Chapter 142: Don’t Go Out When It’s Dark

Wang Teng walked out of the Force tower and strode on the wide streets of Yong City.

Ever since getting the space ring, he had started keeping some inconvenient items inside the ring.
He only needed to carry his weapon carrier casket.
Otherwise, he traveled lightly.

He kept thinking of the same question along the way.

Why weren’t people from the Xingwu Continent able to pass through the dimensional rift?

Last time, Wang Teng had asked Lin Zhan and his teammates the same question, but they didn’t know the answer.

Could it be that the Earth’s will is resisting the people from the Xingwu Continent? Wang Teng had this thought, but he found it a little funny.

Although the presence of martial warriors in this martial arts era didn’t make scientific sense, it would be even more absurd if they started talking about the will of the Earth.

He shook his head.

Not far away from him, the Yong City branch of Jixin Martial House was within his sight.

When Wang Teng walked into the building, many people recognized him.

“Isn’t that the newbie from the Tiger Warrior team? Why is he alone?”

“The Tiger Warrior team lost an important member recently.
By right, they will need to spend a long time reorganizing themselves before they come to the Xingwu Continent again.”

“Could it be that he’s here to explore on his own?”

The martial warriors in the hall started discussing among themselves.
Some looked at Wang Teng in surprise.

Wang Teng ignored everyone and walked straight to the counter.
He said to the staff, “I want to borrow a heavy armor vehicle.”

The staff looked at Wang Teng’s extremely young face and felt a little astounded.

“Are you sure?” he asked.

“Yes!” Wang Teng nodded.

“Young man, do you know how dangerous it is to explore and hunt alone?” Someone couldn’t help but remind Wang Teng.

“Thank you for your concern.
However, I’ve already made my decision,” said Wang Teng.

“Alright, I just wanted to remind you.
You can make your own decision.
We can’t control you.” The person waved his hand nonchalantly.

The staff didn’t say anything.
He just passed Wang Teng a key.

“This is the car key.
Take the car matching the number on the key.
The payment will be based on the amount of time you use it.
Also, if the car is spoiled, you will need to make the necessary compensation.”

“What other questions do you have?”

“No questions.” Wang Teng nodded and turned around to leave the martial arts building.

The people in the hall looked at his back view as he left.
They couldn’t help but exclaim.

“Youth knows no fear.”

Wang Teng drove the heavy armor vehicle out of Yong City toward the Dark Mist Forest.

The heavy armor vehicle used Force as its fuel.

There was a vast difference between the Xingwu Continent and Earth.
The Xingwu Continent used Force as their primary energy source.

Besides the Force in the air around them, the main source of Force came from energy stones.

If they wanted to use Force, they needed the help of runes.

However, if they wanted to extract Force from the air, they needed to extract, purify, and coagulate it.
There were too many steps, and the efficiency was low.
Without the skillfully contrived rune, they wouldn’t be able to move machinery at a highly effective rate.

Thus, under normal circumstances, these types of machinery relied on the Force in energy stones as their fuel.
Wang Teng only knew this general knowledge after he started driving his own car.

It was already dusk.
A huge sun hung low in the west, right above the horizon.

The heavy armor vehicle moved forward at high speed, startling the birds in the wild.

The transfer station outside the Dark Mist Forest was known as the Dark Mist Town.

By the time Wang Teng reached the Dark Mist Town, the sky had turned completely dark.

He parked his car to the side, as he didn’t plan to stop here.
He wanted to enter the Dark Mist Forest while it was still dark.

He walked out of the small town and saw many citizens from the Xingwu Continent along the way.
Some of them looked at him coldly.
They even seemed a little malicious.

The Dark Mist Town was a famous location in the Xingwu Continent.
All kinds of martial warriors were gathered here, good and bad.

From the past until now, the Xingwu Continent remained a place that respected the powerful.
They closely abided by the rule of ‘the survival of the fittest.’ In fact, they didn’t even hide their intentions.

When the dimensional rifts appeared, they didn’t change, following the same rule when they faced the martial warriors from the Earth.
They maintained peace on the surface, but the actual competition was intense and cruel.

To some local tyrants that stayed in the Dark Mist Town all year round, Wang Teng, who came here all alone, was like a huge fat sheep!

Wang Teng entered the Dark Mist Forest.
Wearing his infrared glasses, he started shuttling back and forth in the forest at high speed.

Steps of Gale!

Wind Force swirled around his feet and formed small whirlpools.
It pushed his body up and made him feel incredibly light and agile.

This is how it feels like to be the wind.

He kept increasing his speed to experience the sensation of merging with the wind.

This time, he didn’t execute the Steps of Gale because he wanted to show off.
Instead, he was just practicing his battle technique to increase its proficiency.

