Chapter 137: The Bubbles Of A 7-star Martial Warrior

While speaking, they were observing the situation of Bangde Auction House too.

With the help of Lin Zhan and his teammates, Wang Teng finally understood what kind of people the Zhenli Clan was made up of.

No wonder they were called maniacs!

Based on their actions, calling them maniacs was too kind.

The building they were at had a wide field of vision, so they were able to see far ahead.

From here, when Wang Teng gazed in the distance, he was able to see a few black dots occasionally colliding in the sky with his eyesight.
Rumbling explosions followed in the air.

They were walking in the air!

7-star soldier-level martial warrior!

When a martial warrior cultivated until the 5-star soldier level, they were able to congregate their Force into a pair of wings behind their backs.
It allowed them to fly freely in the air.

6-star soldier-level martial warriors could do this too.

As for 7-star martial warriors, they were able to directly walk in the air.
They didn’t need to rely on their Force wings anymore.

Those black dots fighting in mid-air must be 7-star martial warriors.

The battle lasted for more than half an hour.
The other powerful warriors from Donghai arrived and finally killed the martial warriors from the Zhenli Clan.

The remaining evil clansmen either got caught or escaped in disorder.
No one knew which corner they were hiding in.

This bunch of people was like the mice in the trench.
When you wanted to find them, they were nowhere to be seen.
However, they would always run out and wreak havoc from time to time.
It was frustrating.

Unfortunately, the attribute bubbles from the 6-star martial warrior had probably disappeared by now.
Such a long time had passed.
Wang Teng sighed in pity.
Then, his eyes lit up.

The attribute bubbles that the dead Zhenli clansmen dropped must still be there.

If he rushed over now, he might be able to pick them up in time.

However, Lin Zhan and the other team members didn’t want to interfere in this matter.
The evil clansmen from the Zhenli Clan might be hiding among the crowd.
If they were seen by them, based on these people’s crazy logic, the trouble they faced would be a calamity.

“Don’t interfere in this matter.
In fact, don’t even have any interaction with this kind of evil clan.
If not, it will be extremely troublesome and your families will be affected.
They have no bottom line,” Lin Zhan reminded them.

“Don’t worry, leader.
I won’t poke my head in their matter,” Wang Teng nodded and said.

“Alright, the show is finished.
Let’s go back.
All of us got hurt during this trip to the Xingwu Continent, and it got worse after the battle just now.
Damn it, this stupid bunch of evil clansmen.
Go back and rest for some time.
I’ll inform everyone about the next trip to the Xingwu Continent.” Lin Zhan touched his chest in frustration as he cursed uncontrollably.
He felt hatred and helplessness towards these evil clansmen.

“I will transfer the money we earned from the star bone to your accounts later.
Besides healing your injuries, remember to cultivate and become stronger.
Don’t spend the money on useless things, especially you, Liu Yan and Yan Jinyue.
You can shop, but don’t overdo it.”

He persuaded the two ladies earnestly.

“Hmph, I know.
What a naggy man!” Liu Yan and Yan Jinyue rolled their eyes and snorted.

Yan Jinming laughed loudly.

Wang Teng also gave a smile secretly.
He didn’t expect the rough-looking Lin Zhan to have this side to him.

Everyone bade farewell to one another and left.

Wang Teng thought for a moment and still decided to head to the Bangde Auction House.

The attribute bubbles of 7-star soldier-level martial warriors were hard to come by.
He mustn’t miss this chance!

However, he bought a hat and a mask on his way there and concealed his face thoroughly before rushing to the auction house at the fastest speed.

He didn’t get too close.
Instead, he maintained the furthest distance he could while still being able to use his spiritual power.

He wasn’t able to enter the vicinity of the auction house.
After such a huge incident, the police, military, and many different factions had sealed off the crime scene.

While Wang Teng was sauntering around the area, he met a few suspicious people.

“Brother, which branch are you from?” a man who was also wearing a hat and a mask walked over and spoke to him in a low voice.

