Wang Shengguo chatted with Wang Teng as he ate his breakfast.

In the past, he wouldn’t have listened to his father at all.
Now, he listened really carefully and started pondering over his father’s words.

“He has grown up…”

Wang Shengguo felt content.
Wang Teng’s performance was vastly different these two days.

He used to hear other people telling him that their child suddenly grew up and became mature.
He could only smile bitterly in response.
He felt that his useless son wouldn’t be able to mature before he turned 30.


As his father, he was really worried for him!

Yet, now, Wang Shengguo managed to wait until the day arrived!

Sob~ this is too touching. His sternness was finally starting to take effect.
He didn’t waste his effort being a strict father.

Wang Shengguo finished his porridge and wiped his mouth.
He said with a serious expression, “The university entrance exam is a turning point in life.
I hope that you can think about it properly.

“I’m informing you about this not because I want you to take the exam this year.

“The university entrance exam is just around the corner.
Your studies are bad and you only started practicing martial arts recently, so there’s no hope of you taking the exam this year.
We can only wait until next year or the year after.

“The Ministry of Education has a rule.
You can register for the martial arts course anytime before you turn 20.
Hence, you have two chances to repeat your high school.

“As long as you can become an advanced stage martial disciple before you are 20, you will have the chance to register for the martial arts course.
I can hire tutors to help you with your studies and give you specialized tutoring.
There will be a good chance for you to enter university.”

He looked at Wang Teng after he finished speaking with a hint of anticipation in his eyes.
He hoped that his song would have a bright future!


This was probably the wish all parents had for their children.
This might be a form of love.

Wang Teng slowly finished the fried dough stick in his hand under Wang Shengguo’s gaze.
Then, he raised his head and smiled.
“Dad, maybe we won’t have to wait until next year.”

When he saw Wang Teng’s smile, Wang Shengguo knew that his son was listening to what he just said.
But why did he feel like scolding him upon hearing his words?

He couldn’t help but laugh and say, “It’s good to have confidence, but please don’t act in front of your father, your little brat.”

He didn’t believe that Wang Teng was able to pass his university entrance exam this year.

“This child is getting naughtier and naughtier.”

Li Xiumei took the coat on the clothing rack and passed it to Wang Shengguo as she complained sweetly.

“I won’t be arranging a driver for you today.
You can drive or take public transport.
It’s up to you.” Wang Shengguo took over the coat and left the house.

Wang Teng was speechless.
Was he very worrying in the past? His father always asked someone to fetch him to school and escort him home afterward, fearing that he would fool around outside.

He shook his head and bade farewell to his mother.
“Mom, I’ve finished eating.
I will be leaving.”

Be careful on the way.”

Wang Teng drove his car and reached Donghai No.
1 High School in 20 minutes.
He found a space to park his car and started walking towards his classroom.

Well… if he remembered correctly, he should be in year three class eight.

The year three classroom building.

Most of the students here seemed to be in a hurry.
The atmosphere here was much tenser than the classroom buildings for year one and year two.

When he reached his classroom, many students were already studying hard.

Most of them moved their lips as they silently recited their textbooks.
They didn’t make any sound to avoid disturbing others.

Wang Teng’s arrival seemed highly conspicuous in the quiet classroom.
A few students raised their heads with a tinge of surprise in their gazes.

But, they didn’t think too much.

This rich second generation probably woke up early accidentally.

He will most likely resume his usual late arrivals tomorrow.

These few thoughts flashed through the minds of several students in unplanned unison.
They hurriedly lowered their heads and continued what they were doing after that.

When Wang Teng walked into the classroom, his eyes suddenly lit up.

Attribute bubbles!

A few bubbles had dropped beside a few students.

He watched as one of the female students silently recited her textbook and a small bubble appeared on her lips.
As she continued, the bubble slowly became bigger…


Then, it dropped on the floor with a ‘splat’.

She really looked like a goldfish blowing bubbles.

Wang Teng was in a trance. You could drop bubbles when you are studying?

He always thought that only martial arts had attributes.
From the looks of it, that wasn’t the case.

He walked over calmly and collected the attributes.







The next moment, Wang Teng smiled.
A second ago, he was still worried that he wouldn’t be able to study well.
Now, the study attributes came like rain in a drought.

His bug was really amazing!


After he collected the attributes, relevant knowledge started appearing in his mind.

He felt as though he had learned all of this before.
They had merged into his memory and would never disappear.

Wang Teng sat down beside the lady that blew the bubble just now.

Indeed, this was Wang Teng’s table buddy.

This lady was their class monitor, Lin Chuhan.
She came from a normal family, but she was an ultimate star student.
She had the chance to enter the top universities in China.


One was a rich second generation who couldn’t study, while the other was an average civilian who was a star student.

By right, there was no way these two people could sit together.
But, their headteacher, Fan Weiming, arranged their seating like this.

He claimed that he did this so that the good student could teach her poor fellow classmate.

Hence, the best student, Lin Chuhan, had to teach the worst student, Wang Teng.

Old Fan’s unexpected move almost caused all the students in the class to sprain their backs.

He wasn’t afraid that this would affect Lin Chuhan and this star student might go astray because of Wang Teng.
There was a chance that she could enter the best university in the country.

Of course, Lin Chuhan’s appearance was another reason why everyone was filled with righteous indignation.

This was such a good and pretty little flower.
Old Fan was committing a crime by placing her beside such an unworthy person.

Unfortunately, no one dared to voice out their anger.

Wang Teng was a rich second generation who would be inheriting hundreds of millions of assets in the future.
They couldn’t afford to offend him.

However, everyone was surprised by Wang Teng.
Although he was incompetent in his studies, he didn’t disturb Lin Chuhan.

They had been table buddies for more than a year, and Lin Chuhan’s results remained the same.
She was always number one, never dropping in rank.

Also, because of Wang Teng, many male students didn’t dare to disturb Lin Chuhan.
This gave her a quiet learning environment.

Who knew that this might be a blessing in disguise.

Wang Teng looked at Lin Chuhan, and a memory floated into his mind.

He was just starting his year three in high school.

One night, Wang Shengguo suddenly told Wang Teng proudly, “Son, I gave some gifts to your headteacher so that he will arrange the best student to sit beside you.
You should learn from her properly.

“That’s right.
Don’t bully the young lady.
If I know, I will break your leg.
Do you understand!”

Wang Teng was frozen on the spot when he heard this piece of news.

Especially when he saw Old Wang’s proud expression, he felt speechless.

You placed the prettiest lady in school beside me, but you don’t allow me to touch her.
Are you my biological father?

This is too cruel!

Despite complaining, Wang Teng didn’t dare disobey Wang Shengguo.
Hence, he remained as Lin Chuhan’s obedient and good table buddy for a year.




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