Wang Teng remained alert of his environment and occasionally used his Spiritual Sight to observe the changes to the Force around him.


Suddenly, he noticed something, and his gaze paused for a moment.
He moved his body and leaped up a huge tree.
He hid among the flourishing tree leaves.

The plants on Earth had grown stronger and bigger after the purification of the Force, but compared to their counterparts on the Xingwu Continent, they were small.

After Wang Teng hid himself, a few black figures came over at a fast speed.

“What happened? Where did that brat go?”

“Damn it, he’s really fast.
He disappeared in a blink of an eye.”

The three suspicious figures were whispering in frustration.

Wang Teng hid in the tree.
As he listened to their conversation, he scoffed in his heart. Hmm, y’all are actually targeting me?

“Let’s split up and search.
Once anyone sees him, send the signal,” one of the people said.


The remaining two nodded and headed in other directions to search for Wang Teng.
They left one person here to explore the vicinity.

Based on the intensity of the Force rays around these three, they should be 1-star soldier-level martial warriors. I want to see how you are going to rob me.

Wang Teng remained indifferent, and an icy glare shot out of his eyes.

He had killed many people, so he was gradually getting used to it.
He didn’t mind having a few more lives on his hands.

“Where did he go? Why can’t we find him?” The person below muttered to himself.
He searched for a long time, but he couldn’t find anyone.

“Are you looking for me?” A voice suddenly came from above him.

In the dark, the person’s expression changed.
Before he could react, though, a cold ray flashed past, and his body turned stiff and motionless.

“Urgh, urgh…”

His voice was stuck in his throat.
His pupils constricted to needles, and his gaze was filled with disbelief.
The person reflexively clutched his throat to stop the fresh blood from flowing out.
He fell down weakly.

As his opponent was a martial warrior, Wang Teng waited for some time before calling out to him once he was relaxed.
His opponent was stunned.
Wang Teng used his spiritual power to fire the Shooting Star Spiral that he brought with him and took away his opponent’s life in a split second.

One shot, one kill!

This method was unexpected.
Even martial warriors had a hard time guarding against it.



Earth Force*6

A few attribute bubbles dropped.

Wang Teng picked them up and then kept the corpse in his space ring.
Next, he chased after the other two who had gone in different directions.

The martial warrior I just killed is the most powerful one among them.
He should be a 1-star advanced-stage martial warrior.
The other two people are weaker.
Never mind, let’s just kill them using this sneaky method.
Saves me much trouble.

Wang Teng used his Steps of Gale and silently closed in on one of the martial warriors.

The Shooting Star Spiral was made from the spirit shadow star bone, so it was a potent murdering weapon in the dark.
Even 2-star or 3-star martial warriors might get killed by it if they were careless.

Very soon, Wang Teng found the other martial warrior.


He hid behind a huge tree.
Following his thoughts, the Shooting Star Spiral jumped in the air.
The martial warrior got killed instantly.
He didn’t even have time to react.


Water Force*3

He picked them up.

It was the last martial warrior’s turn.
Without any surprises, he died from the Shooting Star Spiral.

Wang Teng looked at the Shooting Star Spiral that was giving off a dull glint.
He suddenly thought of a sentence—Don’t go out when it’s dark!

The Shooting Star Spiral allowed him to turn into a night murderer.
No one was able to live under his hands.
Actually, killing 1-star martial warriors was as easy as killing chickens.

Many people went through many hardships and challenges to become martial warriors.
Yet, they got killed so easily.
This was the cruelty of the martial warriors’ world.

Wang Teng looked at the bubbles dropped by the last martial warrior.


Fire Force*5

He picked them up.
It was a pity that there weren’t any scriptures or battle techniques.

Wang Teng took out the other two corpses and laid them side by side.
He then started searching the bodies.

In the end, he found three small bags of energy stones.
There weren’t many of them, only around 30 pieces.

He also found three weapons that were 1-star grade.
He would earn some money if he sold them.

After finishing everything, Wang Teng burned the three corpses into ashes.

Getting rid of the corpses and the traces was a necessary step after killing someone.

Also, Wang Teng viewed the Shooting Star Spiral as his secret weapon.
He didn’t want other people to notice any hints of it from the corpses.

The fire extinguished quickly.
Next, Wang Teng headed towards the depth of the forest at high speed.

Although the three martial warriors were dead, no one would seek justice for them.
Their deaths would only cause some people to laugh at them for failing miserably in an easy task.
After some time, no one would even remember their names.

After taking care of the trouble, Wang Teng started training and hunting in the Dark Mist Forest alone.

The star beasts in the Xingwu Continent were bigger in size than those on Earth.
They ran wild in the forest, and the commotion they made was astonishing.

It had been three days since Wang Teng entered the Dark Mist Forest.

