Chapter 177: F**k, I’m Not Eating Anymore…

“Wang Teng won again!”

“That’s right.
It was a close call, but he’s really strong.”

“He deserves to be the number one freshman!”

The freshmen were amazed.
Wang Teng had defeated two second-year seniors, so he was in the limelight now.

“Junior Brother Wang Teng, are you interested in joining our martial arts club?” Chen Su said to Wang Teng in the arena.

“You want me to join the martial arts club?” Wang Teng was slightly shocked.
He looked at Chen Su in astonishment.

“That’s right.
Why do you think the two of us came and stood as judges? We wanted to test your ability and character,” Yang Lin stood at the side and said.

“I thought that the martial arts club would appear wherever there’s a battle,” Wang Teng said.

…Yang Lin and Chen Su were rendered speechless.
What did Wang Teng think the martial arts club was? The management of a market that appeared wherever there was a feud?

No, they must correct the wrong perception this young man had towards the martial arts club.

Our martial arts club is such a glorious presence.
How can others look down on it? Even if they are just thinking in their heads, it’s not right.

“Cough!” Chen Su coughed awkwardly and said, “Wang Teng, you might have some misunderstanding.
Our martial arts club is the biggest club in school.
The students in our club are all outstanding students.
We have the responsibility to help the school with their management of student’s discipline.”

Wang Teng hesitated before asking, “Is there… a difference?”

Chen Su and Yang Lin felt their heads hurt, the veins on their foreheads almost popping out.
Yang Lin took a deep breath to calm her emotions and said, “The responsibility of the martial arts club is to maintain the order of battles and prevent forced participation or unfair acts.
However, this isn’t our only responsibility and power.
Our martial arts club is the biggest club in Huanghai Military Academy.
There are many powerful people inside.
Many impressive alumni of the school came from our martial arts club.
Our presence helps to keep things in check.”

Wang Teng was in deep thought.
It looked like the martial arts club wasn’t just an ordinary club.
He finally started to have a different understanding of the martial arts club.

Seeing that he understood, Chen Su smiled and said, “The two of us are in charge of the newbies’ intake this year.
We came to look for you first.”

“If you agree, we will send your information to the club president and the vice-presidents.
They will be the ones making the final decision.
However, there shouldn’t be any problems,” Yang Lin said.

“If I join the martial arts club, what do I have to do? What benefits will I get to enjoy?” Wang Teng wondered and asked.

“Your job will be to help the teachers take care of student disputes or watch over martial arts battles.
As for the benefits, there are all kinds of benefits.
Every student in the martial arts club can get 5 school credits every month.

“5 school credits are equivalent to 50 thousand RMB outside.
If you use it sparingly, it can satisfy your daily cultivation needs.

“Also, there are some hidden benefits too.
There are some 4-star soldier-level martial warriors in the club.
If you say that you are a member of the martial arts club, no one will dare to bully you,” Chen Su explained all the perks.

Wang Teng had almost made his decision.
There might be troubles after he entered the martial arts club, but the pros outweighed the cons.

“I’ll join.” He didn’t hesitate anymore and immediately gave his reply.

“Very good.
After I finish examining a few more freshmen, I will send all your information over together.
I believe that the result will be out soon,” Chen Su smiled and replied.

“It’s not early anymore.
Go back and have a rest.
We will take care of the matters here.” Yang Lin immediately got more amiable when Wang Teng agreed to enter the martial arts club.

“Alright.” Wang Teng nodded and walked down the arena.
He was headed to the dormitory district.

“F**k! What did I hear just now? Wang Teng has been invited by the martial arts club.”

“I’m so envious.
I heard that the martial arts club is the number one club in Huanghai Military Academy.
The treatment of the club is quite generous.
I want to join too.”

“Forget it.
Someone like you joining the martial arts club? Are you serious?”

The students around them went into an uproar as they looked at Wang Teng leaving.

Many freshmen wanted to get into the martial arts club no matter what it took.
But, they couldn’t find any way to get in.
They could only wait for the martial arts club to look for them and test them.
If they passed, they would be invited into the club.

But, look at Wang Teng.
He had entered university not long ago, yet the martial arts club had already scouted him personally and invited him.

Comparisons made people infuriated!

Wang Teng and Hou Pingliang went back to their dormitory.

Along the way, Hou Pingliang and his friends never stopped talking.

“Brother Teng, you defeated another second-year senior and even entered the martial arts club.
Good things come in pairs.
You must treat us, treat us!”

“That’s right, that’s right.
This time, you must treat us,” Song Shuhang said.

“Not only must you treat us, but you must treat us on the second floor of the cafeteria,” Baili Qingfeng agreed.

“F**k, you’re so vicious.
But, I like this.” Lu Shu pushed his glasses, a white light flashing across the mirror due to the reflection.
It was hard to look him in the eye.

I just got 200 school credits, and you already want to take full advantage of me!” Wang Teng was speechless.

They shouted excitedly, “Haha, take advantage of the rich! Take it all away!”

Wang Teng returned to his dormitory and walked straight to his bed.
He sat cross-legged and started cultivating.

He had just received an intermediate stage wood talent today, so he wanted to see the effects.

He closed his eyes and carefully felt the wood Force in his surroundings.
Green particles immediately surged towards him.
These particles were full of vitality and extremely energetic.
The plants in the room also got affected by these particles and became fresh and green.
New buds were even formed.
It was amazing.

The effect is not bad.
Unfortunately, I don’t have wood scriptures, so the absorption rate is very low. Wang Teng opened his eyes and shook his head.

He had a sudden thought.
The wood Force in his body flowed out and congregated in his palm, slowly turning into a green ball.

Then, he went closer to the plant.
The bud that just came out was growing furiously.
Soon, it turned into a new branch.

This wood Force has other uses.
If I can match it with some special scripture, I can increase the production speed of spiritual herbs instead of just normal plants. Wang Teng thought to himself.

Mind you, the price of spiritual herbs was quite high, especially for some rare spiritual herbs.
They were hard to find.

Some spiritual dan with special effects required all kinds of precious spiritual herbs as ingredients.
These spiritual dans were rare because it was hard to find the spiritual herbs needed to make them.

If he could speed up the growth of these spiritual herbs… hehe!

The edge of Wang Teng’s lips lifted uncontrollably just thinking about it.
It was all money!

The next day, in the afternoon, after military training, Wang Teng brought Hou Pingliang and his friends to the second floor of the cafeteria.

He was a real man! It was just a treat.
What was he afraid of?

However, when Wang Teng saw the menu, he almost fell to the ground.
What was this? Robbery?

Braised pork ball in brown sauce: 2 credits

Braised prawns: 3 credits

Braised pork ribs: 3 points

Shredded pork with garlic sauce: 2 credits

Each one cost a few credits.
If you converted the value, each dish cost a few thousand. F**k, I’m not eating anymore…

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