Chapter 149: Flames

Outside Fuhua Villa District.

Wang Teng paid for his taxi and was just about to get down.
At this moment, the driver suddenly said, “Something seems to have happened in the Fuhua Villa District.
There are flames in front.
I didn’t know that accidents would happen in high-class districts too.
Should I call the police? Forget it.
The district’s management should have called the police already.
There’s no one at the gantry…”

The driver was muttering to himself.
Wang Teng only heard his first few sentences, though.
After that, his expression changed, and he dashed down the car.

He looked at the small district.
Indeed, he saw a patch of flame rising up into the sky.

Instantly, his expression underwent another change… The fire was in the direction of his house!

“Damn it!”

Wang Teng stomped his feet on the ground.

Crack… boom!

The sound of the air exploding resounded.
Wang Teng had already turned into flashes of lingering shadows as he sped to his house.

The driver was dumbstruck.
He looked at Wang Teng’s back view in a daze before exclaiming in astonishment, “Oh my god, this fellow is a martial warrior at such a young age! No wonder he can afford to live in a villa!”

The district was in a mess.

It was noon, so many people were still at work.
Most of the people at home were housewives and children.

This huge fire had definitely attracted the attention of many house owners in this area.
After calling the police, they rushed out of their houses and stood on their tiptoes as they looked in the direction of the fire.

“What happened? How did a fire start?”

“Who knows? I was just preparing to take my afternoon nap when I saw the flames and rushed out.”

“Did you call the management?”

“They must have known about it already.”

Discussions were heard everywhere.
People liked to watch a commotion, especially housewives.
They were extremely bored.
If they had things to chat about, they didn’t know any other way to pass their time.

This huge matter was enough for them to discuss for many days.

“Babe, don’t run around.
It’s very dangerous.”

“No, I want to take a look.
What a huge fire…”

A young mother around 30 years old was pulling her son, who was about seven years old.
This naughty child was like a frisky Husky.
He wanted to go wherever the commotion was.

In the end, he got beaten by his mother and cried.
He finally stopped fooling around.

Wang Teng ran past this mother and son at high speed.
They only saw a flash of lingering shadow and the strong wind blowing past them.

“What was that just now?”

“It looked like a person!”

“This speed… he’s a martial warrior!”

“Mom, what’s a martial warrior? Can you eat it? Is it nice?”

“Stupid brat, don’t spout nonsense.
Martial warriors will run to your window in the middle of the night and eat humans.
Are you afraid?”

Wang Teng: …

A martial warrior’s sense of hearing was exceptional.
When Wang Teng heard this sentence, he almost staggered and fell to the ground, even though he was in an emergency.

“Did you know that something happened to Wang Fugui’s house?”

“Ah, Wang Fugui, the nouveau riche dealing in property?”

“Yes, that’s him.
I heard that he harmed someone in the past.
The person’s son became a martial warrior and came to take revenge.”

“A martial warrior taking revenge? This is hard to manage.”

“You’re right.
The martial warrior has the right to take revenge.
That’s why you shouldn’t earn dishonest money…”

Wang Teng heard a few women talking when he ran past them.

“Wang Fugui!”

He felt slightly more relieved.
It looked like his family wasn’t in trouble.

He knew Wang Fugui.
Wang Shengguo had mentioned this person a few times at home.
However, unlike the opinions of these few ladies, Wang Shengguo had mixed comments about him.

Wang Fugui was born in a village.
Everyone knew that a person born with a low status had a harder time if they wanted to be successful.

It was more so for someone like him who wasn’t educated and didn’t have a family supporting him.
He had to rely on himself.

When he came to Donghai City, he started doing some small business.
Gradually, he got to know some people in the underground world.
That was when he began building his fortune.

He built a name for himself, and ordinary people didn’t dare to provoke him.
However, after a few years, his reputation got cleared, and he changed.
He started doing legal businesses and would occasionally attend some charity dinners.
He donated vast sums of money each time.

Even so, there were many people who looked down on him.
They scoffed at his method of doing things.

This was how humans were.
They were always looking for a sense of superiority in other people.

The wealthy looked down on the ordinary people who crawled up from the bottom.
They felt that these people were nouveau riche.

But, if you thought about it carefully, who didn’t crawl up from the bottom?

Zhu Yuanzhang was a beggar, but he still became an emperor in the end.

Heroes could come from anywhere!

Unfortunately, people nowadays had long forgotten this saying.

“Auntie Xiao, did you say that Wang Fugui is in trouble?” Wang Teng stopped to confirm.

“Aiyo, it’s Little Teng.
You’re back!” The woman called Auntie Xiao looked at Wang Teng and started smiling brightly.
This was the top scholar of the martial arts exam, a true-blue martial warrior.
There was no harm in forging a good relationship with him.

She immediately replied, “Yes, I went over to take a look secretly.
The martial warrior shouted it himself.
He asked others not to interfere.”

“Thank you.
I thought that something happened to my family.” Wang Teng nodded.
He finally felt at ease.

“It isn’t your family.
However, you better rush home to take a look.
Your house is so near.
You might get implicated,” Auntie Xiao reminded him kindly.

“You’re right.
I’ll leave first.”

“Alright, hurry up and go.”

Auntie Xiao watched Wang Teng as he ran off.
She couldn’t help but sigh.
She said to the women beside her, “In the past, he was a playful rich second generation who liked to goof around and drink.
I didn’t expect him to change so much.
Look at how polite he was just now.”

“You’re right.
Wang Shengguo is a lucky man.
His son is so promising.
The Wang family doesn’t have to worry about their future.” A woman beside her agreed.

Another woman said in envy, “They don’t have to worry.
They might even be able to progress further.”

“Sigh, look at Wang Teng.
The brat at home only knows how to anger me…” Auntie Xiao said with exasperation.

“Let me tell you, you should ask your husband to beat your son properly tonight.
He will become obedient.
If one beating isn’t enough, do it a few more times.
He would definitely turn obedient one day.”

Auntie Xiao nodded in deep thought.

In a certain pub, a young man who was playing a game with some beauties suddenly shivered.

What’s wrong? Is the aircon too strong? The young man wondered curiously.

“Young Master Xiao, what’s the matter?” the beauty beside him asked.

Little beauty, let’s continue playing.
I’m coming… hahaha!”

“Young Master Xiao, come and catch me.
If you catch me, I will allow you to…”

Wang Fugui’s house was engulfed in flames.
The management staff stood around the house with fire extinguishers, but none of them dared to go forward.
If the fire burned the surrounding objects, they would immediately put it out to prevent other houses from getting implicated.

This was the best result.
The martial warrior only wanted to take revenge on Wang Fugui’s family.
As long as they didn’t extinguish the fire in Wang Fugui’s house, the martial warrior wouldn’t care about them.
He had said so personally.

However, when they looked at the scene in front of them, many people still found it hard to endure.

A young man was holding a spear in his hand as he stood on the grass in front.
Flames were circling the tip of the spear.
He looked imposing.

But, at this moment, the tip of the spear was pointed at a girl around 4 years old.

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