Chapter 156: Natural Boasting Was The Most Lethal

After they finished breakfast, Wang Teng accompanied his parents to buy furniture.

They walked around the shop and bought all the furniture they needed.
The entire morning went away in a flash.

The furniture they bought was all of high quality.
Service consumption was the trend now, especially for high-class brands.
They had a one-stop service, and it was convenient and fast.

The pieces of furniture were delivered to their new home in Deer Garden in the afternoon.

“Everything is here.
We can move in today if we want,” Wang Teng smiled and said.

“Why don’t we do your graduation banquet and the house moving banquet together? We can move in after that.” Li Xiumei still kept some of her traditional thinking.
She wanted to choose a good day to shift houses.
She also wanted to move in only after throwing a banquet.

“That will save a lot of trouble,” Wang Teng smiled and said.
Naturally, he wouldn’t go against Li Xiumei for a small matter like this.
Everything was fine as long as she was happy.

“It’s decided then.
I will go back and discuss with your father and grandfathers.
We will settle it over the next few days.
Your school is starting soon, so we can’t drag this any longer,” Li Xiumei said.

Doudou sized up the new house curiously as she laid in Li Xiumei’s arms.
It was hard to know what she was thinking.

After settling the matters here, Wang Teng and Li Xiumei went back to the Fuhua Villa District.

At night, Li Xiumei discussed the matter with Wang Shengguo and called Wang Teng’s grandfathers.
In the end, they decided to hold the graduation banquet and the house-moving banquet together the day after tomorrow.

The next day.

Wang Teng woke up early and taught Doudou martial arts for some time.
Actually, he only taught her how to do the horse stance.
This was to train her muscles.

She was still young, so it was inappropriate for her to train properly.

However, this little fellow was quite earnest.
Her patience was good too.
She didn’t complain throughout the entire practice.

Also, she stopped asking about her parents from the second day onwards.
She didn’t kick up a fuss and cried to go home.
It seemed as though in her heart, she already knew that she wouldn’t be able to go back.

The Wang family felt relieved when they saw how obedient and sensible she was.
However, their hearts ached for her too.

After morning practice, Wang Teng went out.
He drove his car to Lin Chuhan’s house.

Lin Chuhan’s mother was extremely enthusiastic when she saw him.
“Wang Teng, I haven’t seen you in a while.
Come in and have a seat.
I will pour a cup of water for you.”

“Auntie, there’s no need.
I’m not thirsty.” Wang Teng hurriedly stopped her.
He explained, “I went on a long trip and just came back a few days ago.
I’m starting school soon, so I came to see Chuxia.
I’m worried that I might not have the time to visit her when I enter university.”

“Chuxia is indeed very lonely at home.
Thank you for thinking of her,” Mother Lin said gratefully.

“I will go up and look for her then.
Auntie, you can continue with your work.”

“Alright, go ahead.”

Wang Teng walked up the stairs.
Mother Lin looked at his back view and felt satisfied with him.

Lin Chuhan wasn’t at home.

She owed Wang Teng money, so she went out early in the morning to work.
She had been working hard to earn money the entire summer break.
She didn’t dare to relax.

Wang Teng had a few hundred million of assets, so the money she owed was nothing to him.
But, Lin Chuhan was a stubborn girl.
She had her pride too.
She didn’t want to owe Wang Teng anything.

Wang Teng was able to guess and understand her thinking.
That was why he allowed her to do whatever she wanted and didn’t say anything.

Wang Teng accompanied Lin Chuxia and chatted with her for some time.
He picked up the attribute bubbles scattered around her room along the way.

Yes, along the way!

He didn’t come for the attribute bubbles.

Poison Force*26

Demon Lotus Poison Body*18

Gun Kungfu*2

When he picked up the last attribute bubble, Wang Teng was dumbfounded.
He opened his eyes wide.

“Have you been practicing the Gun Kungfu recorded on the USB?” he suppressed his astonishment and asked casually.

After Wang Teng picked up all the attribute bubbles around her, Lin Chuxia felt much more comfortable.
She squinted and replied to him calmly, “Yes!”

“Really? How did you practice?”

Lin Chuxia was able to practice Gun Kungfu using the video on the USB? The problem was… she didn’t have a gun!

How can you practice Gun Kungfu without a gun?

Are you trying to fool me?

It’s alright if she practiced without a gun, but she actually managed to succeed!

This isn’t scientific!

How on earth did she do it?

Wang Teng was entirely shocked.

“I just follow the video and practice it naturally,” Lin Chuxia replied indifferently.
She sounded as if she was talking about something as simple as eating and drinking.

Wang Teng: …

“But… how can you practice without a gun?”

“Who says that I don’t have a gun?”

Wang Teng was stunned by Lin Chuxia’s words once again.

She has a gun? Where did she get it?

The next moment, Wang Teng saw Lin Chuxia opening her drawer and taking out a… toy gun!

“Here, I asked my sister to help me buy a toy gun and some bullets.
There are sparrows flying below our house every day.
I use the toy gun to shoot the sparrows using the skills taught in the video.
The toy gun doesn’t have much power and won’t harm the birds.
Truthfully speaking, it’s quite interesting.
I can use this to pass my time,” Lin Chuxia smiled and said.

Toy gun?!

To hell with toy guns!

Many people used real guns and bullets and tried all kinds of scientific methods to practice Gun Kungfu.
However, they might not succeed.

Yet, Lin Chuxia was using a piece of low-level equipment like the toy gun to practice Gun Kungfu by shooting sparrows every day.

And she managed to attain results!

If those people knew this, they might want to bang a piece of tofu and die.

“Cough, you can continue to practice.
Who knows, you might become a powerful master.” Wang Teng coughed awkwardly.

“That’s true.
I feel that this Gun Kungfu is very interesting.
I’m able to hit a sparrow flying 50 meters away from me.
Isn’t that impressive?” Lin Chuxia said proudly.

“50 meters and flying?”

Wang Teng stared at the ceiling and suddenly started questioning his life.

Mind you, he was only able to achieve this when he pushed his Gun Kungfu to the small achievement stage.

However, Lin Chuxia had managed to do it on her own.
Even more, she used such a ridiculous method.

Could it be that Lin Chuxia was a talent in Gun Kungfu?

“Not bad.
However, you have to work harder.
You are just at the foundation level.” Wang Teng told a bald-faced lie.
He didn’t want to admit that he got stimulated by her.

“Ah, this is only the foundation stage? I have to work harder then.” Lin Chuxia waved her small fists around as she said with motivation.

Wang Teng: …

Damn it, natural boasting was the most lethal!

He didn’t expect he would have to suffer from other people’s boasting one day, especially from someone who didn’t know that she was boasting.

He rejected Mother Lin’s kind intention to stay for lunch.
After coming out of Lin Chuhan’s house, he glanced at Lin Chuxia’s room.

Lin Chuxia was waving at him from the window.

Wang Teng could sense that she was smiling.
She seemed very happy.

If she weren’t affected by the poison body, with her talent, she would have been in the spotlight in school.
Thinking about it, Lin Chuhan isn’t weak either.
This pair of siblings are astonishing. Wang Teng thought to himself silently.
He felt pity for Lin Chuxia.

He waved at Lin Chuxia and turned around to leave.

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