Chapter 138: Three Years After Three Years

On the way back, Wang Teng was in deep thought.
What would the City Protection Bureau do when they received this piece of news?

Should he go there to take a look tonight?

If the people from the City Protection Bureau went, there would definitely be a battle.
At that time, many attribute bubbles would drop.
Should he join in the fun?

But, he seemed to be looking for trouble by running to the gathering of the evil clansmen!

When he reached his rented house in the university town, it was already 11 am.
Wang Teng casually called for food delivery and ate his lunch.
Then, he went to Master Lu’s branch store.

“Your Shooting Star Spiral and… brick!”

Lu Zisheng said when he saw Wang Teng.

But, when he mentioned the brick, he found it a little hard to open his mouth.
He felt that it was a disgrace.

Wang Teng smiled, refusing to comment.
He quietly picked up the attribute bubbles in his surroundings.


The Lu Hammering Skill*6

He felt satisfied!

Next, Wang Teng looked at the work desk Lu Zisheng was pointing at and saw two items.

One of them was the strange-looking Shooting Star Spiral.

The other was a golden brick that was giving off gold glimmers… It was extremely eye-catching!

“The Shooting Star Spiral has reached the requirements of a 6-star high-class weapon.
It’s better than I imagined,” Lu Zisheng said proudly.

Wang Teng picked up the Shooting Star Spiral and studied it carefully.
He liked it so much that he couldn’t bear to put it down.
“Master Lu, your skills are really exceptional!”

“You’re flattering me by calling me Master Lu.” Lu Zisheng shook his head and continued.
“As for this… brick, it has reached the requirements of a 5-star low-class weapon.
However, I can only compress it and add some runes to it.
If you have better materials in the future, you can merge them with this brick and remold it.
You can be flexible with this brick.”

Wang Teng took the gold brick and looked at it closely.
He weighed it in his hand and tested its feel.
It felt extremely comfortable in his hand, like a part of his body.

“I’m satisfied with these two items.
As expected, it was the right decision to look for ‘Master Lu,’” said Wang Teng.

Lu Zisheng was delighted to receive the compliment.
At the same time, he felt proud too.
He said, “Of course.
Our ‘Master Lu’ brand is not just for show.”

Wang Teng paid for his items and left the shop.
He wanted to hurry home to test the power of these two weapons.

The university town.

There were many universities in this area, for instance, Donghai Teaching University, Donghai Technology University, and even Donghai University.

It was the summer break, so there weren’t many students in school.

Wang Teng found a small forest in one of the universities.
He sneaked inside once he confirmed that there was no one around.

This is a good place.

Wang Teng passed through the small forest and found a small lake in front of him.
There were fake mountain rocks beside the lake.
His eyes lit up.

He activated his spiritual power, and it surged out of his forehead.

The Shooting Star Spiral floated from his palm and turned into a flash of light.
It swooshed into the forest as though it was alive and started flying back and forth.
Then, it dived deep into the lake and split into nine rays of light.
It twirled and danced at high speed in the shadows of the lake, as though it was flying in the air without any resistance.

This was the ‘spiritual shadow’ talent of the star bone.
It allowed the weapon to shuttle back and forth in the shadows, a perfect match for spiritual power.
It could definitely catch his opponents off guard.

Under the control of his spiritual power, the Shooting Star Spiral leaped out of the water.
At the same time, the nine rays of light combined into one.


Wang Teng whispered.
The Shooting Star Spiral pierced right into the fake mountain rock.

A hole appeared in the fake mountain rock without a sound.
The Shooting Star Spiral shot out from the other side.

Wang Teng lifted his hand, and the Shooting Star Spiral slowly landed on his palm.
He let out a long sigh.
He couldn’t hide the excitement in his eyes.

He took out the gold brick and used his spiritual power to control it as he threw it out.

When the brick was about to smash into the fake mountain rock, the Force on the surface of the gold brick merged into the brick.

