Chapter 154: Doudou’s Tears

Wang Teng stared at the little person on the sofa opposite him and admitted defeat after a while.
He opened his mouth and asked, “Doudou, do you want to watch cartoons?”

Doudou shook her head.

“Then, do you want to eat an… apple?” Wang Teng picked up the apple on the table and asked.

Doudou shook her head again.


She shook her head.


She shook her head.


“Brother Wang Teng, are you hungry?” Doudou stared at Wang Teng innocently.

…Wang Teng held the milk in his hand, and the smile at the edge of his lips froze.

When Li Xiumei came out, she saw Wang Teng on the sofa with a helpless expression.
Doudou was sitting beside him innocently.

“What is the matter… with you?” Li Xiumei asked in shock.

I just want some peace and quiet,” Wang Teng waved his hand and said.

Li Xiumei: …

“Doudou, what is wrong with your Brother Wang Teng?” she turned and asked Doudou.

Doudou shook her head, opening her eyes wide to express her innocence and oblivion.

“Forget it.
Let’s ignore him.
Come, let’s go take a bath.” Li Xiumei carried Doudou up and ignored the person who was pretending to be dead on the sofa.
She climbed up the stairs without a care.

Doudou popped her head out behind Li Xiumei’s neck.
She looked at Wang Teng curiously.

Wang Teng sighed.
He actually lost to a little girl.
He was such a failure!

When he was bemoaning his fate on the sofa and questioning his life, his phone rang.

He took out his phone and looked at the screen.

Bai Wei had sent him a message.

Bai Wei: Brother Wang Teng, are you back?

When Wang Teng was on the Xingwu Continent, Bai Wei had sent him many messages.
Wang Teng didn’t have time to reply to her.
He didn’t expect her to message him again.

This young lady’s frequency of messaging was a little high!

Wang Teng: I’m back!


Bai Wei immediately sent a surprised expression.

Bai Wei: Brother Wang Teng, where did you go and play? You didn’t contact us the entire summer break.

Wang Teng: I went to the Xingwu Continent.

He didn’t hide his whereabouts.
It wasn’t something secretive anyway.

Bai Wei: You went to the Xingwu Continent! (ΩДΩ)

Wang Teng: Yes!

Bai Wei: That’s impressive! Brother Wang Teng, you have already gone to the Xingwu Continent! ٩(๑>◡<๑)۶

Wang Teng sent a husky emoticon that was laughing with its hands on its waist.

Bai Wei: Is the scenery in the Xingwu Continent beautiful? Did you take any pictures? Send some to me.

Wang Teng shook his head.
The scenery in the Xingwu Continent was indeed beautiful, but he didn’t have the mood to notice it.
What he felt the most was danger and eeriness.
For instance, the formidable star beasts and the mysterious dark apparitions…

However, before he became a martial warrior, his impression of the Xingwu Continent was an exotic place with beautiful scenery.

The comparison made him a little emotional.

Wang Teng sent an emoticon that was smiling awkwardly.

Wang Teng: I forgot to take pictures.
I will take some next time.

Bai Wei: What a pity.
But… I forgive you.
Remember to take pictures the next time.
I’m so envious that you can go to the Xingwu Continent.

Wang Teng: I will! I will!

The two of them chatted for a while.
Then, Wang Teng finally managed to find an excuse to stop the conversation.
He heaved a sigh of relief uncontrollably.

Just when he was about to put his phone back, he received another message—

Lin Chuhan: School is starting soon.
Are you back?

Wang Teng: I just came back!

Well, I have been back for only three days, so I’m not lying.

Wang Teng nodded to himself.

Lin Chuhan: Where did you go during the summer break? Why didn’t you reply to my message?

Wang Teng: The Xingwu Continent!

Lin Chuhan: The Xingwu Continent!

Is he already so far ahead? Lin Chuhan was secretly stunned.
She felt a sudden pressure and a sense of urgency.

She must not lag too far behind him!

Lin Chuhan was extremely curious about the Xingwu Continent.
She kept asking Wang Teng questions out of excitement.

Wang Teng picked those that he could answer to satisfy her curiosity.

Half an hour later, he ended the conversation.
Wang Teng wiped the cold sweat off his forehead.

Ding dong!

Another message was received.

Wang Teng looked at the phone in his hand.
His eyes twitched.

Lin Chuxia: Brother-in-law, my sister told me that you are back.

Wang Teng: …

Is there an end to this? What is wrong with these ladies?

Wang Teng could only gather his strength to handle his sister-in-law…

20 minutes later, Wang Teng finally finished dealing with Lin Chuxia.
He sighed.

Women are scary!

He turned off his phone without thinking.

Damn it, let’s see who still wants to send me messages.

My phone is out of battery.
It shut down!

Li Xiumei carried Doudou down the stairs.
The little fellow had finished bathing.
After getting clean, she looked like a china doll.

They had spent a long time upstairs.
Wang Teng wondered what they were doing.

Li Xiumei asked Aunt Chen to buy the pajamas Doudou was wearing in the afternoon.
She also made her buy some daily necessities.

Wang Teng felt that Li Xiumei had plans to let Doudou live in their house long-term.

“Son, play with Doudou.
I will cook some supper for both of you.”

Li Xiumei placed Doudou on the sofa beside Wang Teng.
Then, she went to the kitchen to cook food.


Wang Teng was on the brink of tears.
Did he have something against women tonight?

He had just dealt with three ladies, and now, there was another smaller one in front of him.

Oh god!

He turned and looked at the small person beside him, giving her a fatherly smile…

Half an hour later, Li Xiumei finished preparing supper and called everyone to eat.

They gathered around the dining table and started eating.

There was a small bowl in front of Doudou.
However, she didn’t touch it.

“Doudou, why aren’t you eating? You don’t like to eat that?” Li Xiumei asked.

Doudou shook her head.
Suddenly, she opened her mouth.
“Auntie, I want to go home.
I want to find my parents.”

The atmosphere tensed up in an instant.

The adults turned silent.

“Doudou, is my house not good? Your parents went to a faraway place…” Li Xiumei’s eyes turned red.
As she spoke, her voice choked a little.

“Have they abandoned me?” The little girl pouted.
She sounded as though she was about to cry.

“Why will they? They loved you the most in this world.
Why will they abandon you?” Li Xiumei asked.

“Then why didn’t they come and look for me?” Doudou asked curiously, “Are they hiding because the bad guy scared them? Brother Wang Teng is so powerful.
Auntie, can you ask Brother Wang Teng to protect them? Don’t let the bad guy bully my parents.”

“Good girl, they just went to a faraway place to work.
After you grow up, you will be able to see them again,” Li Xiumei said.

“Auntie, you’re lying.
Are they dead?” Doudou said.
The tears in her eyes had already started rolling down.

Li Xiumei covered her mouth to prevent herself from crying.
She hurriedly went forward and hugged Doudou tightly.
Doudou finally started bawling.

“Sigh, what a poor child.” Wang Shengguo heaved a long sigh.

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