Chapter 152: Everyone Has It Tough, You Can Only Save Yourself

Wang Teng had to explain for a long time before he finally made Li Xiumei accept the fact that he had earned 580 million in a month.

Li Xiumei took the phone and counted the numbers again and again.
She didn’t seem tired of doing it.

I guess my mother is a money lover!

Wang Teng thought to himself helplessly as he stood at the side.
In the afternoon, he decided to stay at home to accompany Li Xiumei.

After what she experienced, even if Li Xiumei remained calm on the surface, Wang Teng could tell that her heart wasn’t as peaceful as her face.

Li Xiumei didn’t say anything, so Wang Teng wouldn’t bring it out directly.

His mother had her pride too.

Yan Qing staggered as he walked on a small path in the mountain.
His wound had stopped bleeding, but his face was extremely pale because of the loss of blood.

He carried his broken arm in his left hand and gritted his teeth as he walked up the mountain.

Half an hour later, he stopped…

In front of a tomb!

Yan Qing walked forward and dropped to his knees.
He looked at the tombstone in front of him in silence.

He kneeled until the sun set.

Then, he finally opened his mouth and said in a hoarse voice, “Dad, Mom, was I wrong?

“Maybe I shouldn’t have attacked the young girl?

“But, I feel so much hatred! Why are the evil people still living freely while I have to guard your tombs and suffer terribly every day!

“What did I do wrong by killing them?”

Yan Qing looked up at the sky and screamed.
No outsiders would be able to understand his pain.

The next second, he started choking with sobs.

He kneeled in front of the tomb and cried like a homeless child.

Buddhism had this saying: Everyone has it tough.
You can only save yourself.

No one knew if Yan Qing would be able to save himself at this moment…

At night, at 7 o’clock, Wang Shengguo finally came home.
Li Xiumei hadn’t told him the afternoon’s events, so he was still clueless.

When he walked into his house and saw the little girl sitting quietly on the sofa, he was stunned.

“Doudou?” He seemed a little uncertain.
He hurriedly shouted at Li Xiumei in the kitchen, “Dear, what happened?”

“Keep your voice down.
Don’t scare the child,” Li Xiumei rushed out of the kitchen and replied angrily.

“Alright, I’ll be quieter.” Wang Shengguo immediately lowered his tone and asked in a soft voice, “If I remember correctly, that is Wang Fugui’s daughter, right? Why is she in our house?”

“Wang Fugui’s family… is gone.” Li Xiumei sighed.

“Gone?” Wang Shengguo repeated in confusion.

What does she mean? Why can’t I understand?

“Yes!” Li Xiumei nodded.
Then, she told Wang Shengguo the whole story.

“This is a huge matter.
Why didn’t you tell me? Also, why did you rush forward? It was so dangerous.” Wang Shengguo’s expression changed when he finished listening to his wife.
He could feel the lingering fears in her heart.

“The situation was critical.
If I hadn’t done anything, the young man would have killed Doudou.
She’s just a small child.
How can I bear to watch her die?” Li Xiumei said.

“You… sigh!” Wang Shengguo let out a breath.
He didn’t know what to say to Li Xiumei.

Standing from his point of view, he didn’t want Li Xiumei to take any risk.

However, from Li Xiumei’s point of view, if she didn’t do anything after seeing this scene, the seeds of guilt would be planted in her heart.
She wouldn’t be able to overcome this emotion.
In fact, she might not be able to feel at ease her entire life.

A clear conscience!

It sounded simple, but it was very hard to put into action.

There were so many people at the scene, but only Li Xiumei had acted.

This was the human heart.

“Life is unpredictable.
Wang Fugui did many charity projects over the past few years, but he’s still unable to escape this ending.” Wang Fugui lamented, “Poor Doudou, she lost her parents at such a young age.
What would she do in the future?”

“Every effect comes with a cause.
Some matters cannot be wiped out just because you did charity.” Wang Teng walked down from the stairs and said calmly, “I don’t think that the young man is wrong.
Wang Fugui killed his parents.
He had the right to take revenge.”

Wang Shengguo looked at Wang Teng.
He knew what Wang Teng did from Li Xiumei.
Hence, his expression was complex.

He felt relieved and emotional.

“Why did you chop off his arm then? You already knew that he didn’t want to kill your mom and just wanted to scare her.
When you cut his arm, you created a grudge out of nothing,” Wang Shengguo looked at him and said.

“First, it doesn’t matter whether he wanted to kill my mom or not.
Since he acted, he needed to bear the consequences.
Second, survival of the fittest.
I’m stronger than him, so I have the final say.

“I only let him go with an arm because he didn’t want to kill Mom and his background is very pitiful.
If not, I would have cut off his head,” Wang Teng was straightforward and spoke maliciously.

Wang Shengguo looked at him intently.
He sighed.
“You have grown up and have your own way of dealing with things.
I feel proud of you.”

“Why do you keep talking about killing people? You sound like a serial killer,” Li Xiumei glared at him and said.


How did I become a serial killer??

However, since it was his mom, Wang Teng admitted defeat.
He said hurriedly, “You’re right.
Your son will definitely be a kind person in the future.”

“Stop using your glib tongue.
Go and wash your hands and prepare to eat.” Li Xiumei left the father and son alone and went into the kitchen to cook.

After some time, the dishes were placed on the table.
Li Xiumei carried Doudou over and put her on the seat beside Wang Teng.

She was very small, so when she sat on the chair, only her head could be seen above the table.

This young girl had remained silent after she woke up in the afternoon.
She didn’t cry nor kick up a fuss.
She just sat on the sofa and twirled her hands anxiously.

“Doudou, are you hungry? Do you want to eat with Auntie, Uncle, and Brother Wang Teng?” Li Xiumei squatted beside her and coaxed her gently.

The little girl nodded and said in a cute, childish voice, “Okay!”

“Mom, she’s too small.
She can’t reach the food.
You need to make her chair higher,” Wang Teng said.

“I know.
I’m thinking of a way.” Li Xiumei walked around the living room as she tried to find something to make Doudou’s chair higher.

“Auntie, I can eat like this.
I can reach the food,” Doudou crawled up and kneeled on the chair as she said each word slowly.

“How can you do that? Your knees will hurt from kneeling,” Li Xiumei said worriedly and hurriedly carried her down.

Wang Teng thought for a moment and brought down a pile of books from his room.
He stacked them on the chair and said, “Here, this is high enough.”

“Thank you, Brother Wang Teng,” Doudou looked at Wang Teng and said softly.

“Good girl.
Let’s eat.” Wang Teng rubbed her head and messed up her mushroom-shaped hair.

This feeling… was quite good!

The four people ate their meal.
Li Xiumei sat on Doudou’s left and kept taking food for her.
She asked her what she liked to eat and if she needed someone to feed her… However, Doudou insisted on eating herself even though she seemed a little clumsy.
Very soon, her face got dirty.

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