Chapter 172: Life Is Like A Drama, You Need To Rely On Your Acting Skill


Peng Yuanshan’s voice came from the rostrum.
There was a hint of anger in his voice.

Ever since the martial arts academy was founded, this was the first time such an atrocious thing had happened.

Everyone had limited energy, especially in the martial arts course.
Every faculty’s modules were intensive.
You needed a huge amount of time to practice and cultivate.

In the past, some students had taken two majors, but most of them couldn’t focus on both at the same time.
Only a few extremely talented people managed to get high achievements in both majors.

But, they were just the minority.

Much less choosing all five faculties at the same time!

Wasn’t this nonsense?

If it was another student, Peng Yuanshan wouldn’t be so angry.
However, Wang Teng was the most outstanding student in this batch.
He might even be the most outstanding student in the recent few batches.

The school had spent a considerable effort to snatch him from the other top universities.

Everyone had high hopes for Wang Teng.
How could they allow him to joke with his future?

The other five heads shook their heads.
They felt that this wasn’t a reliable decision.

Wang Teng heard the angry voice on the rostrum.
He looked at the president’s black face and got a huge fright.

He didn’t expect Peng Yuanshan to get so angry!

“Do you know what you’re doing? You chose all five faculties? Who do you think you are? An unparalleled genius? You are destroying your own future.
You are being extremely irresponsible to yourself!”

Peng Yuanshan leaped down from the rostrum with flames of anger burning in his eyes.
His expression was stern as he closed in on Wang Teng.

The five heads came down too.

They persuaded Wang Teng.
“Wang Teng, you should choose again.
We can take the previous choice as a joke and ignore it.”

“That’s right.
You don’t have so much energy.
No matter how talented you are, you can’t do it.”

“If you are really interested in the other subjects, you can take them as elective courses.
You don’t have to…”

Erm… their reaction is big!

Wang Teng felt that they were just kicking up a fuss.
After all, this was his decision.
Why were they so nervous? However, when he looked at their concerned expressions, he wasn’t able to refute them.
The words got choked in his throat.
He looked at them a little guiltily as he said, “The school didn’t say that we can’t choose all the five faculties.
I thought that learning more things is always good.”

He couldn’t expose his identity as a bug.
At this moment, he could only act as a good student.
Teachers loved this act.

As expected, when they heard his reply, the expressions of the heads softened a little.

At first, they thought that Wang Teng was a little insensible and had overestimated himself.
A student like him, no matter how talented he was, his achievements would be limited.

But, listen to what he’s saying now.
He just wants to learn more.

What a good student he is.
He has a positive learning attitude.

Even if he was a little rash, it’s understandable.

He just lacks some experience and needs the guidance and teachings of the instructors.
He’s talented, and his learning attitude is very positive.
We must nurture him properly.

Peng Yuanshan’s expression softened a little, and he said, “It’s good that you have this thinking.
However, a person has limited energy.
No matter how talented a person is, he can’t learn everything.
How about this? You can choose the battle faculty as your major and get an observer card for the other courses.
If you are interested, you can listen to the other lessons, but the prerequisite is that it must not affect your martial arts cultivation.”

Many thoughts flashed past Wang Teng’s mind.
This seemed to be the best solution.
Even if he chose all the five faculties, the heads couldn’t do anything to him, but it would give them a bad impression.
The loss outweighed the gain.

“Alright, I will listen to the president.”

Once he made his decision, Wang Teng immediately revealed an obedient look as he spoke.

Peng Yuanshan was extremely satisfied with his humble attitude.
He was able to admit his mistake and listen to his teachers’ advice.
He was a good child.

Indeed, all he lacked was a little common-sense experience.

“You can still listen to us.
You’re not that stupid.”

Peng Yuanshan nodded and patted Wang Teng’s shoulder.
His attitude became even more amiable.

Wang Teng secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

As expected, life was like a drama.
You need to rely on your acting skill!

The freshmen were looking at him with their eyes wide open.

How is this possible?

Looking at Peng Yuanshan’s angry expression just now, they thought that Wang Teng was going to receive a scolding.
Yet, in the end, he seemed to value Wang Teng even more.

Look at this amiable expression.
He seemed to be looking at his nephew.

Who else can receive this treatment?

Amazing! Impressive!

Before Peng Yuanshan left, he said to the other freshmen, “What I said just now isn’t just directed at Wang Teng.
The same goes for all of you.
Don’t eat more than you can chew.
Now… you can register for your faculty.”

The freshmen wouldn’t make the same mistake.
They stopped hesitating and went forward to choose their faculties.

Wang Teng chose the battle faculty in the end.
After registering, he returned to his dormitory.

After the freshmen finished their registration, the school distributed their student identity cards in the afternoon.
Wang Teng also received an observer card.

At night, when Wang Teng and Hou Pingliang’s friends were eating, they talked about military training the next day.

After the freshmen settled all the administrative matters, it was time for military training.
The martial arts course was no exception.

Normal universities and martial arts academies had no military training.
However, military academies were different.
Military training was a tradition here.
At the same time, it was to let the students familiarize themselves with the various rules of the military academies.

However, the military training of the martial arts course was different from the one at the normal university course.
The intensity of the martial arts military training was stronger, and its content was more complicated.
For instance, all kinds of actual battle training required students to go through drills in different environments…

After they finished their dinner, Wang Teng and his friends headed towards the dormitory district.

When they reached the Fourth Section, Wang Teng parted with Hou Pingliang and his friends.

He headed to the Third District Room No.
1 alone.
The instant he reached his residence, he saw a young man leaning beside the door.

“Are you Wang Teng? I have been waiting for you for a long time.”

The person had obviously seen Wang Teng too.
He turned around and spoke to Wang Teng calmly.

“I don’t think I know you,” Wang Teng replied.

“My name is Wei Hua.
I’m a year two student and a 1-star soldier-level martial warrior.
I heard that you entered the school as a 2-star martial warrior, so I’m a little curious about you.
Hence, I came to see if you have the ability,” the young man said indifferently.

“Hmph, so you want to challenge me?” Wang Teng smiled.

“Challenge? Erm… you can understand it that way if you want.” Wei Hua scorned, but he still nodded and replied to Wang Teng.

Wang Teng wasn’t angry.
He smiled and continued asking, “Have you prepared the 100 credits?”

“I just came to take a look at your ability.” Wei Hua frowned.

“Hmph!” Wang Teng snorted.
He walked to the door and opened it.
Then, he turned his head and said to Wei Hua, “If you haven’t prepared the credits, don’t waste my time.”

“You!” Wei Hua immediately got infuriated as though he was humiliated.

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