The runes on the gold brick flashed once, and the weight of the brick increased exponentially.
Then, the brick collided with the fake mountain.


The fake mountain shattered into fragments.

Wang Teng burst into laughter.
He wondered how good it would feel if he used this brick to smash someone.

Also, with the help of his spiritual power, he would be able to accurately hit his opponent.

“What happened just now? I think I heard an explosion?” A voice suddenly came from outside the forest.

“Let’s go and take a look.
It might be a student from the martial arts course damaging the school properties again.”

“This bunch of little brats.
They are so troublesome.”

Wang Teng felt a little guilty.
He released his Force and hurriedly swept the remnants of the fake mountain into the lake.
Then, he moved his body swiftly and… escaped in a flurry.

When he reached home, Lin Zhan transferred the money to him.

2 billion.
Minus the fees of the Bangde Auction House, they had 1.8 billion left.
Each of them got 300 million when they spilled it six ways.

Everyone wanted to give Yang Fei half of the money, just as they had discussed beforehand.
Yang Fei didn’t accept it.
Thus, they had no choice but to give up the idea and split the money evenly in the end.
Anyway, even if they distributed it evenly, everyone would still get a sizable sum.

With the money in hand, Wang Teng started splurging on the internal website of Jixin Martial House.

He bought a battle uniform, a battle shield, and all the items he needed.

His orders got delivered the next day.

After that, Wang Teng didn’t leave his house, starting a cultivation session at home.
His enlightenment had reached the spiritual realm, so when he practiced his scriptures, his speed of cultivation and proficiency increased furiously.

Then, he practiced the Sky Cremating Sword Skill.
He tested how powerful this advanced stage sword skill talent was.

In the courtyard of his rented house, Wang Teng held his battle sword and waved it furiously.

Fire Force rose from his battle sword and congregated into rays of red sword light.
They were scorching and sharp!

An hour later, he stopped.
Holding his sword, Wang Teng stood still.

Sky Cremating Sword Skill (foundation 18/100)

The Sky Cremating Sword Skill had increased from 15 points to 18 points on his attributes panel.
The increase was astonishing.

I can save more blank attributes to add to my enlightenment and talent.

Wang Teng contemplated for a moment.

He had already realized that the blank attributes he had didn’t seem to be enough for him to use as the number of his battle techniques and scriptures increased.

Hence, he needed to prioritize.
It was obvious that enlightenment and talent were the foundation of everything.
Once he raised these two attributes to an extremely high level, he wouldn’t have to worry about the leveling up of his battle techniques and scriptures.

The moment he sorted out his thoughts, Wang Teng poured all the blank attributes into his enlightenment.
Then, he started practicing his battle techniques like a maniac.

At night, in an abandoned warehouse in the southern suburbs.

A bunch of suspicious-looking people was gathered in this abandoned warehouse.
They looked like crazed fanatics, and they were discussing in low voices.

There was no light, with the only source of illumination being white candles placed around the warehouse.
The candles gave a dim orange glow.

“The evil clansmen really have a gathering here.”

The members of the City Protection Bureau were hiding in a certain corner at another side.
They monitored the situation in the abandoned warehouse from afar using their binoculars.

“Are they all here?” Another member of the City Protection Bureau beside him whispered.

“They arrived a long time ago.
They are lying in ambush around the warehouse.”

“That’s good.
There are so many evil clansmen.
We will catch all of them today.
Haha, this will be a huge deed of merit!”

“I wonder who gave us that message.
He’s such a good person!”

“I heard that it was someone suspicious, dressed like a clansman.
Do you think he’s a spy? You know, the ‘three years after three years, three years after three years’ kind[1].”

“Woah, is he really a hidden boss?”

“I think he’s quite pitiful.
But, he’s really a good person!”

The good person hiding above the members of the City Protection Bureau felt speechless.

[1] a famous quote from a Chinese spy movie

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