Chapter 175: Ah… Youth!

Wang Teng returned to his dormitory.

Once inside, he straightened his back and revealed a smile at the corner of his lips.
He brought out his attributes panel.

Enlightenment: Spiritual realm (16/100)

Spirit: Spiritual realm (5.8/100)

He looked at his enlightenment and spirit first.
Based on the ratio of 10:1, he had gained 1 point and 0.8 points.

His beginner stage earth talent had already changed to intermediate stage earth talent.
Wang Teng felt his surroundings carefully.
The earth Force around him seemed even more intimate now.

Besides this, his earth Force had also increased by 12 points.

Earth Force: 125/1000 (3-star)

Now, Wang Teng’s earth Force had reached 3-star.
If he wanted to upgrade to 4-star, he would need 1000 points.

There were so many talents in Huanghai Military Academy, so his ability would rise very quickly if he interacted with everyone more often.

Wang Teng was satisfied with the results today.
He sat cross-legged on his bed and started cultivating.
As for the tofu cube on the bed, he wouldn’t touch it if he didn’t need to… It was too difficult to fold!

In the afternoon, the military training continued.

Wang Teng enjoyed the gazes of all the freshmen.
The news of him defeating a second-year student had already spread among the freshmen.

Many were jealous of him, but there were people who respected him too.

The instructors weren’t here, so everyone chatted among themselves.

The students around Wang Teng couldn’t help but lean towards him and shower him with questions.

Hou Pingliang was weirder.
He used his water bottle as a microphone and asked, “Brother Teng, let me interview you.
How do you feel about defeating a second-year senior?”

“The feeling is… he’s too weak!” Wang Teng acted arrogantly.

“Erm…” Lu Shu and his friends looked at him with contempt.
They exposed him without caring about his dignity.
“We all know that you managed to defeat him with much difficulty.
But, this is already impressive.”

Wang Teng didn’t care.
He laughed and happily chatted with them.
However, in his heart, he was elated.
He secretly respected his own acting.

Tsk, I think I can get an Oscar!

“The instructor is here!” someone shouted.
The noises disappeared at once, and everyone lined up as quickly as possible.

“Everyone seems very free,” Du Chi walked in front of class one and said with a smile.

They were dead!

As expected, the next second, Du Chi’s face turned cold.
“Since you’re so free, run five rounds around the stadium as a warm-up.”

“Ah!” Their expressions turned bitter.
This was just the start, yet they already had to run five rounds.
How were they supposed to survive the afternoon?

“Why are you shouting? Run!” Du Chi said coldly without any mercy.

Everyone looked at their instructor’s expression, and their hearts sank.
They didn’t dare to bargain with him.
Instead, they put their legs into action and started running around the field.

The other classes were running too.

In an instant, there was a bunch of hot-blooded youths running with all their might in the stadium.

Ah… youth!

6 pm.
All the freshmen dragged their exhausted bodies back to the cafeteria.
They looked as though they had suffered inhumane torture.
Their expressions were numb, and they were walking like zombies.

“Ouch, my leg.
The instructor is so vicious!”

“Bear with it.
Are you going to talk back to the instructor?”

“I think there are blisters on my feet.”

“I heard that sanitary pads are very useful.
Let’s buy a few bags to try later.”

“Me too, me too.”

The freshmen were talking among themselves when they suddenly saw a person walking by casually.
His relaxed footsteps made them want to… beat him.

“Wang Teng!”

“Sigh, a martial warrior’s physique is much better than ours.
This amount of training did not affect him at all.”

Hou Pingliang and his friends were filled with jealousy.

“Brother Teng, you’re having such a good time.
We are exhausted, yet you seem totally fine,” Hou Pingliang said.

“This is the difference between martial disciples and martial warriors.
The instructors’ training is targeted at martial disciples.
It has no effect on martial warriors,” Lu Shu pushed his glasses and said.

“But, in the end, the military training is to groom our discipline.
Cultivation is secondary.
The real cultivation starts after military training,” Song Shuhang said.

“If you use a scientific method for your training, the military training will be nothing to you,” Baili Qingfeng said calmly.

“Qingfeng, are you sure your method is useful? I think I saw your legs trembling just now,” Lu Shu suddenly whispered.

Baili Qingfeng: …

Life is already hard.
Brother, you don’t have to expose the truth!

Wang Teng laughed and shook his head.
The military training was a walk in the park for him.
It wasn’t difficult at all.

The few of them took their food and gathered around a table.
Then, they started stuffing the food down their throats.

They weren’t the only people doing this.
The other freshmen were eating the same way.
After the afternoon training, everyone was tired and hungry.
The best method was to eat, eat heartily to replenish the energy they exerted.
That way, they would have the energy to continue their training tomorrow.

Wang Teng was eating when someone walked over and sat down beside him.

The person smiled and said, “Wang Teng, let me introduce myself.
I’m Zhou Kun from year 2.
When the military training ends tonight, let’s have a duel in the arena.
What do you think?”

Wang Teng was stunned.
He swallowed the meat in his mouth and nodded.
“Oh, alright.
You just need to prepare your credits.”

Zhou Kun’s face twitched.
His tone was so irritating.
He sounded as if he would definitely lose.

However, he didn’t say much and just nodded.
“No problem.
I won’t disturb your meal.
I will wait for you at the arena tonight.”

This person was straightforward.
After deciding the matter, he got up immediately and left.

Lu Shu asked, “This senior seems harder to deal with than Wei Hua in the afternoon.
Brother Teng, are you confident?”

“Erm… I will do my best.” Wang Teng didn’t know how to reply.
He couldn’t tell them that he was able to defeat him in a single move, right?

“But, Lu Shu, how can you tell that this senior is harder to deal with?” asked Song Shuhang.

“If he’s not harder to deal with, will he come over to give credits to Brother Wang for free?” Lu Shu looked at Song Shuhang in surprise.
He seemed to be asking why he asked such a stupid question.

Wang Teng and Baili Qingfeng also looked at him as if they were looking at an idiot.

…Song Shuhang felt his face turning warm.
He almost covered his face and ran away.

Lu Shu, you’re heartless!

You die, or I die.

Song Shuhang glared at Lu Shu furiously.

After they finished their lunch, the freshmen gathered again.

There were still other activities and training at night.
However, the intensity wasn’t as strong as the afternoon’s training.
It was mostly practicing their marches and training their formation.
Then, they found some shades under the trees and sang the military song loudly with the dim school lights in the background.

Once their military training ended, everyone gathered in the stadium.
The duel between Wang Teng and Zhou Kun had also spread somehow.

Although everyone was tired after a day of training, they were still extremely excited.

“Who do you think will win this duel?”

“I think it will be our second-year senior.
Wang Teng’s ability is clearly seen after the afternoon battle.
The senior must be confident.
That’s why he acted.”

“Yes, it’s a little hard.
However, I hope that Wang Teng can win.”

“That’s right.
We finally have a freshman who can fight with the second year.
If he manages to survive a few more battles, it adds to our honor.”

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