Chapter 148: Sale!

Wang Teng had just taken out his keys and was opening the door when he heard someone calling his name.
He turned around and looked back.

When he saw who it was, he smiled and said, “So, it’s you guys.
Are you leaving for work?”

You… just came back from a trip?” asked Yan Xin.

Wang Teng nodded.
“Yes, I was out for a month and just returned.”

“No wonder no one answered.
We knocked on your door a few times,” Sun Xiuyun exclaimed.

“Junior Brother Wang, do you know that our Little Xinxin thought that you were ignoring her when you didn’t answer the door? She was so sad,” Li Qian didn’t forget to tease her roommate.

“Hey, what are you saying?” Yan Xin’s face blushed red like a peach.
She rushed forward and wanted to cover her bestie’s mouth.

“Ah~ murder…” Li Qian shouted and moved aside to evade Yan Xin.

“Don’t mind her.
She’s talking nonsense,” Yan Xin said to Wang Teng shyly.

“It’s alright.”

“Then… we will be leaving for work,” Yan Xin said.


Wang Teng watched the three ladies as they left.
He shook his head and walked into the courtyard, closing the door behind him.

He bathed and had a comfortable sleep.
When he got up, he felt reinvigorated.
The exhaustion on his body was completely gone.

In the afternoon, Wang Teng slowly headed to Jixin Martial House.

He had killed a huge number of star beasts during his trip to the Xingwu Continent, and his space ring was packed with all kinds of star beast materials.
He needed to get rid of them as quickly as possible.

However, the space ring was a precious item and came from an unknown source.
Thus, he mustn’t expose it.

Hence, before he left, he took out a portion of the star beast materials and stuffed them into a big bag.
Then, he brought it to the Jixin Martial House to trade.

Two hours later, he came out of Jixin Martial House with a smile on his face.
It looked like his gains were not bad.

For the next two days, Wang Teng continued taking out a portion of the star beast materials and pretended that he just came back from the Xingwu Continent.
He used the same method and brought the materials to Jixin Martial House to sell.

“He’s here again!”

“How many star beasts did Wang Teng kill? He has so many star beast materials.”

“It has been three days.
He brought so many ingredients every day.
Even if he hides them in the Xingwu Continent, he will need a cave.”

“This is not the most important thing.
The main thing is, he has only been to the Xingwu Continent twice and has already killed so many star beasts.
Are newbies nowadays all so powerful?”

“Haha, I don’t think so.
I think only Wang Teng is so powerful!”

Surprised voices were heard continuously.
Many people were flabbergasted when they saw Wang Teng bringing piles and piles of star beast materials to exchange or sell.

On the third day, even Lin Zhan and his teammates came because they heard the news.

“Wang Teng, you went to the Xingwu Continent alone and even killed so many star beasts?” Lin Zhan looked at the big pile of star beast materials on the ground in astonishment.

“Haha, I couldn’t control myself, so I went.” Wang Teng felt a little awkward.

Lin Zhan had reminded him not to go to the Xingwu Continent alone in the past.
He promised him on the surface, yet he still went secretly.

“Forget it.
If I knew you were so powerful, I wouldn’t have stopped you.” Lin Zhan sighed.

“Good riddance, Brother Wang Teng, you must have earned a few hundred million.” Liu Yan’s eyes were glittering.

“I earned quite a bit.” Wang Teng didn’t answer directly.

“Where did you hide these things? How did you manage to collect so many before transporting them back?” Yan Jinming asked curiously.

Wang Teng’s heart stopped beating.
He racked his mind before coming up with a reason.
“I found a secluded cave and set some traps to prevent star beasts from getting in.”

“You’re really lucky.
Other people have tried this before, but the locations all got taken by star beasts.
You need to be careful next time,” Yan Jinming replied.

“It seems like my luck is not bad.” Wang Teng nodded as he pondered to himself.

While the few of them were chatting, the staff had finished counting the materials.

After selling his items in batches over the past few days, Wang Teng finally sold all the materials he collated.

