Chapter 162: Stop And Kill

Zhu Wu felt that he was extremely unlucky.
At first, he thought that this was an easy task.
He just needed to make a trip to Donghai and send a clock to a small family.
He was able to do Ren Qingcang a favor, so why not?

Although Ren Qingcang might not help him even though he did him a favor, leaving a good impression was enough.

It was like going to the temple to pray.
The deities might not remember you, but if you weren’t willing to go to the temple at all, the deities would never care about you.

It might seem like an arduous and fruitless task at first, but it might have unexpected results at a crucial moment.

Ren Qingcang was the direct disciple of the president of Leiting Martial House, who was a prominent figure.
He was at the peak of the general stage and was one of the most influential figures in the entire country.
He just needed to give a little advantage, and as his direct disciple, Ren Qingcang would benefit for life.

Similarly, if he could get some benefits from Ren Qingcang’s finger cracks, it would be enough for a normal martial warrior like him who didn’t have any background.

Martial warriors mostly pursued interest.
Zhu Wu had no grudges with the Wang family, yet he was willing to be Ren Qingcang’s pawn and complete tasks for him because of interest.

Unfortunately, he didn’t expect Wang Teng to be so strong.
He didn’t even release much strength, but he had already suppressed him.
He couldn’t retaliate at all.

“That kid is a little strange.
Didn’t they say that he just became a martial warrior? It had only been one summer break.
How can he be so strong? Even a normal genius won’t improve at such a rapid pace.” Zhu Wu was frustrated.
Then, he gritted his teeth and said, “Hmph, even if he has some ability, what can he do? Can he be compared to Ren Qingcang?”

“He’s quite stupid too.
I answered his questions, and he really let me go.
Doesn’t he know what it means to release a tiger back to the forest?” A look of contempt appeared on his face.
He thought to himself furiously, “When I go back to Capital Xia, everything will depend on what I say.
I can tell Ren Qingcang that this fellow is quite powerful, and I managed to escape after suffering serious injuries.
Then, I will exaggerate and tell him how he humiliated Ren Qingcang.
Ren Qingcang will definitely send more powerful martial warriors to Donghai.
I don’t believe that the Wang family can still survive after all this.”

Zhu Wu rushed to the airport without stopping.
He didn’t feel secure staying in Donghai.
He must go back to Capital Xia as soon as possible.

An hour later, he boarded the plane.

The plane took off slowly and headed to Capital Xia.

When the plane left Donghai, Zhu Wu secretly heaved a sigh of relief.
He had just relaxed his tense mind when his eyes suddenly widened.
He clutched his heart painfully.

“How… how is this possible?”

Zhu Wu didn’t understand what was happening.
He squeezed his last sentence out with difficulty.
Then, his head drooped down.
He died.

At the last second, Wang Teng’s face flashed past his mind. He never thought of letting me go—I’m the stupid one!

What a joke!

Not long after the banquet ended, the Wang family followed Wang Teng’s family and went to their new house at Deer Garden.

After touring the villa, everyone chatted casually in the living room.

“The environment here is excellent.
When I came in, I saw many security guards patrolling the area,” Zhao Huili said.

“Yes, there’s no need to worry about the security here.
I heard that even martial warriors don’t dare to create trouble here,” Li Xiumei’s sister, Li Xiulan, said.

“After all, most of the people living here are the family members of martial warriors.
Any one of them can be a formidable person you can’t provoke.
Who dares to create trouble here?” Wang Jialing said.

At the other corner, Wang Teng was with the younger generation.
His pupils flickered slightly.

Hmph, Zhu Wu will definitely be surprised by the little present I left in his body.

Actually, it was just a thin needle with his spiritual power infused on it.
Wang Teng couldn’t stretch his spiritual power for such a long distance.
However, if he left a little of his spiritual power on an object, it wouldn’t disperse for some time.
He was able to use the telepathy between spiritual powers to perform some simple operations.
For instance, detonation.

He didn’t just leave some of his spiritual power on the thin needle; he also left some fire Force.

Wang Teng had placed the thin needle at the edge of Zhu Wu’s heart.
Once he ignited it, it would stab right into Zhu Wu’s heart.

Even a martial warrior would not be able to handle this.
Hence, Wang Teng wasn’t worried that he would be lucky and survive.
He knew that Zhu Wu would die on the spot.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t pick up the attribute bubbles because they were too far away…

For the next two days, Wang Teng went to look for Lin Chuxia in the day to pick up poison attributes, accompanied his parents, and taught Doudou at night.
At midnight, he would sneak into the western suburb mental hospital to pick spirit attributes.
His life was really fulfilling.

Very soon, it was the first day of university.

Wang Teng’s family had already moved into their new home in Deer Garden.

Li Xiumei was checking Wang Teng’s luggage.
At the same time, she kept nagging at him like a doting mother.
Her hands didn’t stop moving either.
She stuffed everything useful and useless into his luggage bag.

“Mom, this is enough.
If you stuff any more things, it won’t close.” Wang Teng was caught between laughter and tears.

“I can close it.
Your mom is a master at this.
No matter how many things I put inside, I will close it for you,” Li Xiumei said confidently.
Her hands didn’t slow down at all.

“But, why are you packing so many things? The school sells everything, and it is situated beside the university town.
I can come back anytime.
There’s no need to bring so many things at once,” Wang Teng said helplessly.

“I heard that military academies are really strict.
They don’t allow you to leave school at normal times,” Li Xiumei said.

“It’s not that exaggerated.
I have to use the items the school provided for certain things.
They might not even allow me to bring the things you placed inside through the school gates.”

“Huh? They won’t allow you to bring them in?”

Wang Teng persuaded his mom with all means and finally made her give up the idea of letting him carry three luggage bags with him to university.

“Brother Wang Teng, are you going to school?” Doudou sat on the sofa and stared at the busy Li Xiumei with her big eyes.
Then, she turned her head to ask Wang Teng.

“That’s right.
I’m going to school.
You must be obedient at home, okay?” Wang Teng squatted down and patted her head.

Doudou nodded her small head and replied, “Okay, I will be obedient.”

“Good girl.”

“But, if Brother Wang Teng isn’t at home, who will teach me martial arts?” Doudou thought for a moment, tilted her head, and asked.

Wang Teng recalled Doudou’s recent performance.
Her perseverance had astounded him.
He contemplated for a moment and said, “When I’m not home, you don’t have to practice.
Wait for me to come back and teach you, alright?”

“Okay, I will wait for Brother to come back.” Doudou nodded her head earnestly.

Li Xiumei couldn’t help but smile when she saw the two people chatting at the side.
Doudou had been exceptionally obedient for the past few days.
She was more obedient than her peers.
It made people like her but feel sad for her too.

Half an hour later, Wang Teng dragged a luggage bag and went out of the house.

“Perform well in school.
Don’t worry about the family,” Wang Shengguo stood at the entrance and said as he looked at him.

Wang Teng said, “Don’t worry.
But, if there’s anything, you must give me a call.”

Wang Shengguo nodded.

“Go ahead!”

Wang Teng glanced at Li Xiumei and Wang Shengguo again.
Then, he turned around and left without any hesitation.
He didn’t ask them to send him off.

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