Chapter 147: Secret

Wang Teng was brought to a meeting room in the military camp, where he was received by another person.

The soldier attending to him had informed the higher authorities.
He asked Wang Teng to wait in the room.

Wang Teng waited for approximately ten minutes before hearing hurried footsteps outside the door.
There seemed to be more than one person.

The next instant, the huge door opened.

“Did you say that you met a dark apparition in the Dark Mist Forest?”

The voice was heard before the person appeared!

A refined figure with a powerful aura dressed in a military uniform walked in with large strides.

Wang Teng couldn’t help but look at him.

“This is the top person-in-charge of our military district, General Shen!” The soldier that received Wang Teng introduced the person to him.

“General Shen!” Wang Teng immediately stood up and greeted him with respect.
“Yes, I met a dark apparition with another Xingwu Continent martial warrior team in the Dark Mist Forest.”

He explained what happened in detail before the other party could ask him.
After he finished, Wang Teng took out the piece of meat he cut off from the dark apparition.

“I cut this from the dark apparition’s body.
It’s inconvenient to bring the entire corpse back, so we burnt it into ashes.
You can inspect this piece.”

“What you did is right.
If you don’t get rid of the dark apparition’s body immediately, it will infect the other living things.” General Shen nodded.
Then, he spoke to a soldier beside him, “Little Li, bring this for examination.”

The soldier immediately took the piece of meat and left.

“Did you say that there was a Xingwu Continent martial warrior team with you?” General Shen asked.

“Yes, they were the ones who discovered the dark apparition first and coincidentally led it to my hiding place.
The dark apparition saw me, so I had to act,” said Wang Teng.

“Have they reported it to the Xingwu Continent’s military?” General Shen asked.

“Yes, after we entered the city, we parted ways.
They went to the Xingwu Continent’s military district while I came here.” Wang Teng nodded.

After some time, the soldier called Little Li came back.
He was holding a report in his hand, which he passed to General Shen.

“It’s indeed a dark apparition.” General Shen turned serious.
He said to Wang Teng, “Thank you for reporting this.
This is very important.”

“You’re too polite!” Wang Teng felt overwhelmed by his kind attitude.

“Relax, I don’t eat humans.” General Shen smiled.
“You’re Wang Teng, right? I heard from Old Fu that the top scholar of the martial arts exam in Donghai this year is a rare genius.
It must be you.”

“Old Fu?” Wang Teng was confused.

“Fu Tiandao, the principal of Donghai’s Jixin Martial House,” General Shen explained.

“Oh, you know our principal,” replied Wang Teng.

“Hahaha, we are old friends,” General Shen smiled and said.

“You’re from Donghai too?” Wang Teng asked again.

“That’s right.”

The two of them chatted for some time.
Wang Teng hesitated before asking, “General Shen, what is this dark apparition?”

“You must have heard about the increase in enrolment for the martial arts exam this year, right?” General Shen didn’t give a direct answer.
Instead, he looked at Wang Teng meaningfully.

“Could it be…” Wang Teng’s expression changed.

“That’s right, it’s exactly what you think.
We need to deal with the dark apparitions,” General Shen said.

“Why? Even if there’s a need to deal with the dark apparitions, it’s Xingwu Continent’s job.
Why do we need to waste so much effort? Dark apparitions are so dangerous.
Many martial warriors must have died in their hands.” Wang Teng couldn’t help but reason with him.

“We need to enroll more martial disciples because many martial warriors have been sacrificed.
As for the reason…” General Shen stared at Wang Teng before continuing, “I can only tell you that our Earth isn’t safe either.
If we don’t take the necessary precautions, we will become victims sooner or later.”

“The Earth is not safe!”

In an instant, Wang Teng’s mind cleared up.

He understood!

He understood everything!

Why was the dimensional rift so heavily guarded? Why were there military troops stationed in the Xingwu Continent? Why was there an increased enrollment for the martial arts exam…

The many doubts he had were finally answered.

“If not, why do you think martial warriors enjoy such a high status? The more benefits they enjoy, the greater their responsibility,” General Shen said.

“I understand.” Wang Teng’s mouth was a little dry.

He realized that he seemed to have discovered some huge secret.
His heart felt really heavy.

“Don’t worry too much.
The Earth is safe for now.
We have martial warriors at the frontline, so the situation is under control,” General Shen thought that he was worried about the safety of the Earth, so he consoled Wang Teng.

“Do students like us have to go to the frontline and fight with dark apparitions in the future?” Wang Teng asked.

“Not necessary.
Some martial arts students won’t choose the actual combat path.
They might take office jobs in the future.
They don’t need to go to the frontline,” General Shen explained patiently.

Wang Teng remained silent for some time.
Then, he asked, “What’s the frontline like?”

“Once you enter university, you will have a chance to see it.
Not all dark apparitions are like the ones you met.
That’s just the lowest level one.
There are higher-level dark apparitions too.
Those are the real frightening things,” General Shen said.

“Can I ask one last question?”

“Go ahead.”

“Where do dark apparitions come from?” Wang Teng asked.

This time, General Shen hesitated for a few seconds.
Finally, he said, “Nevermind, you will know it sooner or later.
They come from the abyss!”

“Abyss!” Wang Teng couldn’t help but repeat.

General Shen didn’t continue speaking.
Wang Teng was sensible and didn’t probe further either.
He stood up and took his leave.

“We’ll meet again if fate allows it.” General Shen stood up.

The soldier who received Wang Teng sent him to the gates of the military district.

“Thank you, you can stop here,” Wang Teng said.

“This is the first time I saw General Shen talking to someone unfamiliar for such a long time,” the soldier smiled and said.

“Should I feel honored?” Wang Teng looked deep into the military district.

The soldier who received him looked at him ambiguously.
He didn’t speak anymore, though.
He waved at Wang Teng and turned around to walk back to the military camp.

Since Wang Teng had returned to Yong City, he decided to go back to Earth.

As for the dark apparition, the military would take care of it.
He couldn’t be of any help anyway.

If the sky fell, the tall people would hold onto it.

Dimensional rift.

Wang Teng stayed outside the dimensional rift for some time and picked up another round of space attributes.
Then, he left in satisfaction.


He returned to his rented house in the university town.

Wang Teng had already taken off his battle uniform.
He carried his weapon carrier casket and looked worn and weary.

After the series of events, it was already 8 in the morning.

The three ladies next door were just leaving for work.
They coincidentally saw Wang Teng, who was opening his door.

“Wang Teng!”

Yan Xin shouted with uncertainty.

She hadn’t seen Wang Teng in a month.
She knocked on his door a few times and wanted to ask him out to play.

However, Wang Teng wasn’t home.
She thought that he was ignoring her and felt dejected for some time.

Now that she saw Wang Teng, he seemed to have just come back from a trip.

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