Chapter 161: The Day He Leaves Donghai Will Be The Day He Die!

Wang Teng felt amazed when he heard Grandpa Wang’s exciting past.

“Little brat, why are you looking at me like that?”

Grandpa Wang instantly got angry from embarrassment when he noticed Wang Teng’s strange gaze.
He glared at Wang Teng.

“Hehe, nothing, nothing.” Wang Teng sniggered.
He continued, “Grandpa, I admire you for all your glorious deeds in the past!”

“Hmph, your grandpa was a hero when he was young,” Grandpa Wang stroked his beard and said proudly.

“No wonder you were able to enchant my grandma,” Wang Teng added.

“Of course.
In the past…”

When Wang Teng noticed that the old man was about to reminisce about his past again, he said hurriedly, “Erm… Grandpa, someone is here to offer me a toast.
Let me go attend to him.”

After he finished speaking, he ran away without waiting for his grandpa’s reply.

Today, Wang Teng was the main lead.
Everyone buttered him up even more after they saw his display of strength.

Many people came to offer him a drink.
They showered him with so many praises that he almost went numb.

Wang Shengguo was in the same situation.
After some time, he got a bit dizzy from alcohol.
Had Wang Shenghong and the others not helped him finish some drinks, he would have been wasted by now.

The happy banquet ended.
When the guests left the Crown Hotel, they were still talking about Wang Teng.

Xu Jianbo turned around and exclaimed, “The Wang family is going to flourish!”

This was all because of Wang Teng.

He looked at his son and daughter.
His daughter had also entered the martial arts course and was now a martial warrior.

However, she didn’t possess Wang Teng’s ability or temperament.

When Zhu Wu attacked just now, his daughter was obviously shocked.
If she was the one facing that man, she might not be able to retaliate.

Not to mention suppressing the other party until he was unable to resist like Wang Teng.

“Little Hui, I don’t know many things about the martial arts path, but I know that there’s a huge risk.
If you’re unable to adapt, you should look for an office job in the future,” Xu Jianbo said to his daughter.

Xu Hui bit her lips and remained silent for a moment.
Then, she nodded and replied, “I’ll think about it.”

Xu Jianbo didn’t say any more words to her.
He turned and looked at Xu Jie.
He asked, “Xu Jie, are you sure you want to go on the martial arts path? This route might be very dangerous.
You saw what happened during the banquet.
Death is a common thing for them.”

Xu Jie nodded his head firmly and said, “Dad, I want to embark on this path!”

Since you want to head in this direction, go ahead and do it.
I will support you wholeheartedly,” Xu Jianbo said with relief.

“I will work hard!” Xu Jie said.

“You are already close with Wang Teng.
Maintain this relationship properly.
Don’t drift apart,” Xu Jianbo said.
“Little Jie, since you want to practice martial arts, you can seek Wang Teng’s guidance when you have the time.
It will be beneficial for you.”

After sending all the guests away, Wang Teng, Grandpa Wang, and the Wang family came to a room.

Zhu Wu was locked up here after he got heavily injured by Wang Teng.
His hands and legs were bound by metal chains, and he seemed dispirited.
He was very weak.

Wang Teng lowered his head and looked down at the man.
His face was cold.

“What do you want?” Zhu Wu asked fearfully.
His heart pounded when he saw Wang Teng staring at him.

Wang Teng said, “Answer my questions, and I will let you go.”

“Will you really let me go?” Zhu Wu asked suspiciously.

“You don’t have any other choice.
If you don’t tell me, I will kill you now,” Wang Teng said indifferently as a cold glimpse flashed past his eyes.

“Alright, ask.” Zhu Wu gritted his teeth and chose to compromise.

Wang Teng noticed that he was still quite sensible, so he nodded and asked, “What’s Ren Jianping’s background?”

“At first, he was just an ordinary person.
However, his grandson.
Ren Qingcang, is a martial arts genius.” Zhu Wu couldn’t help but glance at Wang Teng when he said this.

