Chapter 139: Crazy About Making Pig Heads

Who am I?

Where am I?

What am I doing here?

For a moment, Wang Teng suspected his own identity. Am I really a fellow evil clansman or just a spy?

Pfft, pfft!

He hurriedly shook his head to throw this ridiculous thought out of his mind.

To hell with being a spy.

I don’t want to do it for three years and three more years.
It’s very miserable!

He stared at the people below him with a dangerous gaze.

You are really free.
How dare you create rumors about me? Do I need to find some things for them to do?

As he thought about this, he used his spiritual power to control a rock.
He threw it on the door of the warehouse where the evil clansmen were all gathered.

A huge ‘clang’ was heard!

“Who is it!” The evil clansmen in the warehouse were like birds startled by the mere twang of a bowstring.
A few of them rushed out of the warehouse and started looking around.

“F**k, who threw that rock?” The members of the City Protection Bureau cursed.
They shrunk back to prevent the evil clansmen from seeing them.

“Take a look around the warehouse.
Let’s make sure that nothing happens,” one of the evil clansmen said.

More than ten evil clansmen dispersed and started searching their surroundings.

“Damn it, we can’t hide anymore.

The members of the City Protection Bureau hiding in the dark helplessly made a decision.
At first, they wanted to wait a little longer, but they didn’t have the luxury anymore.

They were in the dark while their enemies were standing in the light.

The evil clansmen that came out to check things were taken care of in an instant.
Then, the members of the City Protection Bureau lying in ambush started moving.

They threw smoke bombs and tear shells into the warehouse together.

“What is this?”

“Oh my god, we are exposed! Run!”

Most of the evil clansmen in the warehouse were martial disciples.
They could hold their breaths for a short period or use their Force to block the gas.
However, since they were caught unawares, many of them still got affected.

The members of the City Protection Bureau wore protective masks and charged into the warehouse.
Next, gunshots resounded in the silent surroundings.

This is an unexpected move! Wang Teng was still hiding in a corner.
As he observed the actions of the City Protection Bureau, he felt like watching a police and thief movie.
This was an eye-opener!

The evil clansmen wouldn’t sit and wait to die.
They started resisting.

Immediately, explosions, cries of agony, and shouts were heard from the warehouse.

Tsk, tsk, tsk, it sounds intense. Wang Teng watched the show from outside as he waited to collect attribute bubbles.


The abandoned warehouse was already in poor shape.
Now, it started crumbling.
After all, there were a bunch of martial warriors fighting inside.
The destructive power of 3-star and above martial warriors was very impressive.
The warehouse couldn’t withstand the beating anymore and collapsed.

Multiple figures flew out of the warehouse, changing the battle arena to outside.

Some evil clansmen wanted to escape in the mess, but unfortunately, there were many members of the City Protection Bureau waiting in ambush outside.

Anyone that ran out would be caught, and every single one of them would be sent to jail.

Wang Teng’s eyes lit up upon noticing the attribute bubbles floating in the ruins of the abandoned warehouse.
He activated his spiritual power.


He picked them up.



Water Force*2

Earth Force*3

Metal Force*1

In an instant, a tremendous amount of strength, speed, and Force attributes went into his pocket.
These were all commonly seen attributes, though.

The Force attributes were all from the basic five elements too.
No mutated Force elements appeared.

It looked like there really were few mutated element attributes.
Most of the time, a normal martial warrior would have one of the five main elements as his Force.

In the past, he was able to pick up the mutated Forces like wind Force, ice Force, and poison Force because he was extremely lucky.

I didn’t expect there to be so many martial warriors among the evil clansmen. Wang Teng sighed.
His expression was a little stern.

He could tell how powerful this evil clan was.

Members of this clan were spread all over the nation like locusts.
They were everywhere.
Catching so many of them this time was helping the country to get rid of evil too.

Huh? Someone actually came right into my territory? Wang Teng looked at the evil clansman below him.
He held the gold brick in his hand.


A brick flew out.

The evil clansman rolled his eyes and felt a pain in his head.
Before he knew what happened, he fainted.



Wang Teng’s eyes lit up.
He was elated. Hahaha, it’s so smart of me to make this brick.

He picked them up.

Then, he continued to control the brick and hit it again and again on the evil clansman’s head.




He hit the evil clansman until no more enlightenment and spirit attributes dropped.
By then, the evil clansman had turned into a pig head.

After some time, two members of the City Protection Bureau passed through this location coincidentally and noticed the unconscious pig head evil clansman on the ground.

“Huh, why is there an evil clansman lying here?”

They looked at him carefully and got a huge shock.

“Oh my god, who’s so vicious? He turned this poor bastard into a pig head.”

“It must be one of our colleagues.
Had he been hiding his violent nature? We mustn’t offend him.”

The two of them decided that they must keep a low profile in their department in the future.
They mustn’t provoke some people in case they got beaten into pig heads.

The two of them wanted to go to the frontline to reinforce their colleagues, but first, they had to deal with this evil clansman.

Thus, they dragged the evil clansman away.

Wang Teng smiled secretly.
He realized that the people from the City Protection Bureau had wild imaginations.
They liked to think too much and come up with all kinds of strange characters and personalities.

Huh, another one! Let me hit him!

He noticed another lonely evil clansman moving in his direction.
Wang Teng threw his brick at him without any hesitation.


The evil clansman fainted.

Bang, bang, bang!

While no one was looking, Wang Teng smashed his brick on the clansman’s head, giving birth to another pig head.
He welcomed another wave of enlightenment attributes.

When the two members of the City Protection Bureau finished dealing with the first pig head evil clansman and came back, they saw the second pig head clansman lying on the ground.
They couldn’t help but exchange glances with each other.
Then, they scanned their surroundings in unplanned unison.

“Sigh… he should have left, right?”

“Shall we drag him back first?”

The two of them dragged the second pig head evil clansman out.

When they came back, they saw a third pig head evil clansman unconscious on the floor.

“Hmph, I think that that mister must be hiding nearby.
Let’s just help him to drag the corpse away.”

“You make sense.”

The two members from the City Protection Bureau felt cold sweat pouring down their foreheads.
They even changed the way they called the person and addressed him as ‘mister’ now.
They were afraid that if he heard any words of disrespect from their mouths, he would beat them into pig heads, too, in a fit of anger.

The fourth clansman, the fifth clansman… the two members of the City Protection Bureau were extremely busy.

After they dragged the ninth pig head evil clansman out, they wiped the sweat off their forehead and heaved a long sigh.
They were really tired.

“We are just emotionless corpse-dragging machines.”

The two of them looked at each other and gave a stiff smile with an unspoken mutual understanding.

Wang Teng was having a hard time trying to hold back his laughter.
He looked at the two members of the City Protection Bureau.

Am I being too harsh on them?

As time passed, all the evil clansmen either got killed or got caught.
None of them were spared.

The two corpse-dragging machines dragged 12 pig head evil clansmen in total.
They worked extremely hard.

While gazing at the 12 pig head evil clansmen piled in front of them like a small mountain, they felt a huge stimulation.

“Crazy about making pig heads!”

The two of them shuddered simultaneously.
This was the first thought that appeared in their minds when they changed from corpse-dragging machines back to humans.

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