Chapter 145: Assimilation

“Liao Long, are you alright?” Luo Ya walked towards ‘Liao Long’ and asked in concern.
“Where are you hurt? Do you have healing medicine?

“You can’t move? Don’t worry, we will save you and bring you back.
We are comrades…”

She moved closer step by step.
Towards the end, her voice got gentler, as if she was comforting the other person.

“Save me…”

‘Liao Long’ was still pleading for help.
However, his voice was getting weaker.
He was breathing in more air than he breathed out, as though he would die at any moment.

“Don’t worry.
I’ll save you immediately!”

As Luo Ya spoke, they were already less than five meters away from each other.
The moment she finished speaking, she suddenly shot forward.
She rushed in front of the other party in an instant.

Wang Teng only saw a sharp sword light flashing in the dark.
The speed of her attack was extremely fast.
It felt as though the moment she took her sword out of its sheath, she had already stabbed ‘Liao Long.’

“Luo Ya!”

Her three teammates’ expressions changed.
They didn’t expect Luo Ya to attack ‘Liao Long.’

They had also noticed something amiss, but they didn’t want to attack ‘Liao Long.’ After all, he had been their teammate for many years.

Luo Ya’s expression didn’t change, though.
A cold glint flashed past her eyes as she stabbed her long sword viciously into ‘Liao Long’s’ body.
She didn’t care about their relationship at all.

Wang Teng’s eyes widened.
This lady left a strong impression on him.

She was sharp, decisive, and ruthless!

Wang Teng was able to notice the difference with the help of his Spiritual Sight.
However, Luo Ya acted solely based on her observation and judgment.

It wasn’t easy for her to make such a decision!

At first, he wanted to remind the other party, but when he noticed that she had another motive, he decided to wait and see.

Although the result was unexpected, he wasn’t too shocked.

In the next instant, Luo Ya’s teammates’ expressions changed again.
They shouted at her.


Almost at the same time, Luo Ya had already started moving.
While the sword light slashed through the air, she tilted her body slightly.
She pierced her battle sword behind her closer to her right side.

“This was what I was waiting for!”

There was a cold smile at the edge of her lips.
She seemed to have been saving her energy for a long time.
At this moment, her Force exploded, and the sword rays glowed brightly.
It slashed towards the dark apparition with a loud sound.


The dark apparition was finally hit.
It let out a painful wail as blood spurted out of its chest.
It flew backward.

“Let me kill you when you’re injured!”

Wang Teng moved his body and stabbed the dark apparition with his battle sword.


The sword penetrated the heart of the dark apparition.

The three members of Luo Ya’s team followed closely behind him.
The giant martial warrior held his battle mace and slammed it on the dark apparition’s head.


It shattered into pieces like a watermelon.

Such violence!

Wang Teng hurriedly jumped back to evade the red and white matter splattering everywhere.

“You are a step too late.” The giant martial warrior, Kun Qi, laughed while speaking to his other two teammates.

“Kun Qi, how did you react so quickly today?” The dwarf martial warrior was frustrated, but he was curious too.

“I’ve been staring at this young man.
The moment he moved, I moved too,” Kun Qi said smartly.

“You can do this?”

The dwarf and the other man exchanged glances with each other.

Wang Teng looked at Kun Qi in surprise when he heard this.
This big guy wasn’t stupid!


Just when everyone thought that the trouble was solved, blood spurted out of Luo Ya’s back.
Her entire body flew out.

“Luo Ya!”

Kun Qi and the other people screamed in shock as their expressions changed.

They looked at ‘Liao Long.’ He was actually standing up in an extremely weird posture.

His actions were a little stiff.
The top half of his body was slouching, his shoulders were bent, and his joints were cracking loudly.
He staggered as he stood up.

No one, including Wang Teng, saw how Luo Ya was attacked.

Kun Qi and the other two people rushed over and stood in front of Luo Ya to protect her.

“Luo Ya, how are you?”

“Cough! Fortunately, I managed to block some of the damage.
I won’t die yet.” Luo Ya crawled up from the ground with difficulty.

Her left arm was injured, most likely fractured.
If she didn’t manage to defend herself just now, that attack would have cost her her life.

“Be careful of that thing.
He seemed to have… been assimilated.” Luo Ya’s expression was serious.
She thought for a moment before she managed to squeeze out this descriptive word.

They had heard of the dark apparition before, but this was their first time meeting one.

As for ‘Liao Long’s’ current condition, they had never heard nor seen it before.

Everyone looked at ‘Liao Long.’

At this moment, they finally saw his face.
‘Liao Long’s’ face was very similar to the dark apparition’s face.
His eyes were scarlet, and strange black stripes covered his face.
The dark green veins were popping out of his forehead, wriggling like snakes.

It looked disgusting and terrifying.

‘Liao Long’s’ neck was severely mangled.
Half of it was already bitten off.
Fresh blood flowed out of his wound and trickled down his chest, thigh, and legs.
It dripped onto the ground from his trouser legs.

“Stabbing his heart is useless.
We need to smash his head,” Luo Ya reminded everyone.

Wang Teng nodded.
Luo Ya had already stabbed ‘Liao Long’s’ heart.
However, the other party didn’t die and even managed to retaliate.

“What on earth is this!”

Kun Qi and the other people looked at ‘Liao Long’ with complicated expressions.
They had sorrow on their faces as they gritted their teeth and cursed uncontrollably.

“KIll it.
This thing is no longer your teammate,” Wang Teng said.

“You don’t need to tell us.
Let our team deal with this,” Kun Qi glared at Wang Teng and shouted in anger.

“Sure,” Wang Teng said indifferently.

‘Liao Long’ staggered as he stood on the spot.
Suddenly, it pounced forward without any warning.
The clumsy movement just now had disappeared completely as it charged at Kun Qi and his teammates at an unprecedented speed.
It started running on all fours like the dark apparition.

Luo Ya, Kun Qi, and their teammates released their full power.
They wanted to send their teammate off personally and not let him remain as a monster.

However, the dark apparition was really difficult to deal with.
They had already experienced it before.
The ‘Liao Long’ in front of them was assimilating into a dark apparition.
As time passed, it became more and more similar to a dark apparition.
Darkness was its element.
The martial warriors found it hard to tackle it.

Wang Teng didn’t move.
His gaze landed on the dark apparition that was already killed.

Dark Force*5

Beginner stage dark talent*1


Three bubbles were floating above the corpse.

These three bubbles were different from the bubbles in the past.
They were giving off a black glow.

Killing dark apparitions would drop attribute bubbles too!

Dark Force? Dark talent? Wang Teng was dumbfounded.
There were such attributes too?

If he picked them up, would he become a dark apparition?

Wang Teng had his concerns.
He couldn’t help but hesitate. The system won’t harm me, right?

Eventually, he gritted his teeth and picked up the three bubbles.

As the beginner stage dark talent merged into his body, Wang Teng felt a sense of intimacy with the darkness around him.
It was as if he was able to turn invisible when he stood in the dark.
No one would be able to find him.

Is this the dark talent?

There’s dark Force too!

Wang Teng felt a weak Force in his Force nucleus.
He could sense that the dark Force was different from the five elements and the other mutated Forces.

He couldn’t state what exactly it was, but it was a natural difference.

The dark Force was colder and eerier.
The five elements Forces and mutated Forces, even the ice Force, had a warm and vibrant feel.

Finally, it was the spirit attribute.
The dark apparition had dropped 8 points of spirit.
It was a surprise for Wang Teng.
After all, no martial warriors had dropped this much spirit before.

Is there something special about dark apparitions? He thought to himself.

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