“Continue!” Wang Teng said.

“Ren Qingcang is very talented.
Leiting Martial House has high hopes for him.
They even gave him an SS-grade contract.
Later, the president of Leiting Martial House noticed him and took him in as his disciple.
Within a few years, he became a 6-star soldier-level martial warrior.
The Ren family benefited from this and gradually became a powerful family over the years,” Zhu Wu said slowly.

“The direct disciple of Leiting Martial House’s president!”

“A 6-star soldier-level martial warrior!”

Wang Shenghong and the others were dumbfounded.

No matter which status it was, their Wang family couldn’t afford to provoke him.

The Wang family actually had such a huge enemy.

They thought that Wang Teng was only a 1-star soldier-level martial warrior.
He couldn’t be compared with Ren Qingcang at all.

In an instant, everyone felt stressed!

“No wonder Ren Jianping boasted about his grandson.
He’s referring to Ren Qingcang!” Grandpa Wang appeared composed as he spoke calmly.

“Dad, Ren Qingcang is so powerful and he’s the direct disciple of the president of Leiting Martial House.
How can our Wang family fight against him?” Zhao Huili said with a pale face.

“What are you nervous about?” Grandpa Wang scolded.
Then, he continued, “No matter how powerful he is, can he come to Donghai and annihilate our Wang family?”

If you don’t know anything, don’t talk nonsense!” Wang Shenghong glared at her.

“Little Teng, are you confident?” Grandpa Wang asked Wang Teng.

Everyone turned to look at Wang Teng unconsciously when they heard this.
He was the only martial warrior in the Wang family.
If there was anyone that had a chance of resisting Ren Qingcang, it was Wang Teng.

Although there was a huge difference in their ability now, he might have a chance in the future.

“Ren Qingcang might have signed an SS-grade contract, but the one I signed… is an SSS-grade contract!” Wang Teng didn’t say much.
He just told everyone about the contract Jixin Martial House gave him.

“An SSS-grade contract!” Zhu Wu’s eyes turned wide open.
“You actually signed an SSS-grade contract!” He looked at Wang Teng in disbelief.

Wang Shenghong and the others didn’t know the difference between an SS-grade contract and an SSS-grade contract.
They just knew that there was an additional S, so it seemed more impressive.

Also, when they looked at Zhu Wu’s expression, they felt that the SSS-grade contract must be pretty astonishing.

Everyone immediately saw hope in the situation.

“Give me some time.
I will not be weaker than that Ren Qingcang!” Wang Teng said.

There were some things that Wang Teng didn’t say.

Is a 6-star soldier-level martial warrior very powerful?

He only used less than two months to advance from a 1-star soldier-level martial warrior to a 3-star soldier-level martial warrior.
In that case… will becoming a 6-star martial warrior be too far away?

I’m a bug.
How can I lose!

“That’s great! I knew that Little Teng wouldn’t be weaker than that Ren Qingcang!” Zhao Huili said happily.

Everyone couldn’t help but roll their eyes.
Who was the one that turned pale with fright just now?

This stupid woman!

Wang Shenghong wanted to cover his face.
He felt incredibly embarrassed.

“It’s good that you’re confident.
However, before your ability is strong enough, it’s better to keep a low profile.
Don’t face Ren Qingcang head-on,” Grandpa Wang said.


“What do you plan to do with Zhu Wu?” Grandpa Wang asked.

“You said that as long as I reply to your question, you will let me go,” Zhu Wu shouted.
His expression also changed.

“Don’t worry.
I mean what I say.
I’ll release you now.”

Wang Teng ordered someone to unlock the chains around his hands and feet and allowed him to leave.

Grandpa Wang couldn’t help but frown when he looked at Zhu Wu’s back view.
“If you don’t uproot the grass from its roots, there’ll be no end of trouble for the future.”

“Don’t worry, Grandpa.
The day he leaves Donghai will be the day he dies,” Wang Teng said indifferently with a cold smile at the edge of his lips.

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