At this moment, in front of him, six flying daggers and his Shooting Star Spiral formed afterimages in the air as they cut through it.
Their paths crisscrossed and created an airtight death web.

It cut away at the group of 1-star star beasts in front of him like a meat grinder.

Star beast was a powerful presence.
Even if it was just a 1-star beginner-stage star beast, ordinary martial warriors would need some time before they could kill it.

Some inexperienced martial warriors might even get killed by the star beast instead.

However, now, the numerous star beasts in front of Wang Teng couldn’t retaliate at all.
They were being slaughtered like farm animals.

The angry howls of the star beasts were heard continuously.
It sounded exceptionally sad and shrill.

The ground was quickly soaked with blood.
Meat piles landed on the ground, painting a chilling scene.

More than ten 1-star beginner-stage jackals were killed by Wang Teng.
They dropped a whole bunch of attribute bubbles.

Blank Attribute*2

Blank Attribute*2

Earth Force*5

Blank Attribute*3

Earth Force*2

He picked them up.

During these three days, Wang Teng didn’t go too deep into the forest.
Instead, he hunted 1-star beginner-stage star beasts like the ones in front of him.

To other martial warriors, a group of star beasts might be a disaster, but Wang Teng was able to rely on his spiritual power to turn them into his attribute bubbles ATM.

Wang Teng’s spiritual power was stronger than his Force.
It was a lethal threat to beginner stage star beasts.

He would kill one whenever he saw one!

The more there were, the more exhilarating it was to kill them.
Accordingly, there were more attribute bubbles too.

When he killed star beasts, the attributes that dropped the most were blank attributes and Force attributes.

Wang Teng would increase his enlightenment whenever he received a blank attribute.

His enlightenment had already reached the spiritual realm.
When he raised it higher, the effects got better and better.

It allowed the practice speed of his battle techniques to become faster and faster.
His proficiency increased exponentially.

If it continues like this, I will be able to reach the perfected stage for many of my battle techniques in no time!

Also, the Force attributes have been rising quickly too.
They are reaching the level of a 2-star soldier level!

Wang Teng was extremely motivated as he watched his stats rising at a visible speed.
He took off all the materials on the star beast’s bodies and put them in his space ring.

Star cores and star bones were rare.
He hadn’t seen any until now.

Let’s continue!

Wang Teng decided to head deeper into the forest.

During these three days, he had killed most of the 1-star beginner-stage star beasts in this area.
Now, all the star beasts were like birds startled by the mere twang of a bowstring.
Once they sensed any movement, they would run away.
Rather than wasting time chasing them, Wang Teng decided to hunt for star beasts deeper in the forest.

The outer circle of the Dark Mist Forest was the territory of 1-star to 3-star star beasts.

Normally, the deeper you went, the higher the level of the star beasts and the more powerful they were.

Wang Teng kept pushing on from the outside of the circle to the inside.
He started with 1-star beginner-stage star beasts, 1-star advanced-stage star beasts, and then 1-star peak-stage star beasts.

After another five days, a massive number of 1-star star beasts were killed by Wang Teng.
His ability had taken an enormous leap.

All his five element Forces had finally reached the 2-star level.

The five Forces entered the second Force nucleus above his tailbone.
The five elements circled the Force nucleus, reinforcing and counteracting one another.
It was a mysterious feeling.

That night, Wang Teng sat cross-legged on the crown of a huge tree and felt the changes of the Forces in his body.
He had a sudden thought.

What will happen if I merge the five element Forces together?

Unfortunately, I lack metal and wood talents, so I’m unable to use these two Forces.
If not, I could have given it a try.

When he pushed this thought aside, a new thought came to his mind.
He frowned and pondered. The three mutated elements, wind, ice, and poison, are hard to get.
I haven’t seen any star beast with these three attributes.
I didn’t even see another gale wolf.

I think that I can start hunting 2-star star beasts tomorrow.
I hope that I can meet some of these star beasts.

Once he decided on his plan, Wang Teng closed his eyes to rest.
He continued his massacre the next day.

I’ll try my best to become a 3-star martial warrior before school starts.

Wang Teng had this thought in mind, so he got more hardworking at hunting and killing star beasts.
Slowly, he started exuding a crazy temperament.

In the afternoon, he wandered around the forest and suddenly saw a star beast.
His eyes lit up.

Shh, look what I found.

A gale wolf that got separated from its pack.
I can try to kill it.
One gale wolf can provide me with many wind Force attributes.
It will also drop a large number of blank attributes.

However, gale wolves weren’t easy to deal with.
He needed to close in on them slowly from the back, carefully without making a sound.

Alright, I’ve caught it.
Look at how hard it’s struggling.
I will smash its head into pieces, and then… There was no more ‘then’ after this.

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