Chapter 173: I’m Truly As Smart As A Demon…

Wei Hua was infuriated.
He saw Wang Teng’s look of disdain and felt that he was looking down on him.

He knew that he needed to prepare 100 credits if he wanted to challenge Wang Teng.

However, he just didn’t want to spend these 100 credits.

The purchasing power of 100 school credits was equivalent to one million RMB outside.
Who would want to spend this one million anyhow like this?

To many students, the first year was used to break through to a martial warrior.

The school had a mission-based system, and one could gain credits by completing them.
However, if you weren’t a martial warrior, you wouldn’t be able to do many missions.
You could only deal with some trifling matters.
The credits you earned would just be enough for your cultivation.

Wei Hua just became a second-year student.
It had barely been a month since he advanced to a martial warrior.
The credits he saved beforehand were all used on his cultivation.
He wasn’t able to fork out 100 credits now.

At first, he thought that Wang Teng was easy to fool since he was a freshman.

He could just say that he wanted to have a duel with him.
If he lost, naturally, he wouldn’t need to give 100 credits.

If he won, he could say that it was a challenge and take Wang Teng’s military title away.
What a good deal.

He knew that many students who were more powerful and stronger than him coveted the military title.
However, he couldn’t resist the temptation and wanted to strike first while everyone was still spectating.
Once he got the military title, no one else would be able to take it away from him.

The president had already said that they could only snatch the military title from Wang Teng.
This method wasn’t effective on other people.
If not, the entire system would be in a mess.

They all knew that this snatching opportunity was once in a lifetime.

Since they had the chance, even if they knew it was difficult and would cause trouble for themselves, who could resist the temptation?

Everyone said that a martial warrior needed to fight.
In that case, he would show the new guy.

Wei Hua gritted his teeth and said to Wang Teng, “Tomorrow, noon.
I will challenge you at the stadium arena.
At that time, I will prepare the 100 credits.”

Since you want to give me the credits, I won’t reject it.” Wang Teng nodded.

“You’re too arrogant!” Wei Hua’s face turned green with anger.


Wang Teng closed the door on his face, completely disregarding this person.
A 1-star soldier-level martial warrior? Hmph, if it wasn’t for the 100 credits, he wouldn’t even have answered him.

Wang Teng was waiting for these people to look for him.

They had their eyes set on his military title, but Wang Teng wanted their school credits too.

Tomorrow, I’ll pretend to defeat him with difficulty.
I mustn’t scare everyone away at once.
This will allow more people to challenge me. Wang Teng walked into his house and touched his chin as he wondered to himself.

He felt a little excited just thinking about it.

I’m indeed as smart as a demon…

The next day, military training started at 7 am.

All the freshmen woke up at 6 am.
They finished washing up and wore the fitting uniform.
Then, they hurried to the stadium to gather.

The start of a new day in the new semester was here!

The freshmen from the five faculties were all gathered in the stadium.

The instructors lined up in a row.

Each specialization had different numbers of students, so they were split into three to five teams.

The class distribution for each specialization was completed yesterday.
The freshmen had already received the news, so they were gathered in their class.

After they lined up, the instructors led their teams away from the crowd.
Each team chose an empty spot that was further away and started their talk.

“Students, nice to meet you.
I’m the instructor for your military training, Du Chi.
At the same time, I’m your fourth-year senior too.
I will be the one training and guiding you for the next 15 days.”

Wang Teng’s class was battle class one.
There were 32 students in his class.

Hou Pingliang and his roommates were all in class one.
Even Lin Xue, whom he met on the first day, was in this class.
How fateful.

The instructor was a young man around 20 years old.
His back was straight, and he looked upright.
His aura alone made him stand out from the crowds.

When they heard their instructor’s words, everyone started muttering in low voices.

“Our instructor is a fourth-year senior.”

“What’s so strange about it? We are in a military academy.
Our seniors are all well-trained military officers.
We are not like other schools who need to invite people from the military to train their students.”

“This senior is very handsome.”

“We are going to train for 15 days.
We can get to know him properly…”

“Silence!” Du Chi frowned and shouted coldly.

“From now on, if I don’t give you permission, you are not allowed to talk to each other.
If not, you should know the rules of Huanghai.”

Everyone immediately became quiet.

Now, please introduce yourself.
Let’s start from the first student on the left,” Du Chi said.

The student called out was a normal-looking young man.
He was stunned for a moment.
Then, he instantly opened his mouth and spoke under the gazes of the instructor and his classmates.

“Hello everyone, hello instructor, my name is Hao Zhengye.
I’m from Beisha City.”

Everyone started introducing themselves thereafter.

“Hello everyone, I’m Xie Tong…”

“Hello everyone, I’m Yuan Jing…”

“Hello everyone, I’m Hou Pingliang.
I’m from Donghai.
My father is currently serving in the army.
Under the influence of my family, I strived to be someone like my father ever since I was young.”

“My name is Lin Xue.
I’m a Donghai local…”

“My name is Wang Teng.
I’m a Donghai local.” Wang Teng’s introduction was straightforward.
He only said his name and his place of birth.

“It’s great that Wang Teng is in our class.
I heard that the school will rank our classes based on competitions every month.
With him around, our class will definitely come out on top,” a classmate said.

“We can’t rely on Wang Teng for everything.
We came to school to upgrade ourselves.
If we just let him piggyback us, what’s the point of learning?” another student shook his head and said.
It was Baili Qingfeng from Hou Pingliang’s dormitory.

His words immediately gained the approval of everyone.
Even the young man who spoke just now nodded.

“You’re right.
I was taking things for granted.
In the martial arts era, we must rely on ourselves!”

At this moment, Du Chi suddenly glanced at them.

They had forgotten the instructor’s warning.
Cold sweat appeared on their bodies due to fright, and they immediately shut up.

However, Du Chi didn’t say anything this time.
Very soon, everyone finished introducing themselves.
He led them to the dormitory district.

“Today, the first thing I will teach you is how to tidy your dormitory.”

Du Chi demonstrated to everyone when they arrived at the dormitory.

It was here!

The legendary tofu cube!

Du Chi flicked his hands a few times, and just like that, a tofu cube appeared in his hand.
It was orderly and neat.
It was astonishing.

Then, it was time for the students to deck their tofu cubes.
The process wasn’t so smooth.
In fact, you could call it miserable.

The instructor taught every single dormitory and inspected all of them.
Wang Teng was the last one.

He lived in the Third Section, so Du Chi waited for everyone else to finish first before bringing them over.

“This treatment!”

Everyone looked around them and couldn’t help but exclaim with envy.

Even Du Chi, their fourth-year senior, was astounded.
He lived in the Third Section before but room No.1… That was another person’s dormitory!

Wang Teng had no time to care about his classmates and his instructor’s expressions.
He was focused on tackling the blanket in front of him.

“Instructor, I’m done.” Wang Teng heaved a long sigh as he got up.
His head was full of sweat.

Oh my god, this was so difficult!

Everyone looked at Wang Teng’s piece of art.
They almost burst out laughing.

Are you sure this is a tofu cube? Are you sure it’s not some special creature?

Does he have the legendary butterfingers?

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