The space ring was cleared.

He received a total of 580 million.

It was unwise to look down on these materials just because they were 1-star star beast materials.
If enough of them were gathered, you could earn a lot.

Lin Zhan and his teammates pulled Wang Teng out and forced him to treat them when they saw how much he had earned.

At a high-class restaurant.

The few of them gathered around a table.
There were all kinds of seafood, star beast meat, and fruits on the table.

They heartily ate and enjoyed the extravagant meal.

While dining, they talked about Wang Teng’s experience during this trip to the Xingwu Continent.
Wang Teng told them about the dark apparition.

“You actually met that thing!” Lin Zhan said with a stern expression.

“Dark apparitions are extremely dangerous.
Did you get hurt?” Liu Yan asked in concern.

“I’m fine.
There was another martial warriors team from the Xingwu Continent at that time.
They got hurt,” Wang Teng replied.

They thought that Wang Teng was able to return to Earth safely because of the martial warrior team’s help, so they commented on his luck again.

“I wonder if you’re unlucky or lucky.
Other people might not be able to have this experience even if they went to the Xingwu Continent ten times, but you had it on your first time.
Fortunately, you are safe.” Liu Yan was speechless.

“Haha, that can’t be helped.
I can’t control it.” Wang Teng laughed awkwardly.

“Did you report it to the military?” asked Lin Zhan.

General Shen from Yong City came to look for me personally.”

“General Shen!” Lin Zhan was shocked.
He exclaimed, “You met him? He’s the most powerful person in Yong City’s military.
It’s hard to meet him.”

“Maybe it’s because they place high importance on dark apparitions.” Wang Teng shook his head.
Suddenly, he remembered something and asked, “Oh, do you know about the frontline battleground?”

“You even know about the frontline battleground?” Lin Zhan and his teammates looked at him in astonishment.

They only got to know of this insider news after being in the martial warriors’ world for a few years.
Wang Teng just entered the Xingwu Continent twice, but he already knew so many things.

They weren’t looking down on Wang Teng.
It was just that you wouldn’t be able to get in touch with some things if you didn’t reach a certain status.

If your level was too low and you didn’t have enough ability, knowing too many things wouldn’t be an advantage.
You might even lose your life because of it.

“General Shen told me,” Wang Teng said.
When he saw his teammates’ expressions, he knew that this frontline battleground was not a trivial matter.

“No wonder!” Lin Zhan and his team members were enlightened.
At the same time, they felt even more astounded.

General Shen told Wang Teng such things.
This meant that he had high hopes for Wang Teng.
If not, why would someone like him speak to an ordinary martial warrior?

Since General Shen had already told him, they had nothing to hide.

Lin Zhan contemplated for some time before answering, “The frontline battleground is the source of the dark apparitions.
The military stopped the invasion of dark apparitions there to prevent them from wreaking havoc.”

“The source… abyss!” Wang Teng said this word slowly.

“You know this too? General Shen told you?” Lin Zhan asked.

“Of course.
Who else could have told me?”

“I don’t have anything for you.
This is all we know.”

“What is the abyss?”

“I’m not sure either.” Lin Zhan shook his head.

Wang Teng asked a few more questions, and Lin Zhan answered them selectively.
However, they didn’t do much.

After finishing their meal, the group walked out of the restaurant and prepared to leave.

“We will be going to the Xingwu Continent again soon.
This time, we’ll be heading to the middle circle.
Do you want to go together?” Lin Zhan asked before they parted.

“Middle circle!” Wang Teng repeated.
In his heart, he was shocked.
He hesitated before saying, “I’m starting school soon.
I don’t know if I will be able to find some time.”

“We have to prepare first.
Before leaving, we’ll contact you again.
You can decide if you want to go then,” Lin Zhan said.

Wang Teng nodded.
He bade farewell to his teammates, but he didn’t return to his rented house in the university town.
Instead, he went to Fuhua Villa District… He went home.

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