means a battle of life and death.” Wang Teng looked at Zhuo Tai, who was standing opposite him.
“Senior Zhuo Tai, I don’t think that we have any grudges between us, right? This is at most a battle of dignity.
Why do you have to choose a battle of life and death?

“When the other seniors challenged me, I could feel that they had no killing intent.
They only wanted the military title.
I thought that in university, this was how fights between students were like.
Today, I finally learned how naive I am.”

Zhuo Tai’s gaze was sharp.
He replied in a merciless tone, “The battle of martial arts is a battle of winning and losing, as well as a battle of life and death.”

Wang Teng looked at his expression and turned silent for a moment.
He shook his head.
Then, he smiled.

“Alright, I understand.”

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