Chapter 178: Wang Teng F**king Won Again!

The dishes on the second floor were too expensive.
Wang Teng wanted to leave immediately, but Hou Pingliang and his friends were looking at him with puppy eyes.

Sigh, his heart was too soft!

Since we are classmates, sure, let’s eat.
This will be the first and last time.

In the future, I won’t treat them again, even if they beat me to death.

Hou Pingliang and his friends knew their limits, so they ordered three to four dishes and one steamed bucket rice.

The steamed bucket rice was cooked using spiritual rice.
If you consumed it every day, it would greatly benefit a martial warrior’s cultivation.

Even so, this meal cost Wang Teng ten school credits.
It was 100 thousand RMB outside.

After some time, the Force chef masters in the cafeteria made the dishes and served them to the students.

Wang Teng looked at Hou Pingliang and his friends as they devoured their food.
The edge of his lips twitched.
Then, he hurriedly joined their gang. I’m the one treating today.
Every mouthful I eat is worth it for me.

Thus, at a corner of the second-floor cafeteria, this shocking scene played out.

There were many seniors on the second floor.
When they saw their actions, they gave them looks of disdain.

Embarrassing, this was so embarrassing.

They must be freshmen who hadn’t seen the world.

The next few days, Wang Teng went through military training and poured out his sweat and youth.
At the same time, he had to deal with the challengers that came to find him occasionally.

Although Wang Teng had defeated two second-year seniors, there were still many talented people hidden in the school.
Many of them believed that they were more powerful than Wei Hua and Zhou Kun.

They thought that they had understood Wang Teng’s ability, so they were all very confident at the start.

In the end, they realized that their dreams were just castles in the sky.
The reality was cruel.

It was all fake!

Wang Teng refreshed everyone’s perception of his ability again and again.

He accepted all the challenges.
And… he always won by a hair’s breadth.

On the tenth night of his military training, Wang Teng defeated another second-year senior and left a horn legacy.

“Wang Teng won again!”

The freshmen were numb.
He had won so many times that it became a very natural thing.

Some people gave Wang Teng a nickname—Formidable Wang!

Of course, this was more of a joke.

However, this nickname made many people unhappy.
Formidable had an important meaning to martial warriors.

Until now, no one dared to claim that they were formidable.

Even the general-stage martial warriors didn’t dare to do it.
Wang Teng was just a 1-star soldier-level martial warrior.
Where did he get the face to claim that?

Fortunately, the real powerful people wouldn’t find Wang Teng just because of a joke.

Also, this wasn’t the only nickname Wang Teng had.
He had other nicknames like Bestow-You-With-Horns-Brick Wang, Black-Hearted Wang, etc.

When these nicknames spread, no matter how unhappy these people were, they couldn’t disturb Wang Teng because of his ‘Formidable Wang’ nickname.

On the other hand, Wang Teng was delighted with his ‘Formidable Wang’ nickname.
He felt that this nickname was very apt for him.

Formidable Wang!

Not bad, not bad!

One day, I will be formidable…

Of course, after so many narrow wins, everyone finally noticed that something was amiss.
This Wang Teng was a wolf in sheep’s clothing!

A freshman who defeated almost all the second-year students, if he wasn’t a wolf in sheep’s clothing, who would believe it?

Wei Hua and Zhou Kun, the two people who challenged Wang Teng, couldn’t help but laugh bitterly.
This fellow was so scheming.
His heart was so black that he didn’t seem like a freshman at all.

At this moment, Wang Teng clutched his chest and looked down at the young man lying beside his feet with a pale face.
He muttered to himself, “This senior… is so strong!”

“Hey, stop pretending.
Everyone knows that you’re faking it.
It’s useless to continue acting!”

Yang Lin and Chen Su were speechless.
Wang Teng’s expression was infuriating.
They wanted to hit him so badly.

“Why don’t you believe me? I tried my best and almost got defeated!” Wang Teng pretended that he was hurt.

“Bullshit, let’s go.
I don’t want to see this fellow anymore.” Yang Lin pulled Chen Su and escaped from the scene in a hurry.

“Sigh, outstanding people always get misunderstood.
My life is so lonely.” Wang Teng walked to the side of the arena and lamented softly.

The people below: …


They had never seen someone as shameless as him!

Everyone knew that he was acting, but when Wang Teng appeared half-dead after every battle, they once again started getting confused.
What was true and what was false? People began to wonder if this was really his bottom line.

Hence, people started to get scared of him.
They weren’t confident, so they didn’t dare to challenge him easily.

Wang Teng had peace for three days.
When he thought that no one would challenge him anymore, a surprising name appeared in his vision.
However, this name was expected.

Challenge letter—Zhuo Tai!

It was a challenge letter from Zhuo Tai!

Wang Teng had heard of Zhuo Tai’s name the moment he entered university.
The room No.
1 he was staying in used to be Zhuo Tai’s dormitory.

Wang Teng had taken over his position, so there was a grudge between them.

At first, he thought that Zhuo Tai would be the first one to challenge him.
He didn’t expect him to lay low until now.

“Tomorrow at 12 noon?” Wang Teng muttered to himself.
“Did Zhuo Tai come out now because he feels that he has 100% confidence?

“100% confidence? Haha…”

The eerie laughter echoed in Third Section Room No.

Wang Teng had defeated more than ten challengers in the past few days.
Many of them were distinguished second-year students.
Naturally, their talent wasn’t weak, so he gained a huge number of attribute bubbles from them.

His five Force elements had all increased.
Wang Teng’s ability was steadily heading in the direction of a 4-star soldier-level martial warrior.

Also, his spirit and enlightenment attributes had increased quite a lot.

Enlightenment: Spiritual realm (28/100)

Spirit: Spiritual realm (17/100)

Wang Teng couldn’t help but feel that all these challengers were good people.
They gave him all kinds of attribute bubbles, doing what little they could to help.

If it is possible, please let more challengers come!

At the same time, a few second-year students were gathered together in room No.
2 of the Third Section.
The television screen in front of them was playing the battles Wang Teng had over the past few days.

Someone had recorded Wang Teng’s battle, so these students were studying them now.

When they finished watching all the videos, their expressions turned serious, and they remained silent.

After some time, a young man with narrow eyes suddenly said, “Indeed, he has some ability.
No wonder he’s able to beat so many second-year students like you.”

“Zhuo Tai, don’t make such sarcastic remarks.
This fellow is a little strange.
His ability is definitely not like what he claimed,” the other students had ugly expressions as they said.

“Hmph, no matter how powerful he is, he’s definitely a 1-star soldier-level martial warrior.
I can defeat him.” A smile appeared at the corner of Zhou Tai’s lips.

“Are you really confident? If you lose, none of the second-year students will be able to beat him.
At that time, we will be greatly embarrassed,” a young man said.

“Wait and see.” Zhuo Tai didn’t say much.
His expression was composed, and he was extremely confident.

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