Although Wang Teng was shocked, his mind spun furiously.
He immediately glared at the person and said in a cold voice, “Which branch are you from? Do you know the rules? How dare you ask this question?”

“Yes, yes, I was too reckless.
I just entered the clan and have yet to learn the rules.” The man laughed awkwardly.

What kind of luck was this? He really met an evil clansman.

“Alright, let’s just carry on with our own business.
Both of us are dressed like this.
Don’t you think that it’s a little too conspicuous?” Wang Teng barked.

“As expected of a senior clansman.
You are so thoughtful.
I’ll be leaving first.
See you at the abandoned warehouse in the southern suburbs at 8pm.” The man disappeared without a trace after he finished speaking.

Wang Teng: …

The abandoned warehouse in the southern suburbs!

8 pm!

He seemed to have gotten hold of the evil clansmen’s gathering location and time accidentally.
What should he do?

This is very urgent! I need an answer immediately.

However, this was obviously not the time to think about this.
He already got delayed by that person, so he had no time to waste anymore.
He hurriedly looked for his attribute bubbles.

Wang Teng circled the surroundings of the auction house and saw a few huge attribute bubbles just as he had expected.

It’s so huge!

It must be the attribute bubbles of a powerful martial warrior.
This is amazing!

Wang Teng was elated.
He immediately used his spiritual power to pull the bubbles over and picked them up.

Advanced Stage Sword Skill Talent*1

Advanced stage sword skill talent!

Wang Teng was ecstatic.
It was an advanced stage talent!

Talent was vital in martial arts cultivation.
The higher the talent, the faster the cultivation speed would be.
This was common knowledge.

With this advanced stage sword skill talent, Wang Teng would be able to grasp all kinds of sword battle techniques faster.

Also, with his spiritual realm enlightenment, the effects of his cultivation would be impressive.

He would try it out once he got to his house.

Sky Cremating Sword Skill*15

An elite-class earth-rank sword skill!!

Wang Teng was stunned.
It was an earth-rank sword skill.
Was he dreaming?

He didn’t have the time to think too much, though.
A human figure appeared in his mind, and he started practicing the Sky Cremating Sword Skill.

There seemed to be a roaring flame spurting into the sky in Wang Teng’s mind.
One attack of the sword, and it was able to cremate the sky and boil the sea.
The power was terrifying!

After some time, Wang Teng regained his senses.

Oh my god!

This earth-rank elite-class sword skill had 13 stances, and it was only one step away from a sky-rank battle technique.
If he fully grasped the most powerful stance, the effects would be equivalent to a sky-rank battle technique.

Even the first stance was able to unleash the power similar to that of a dark-level low-class battle technique!

This was a huge gain!

It was definitely a huge gain!

He felt fortunate that he decided to come.
If he missed these attribute bubbles, it wouldn’t just be losing a few hundred million.
He would be losing a few billion!

As expected, the attribute bubbles dropped by powerful martial warriors were good stuff.

This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Wang Teng felt lucky.
He continued to pick up the remaining attribute bubbles.

However, only Force, strength, and speed attributes were left.

Fire Force*50



As expected of the attribute bubbles of 7-star martial warriors.
Even the Force they dropped had such a high value.
There were 50 points of fire Force attributes alone, and the strength and speed attributes were decent too.
His combat power increased tremendously.

Since there were no more attribute bubbles to pick up, Wang Teng turned around and left.
Although he only stayed for a while, the people from the City Protection Bureau had already taken notice of him.

The people from the City Protection Bureau chased after him, but they lost him in a small alley.
One of them found a piece of paper stuck on the wall beside them.

“Huh? What’s written on it?”

“Be careful!” The other person reminded him.

“It’s alright.
It’s just a piece of paper.”Though, he didn’t touch the paper and just leaned close to look at the content.

“8 pm, the abandoned warehouse in the southern suburbs! Evil clansmen gathering!”

The people exchanged glances with one another and turned serious.

“Is it true?”

“Whether it’s true or not, let’s report it.
We can’t make a decision on this matter…”

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