“Long Live Zhenli!”

“It’s the evil warriors from the Zhenli Clan! Be careful!”

A loud shout was heard from outside the building, the voice penetrating Bangde Auction House’s building.

This must be the voice of a martial warrior!

“Activate the rune array! Hurry!”


The moment the person said this, a loud explosion followed.
The building was collapsing and shaking.
Everyone in the auction hall was flabbergasted.

“It’s the evil clansmen from Zhenli Clan!”

“Hurry, leave the building!”

“The building is about to collapse! The rune array of Bangde Auction House isn’t able to withstand the attack.”

The rune array was created by runes, and it was mainly used for defense.

Everyone rushed out of the building.
Some martial warrior jumped out of the window, but cries of agony were heard directly after that.

Those that hadn’t jumped felt their eyebrows trembling.
They immediately changed their directions of escape.
Some dashed down the building, while others ran up to the roof.

“Zhenli Clan?!” Wang Teng looked at the people running for their lives and felt a sense of seriousness.
At the same time, he was puzzled.

Can anyone tell me what on earth is the Zhenli Clan?

“Let’s leave quickly!” Lin Zhan’s expression was stern.
There was even hatred on his face as he gritted his teeth and rushed downstairs.
“We will leave from the side of the building!”

Liu Yan and the other team members knew how to cooperate with each other after a long period of interaction.
They followed Lin Zhan without any hesitation.

Wang Teng didn’t know what was happening.
However, it was an emergency, so he could only follow them without having the time to ask anything.

Many people from the private rooms around them had dashed out too.
At the moment, they could care less about hiding their identities.
Their expressions were cold.
They hated these Zhenli clansmen.


“Hahaha, destroy it! Kill all the stupid civilians that disobey the creed of our Zhenli Clan!” Crazy peals of laughter were heard all around them amidst the sounds of explosions.

“How dare you!”

Some powerful people from Bangde Auction House or some of the important figures that participated in the auction acted in anger.

“This bunch of maniacs!”

Lin Zhan cursed.
He found a window at the corner.
There were piles of rubbish below, and no one was in the surroundings.

“Let’s go down from here.” He took the lead and jumped down.

Liu Yan and the other team members also jumped without thinking.
As 3-star soldier-level martial warriors, jumping down from the eighth floor was a piece of cake for them.
Also, there were areas they could use as leverage in this steel building.

When Wang Teng jumped down, he activated his wind Force, and it formed a whirlpool around him.
It slowed down the force of gravity.
Wang Teng flew down in a single leap, landing lightly on the ground.

The rest of his team members were surprised.
They weren’t able to jump down so casually.

However, this was obviously not the time to think about this.

Just as they were preparing to leave, a few people dashed out from the corner and saw them.
They shouted immediately, “Someone is trying to escape.
Kill them!”

While shouting, they had already started running towards Lin Zhan and his team members.
Their crazy expressions made them seem a little like mental patients.

“Everyone, looks like we can’t end this peacefully!”

Lin Zhan spoke in a calm tone as he stretched his neck and raised his hand.
He took his battle axes from his back and stood in front of Wang Teng and the rest of his teammates.

The others took out their weapons too.
No one was afraid of a battle.

“Let’s fight then!”

Liu Yan carried her heavy machine gun on her shoulder and spoke in an indifferent tone.
She looked heroic.

Wang Teng shook his head.
He wondered if his luck was a little too bad, as he always met all sorts of trouble for no reason.
He slowly wore his boxing gloves and took out his battle sword…

When they saw Lin Zhan and his teammates standing in front of them without any intention of hiding, the people from Zhenli Clan immediately gave a sinister look.

“Stupid people, all of you deserve to die!”

The person in front held his battle blade and congregated a ray of fiery-red glow around it.
He raised his blade towards the sky and slashed it at Lin Zhan.


Lin Zhan shouted.
He crossed his battle axes, and a golden glow exploded from them.
He blocked this fierce blade attack.


“Your strength is not bad, but it’s not enough!”

A smile of contempt appeared at the corner of Lin Zhan’s mouth.
He stomped his feet on the ground and released a bolt of powerful energy.
The ground below cracked, and he sprung towards his enemy.

The person opposite him got angered by his attitude.
The crazy look in his eyes got stronger as he smiled like a maniac and said, “Come and test my power then!

Liu Yan, Yan Jinming, and the rest of the team had already spread out.
They were fighting with the other clansmen of the Zhenli Clan.

“Wang Teng, cover me!”

Liu Yan swept her enemies with the heavy machine gun in her hand.
Force was attached to every single alloy bullet as they poured out of the muzzle.
The speed was frightening.
The bullets seemed to have torn the air before appearing in front of her enemies.

The horse-faced young man opposite them had a change of expression.
He moved his body and evaded the trajectory of the bullets beforehand.
Then, he dashed towards Liu Yan.

He wasn’t stupid.
He knew that Liu Yan was a big threat, so he needed to take care of her first.

But, Wang Teng wouldn’t just stand still and not do anything.
He shifted his body and blocked the horse-faced young man.

“Die!” The horse-faced young man glared at him with a vicious expression.
He slashed the battle sword in his hand at Wang Teng.

A blue glimmer flashed across the sword’s sharp blade.
The other party directly employed his battle technique.
The sword flew towards Wang Teng like a huge wave with a terrifying pressure.

Wang Teng’s expression changed.
Force surged out of his body.

He didn’t have the time or effort to hide his skills anymore.
He used his most powerful fire Force directly.

Fire Kirin Sword Skill!


The two Forces collided head-on.

Wang Teng had just become a 2-star martial warrior, so his fire Force was nothing to the person in front of him.
He was sent flying by the impact.

3-star soldier level!

Blood dripped down from the corner of his mouth.
Wang Teng’s expression changed slightly.

Just one exchange, and he was defeated.
There was one level difference between them, yet it was a one-sided match.

“You’re just a 2-star martial warrior.
Who gave you the courage!” The horse-faced young man scoffed.
Just as he was about to follow up his victory with another attack, the sound of bullets tearing through the air was heard again.

Bang, bang, bang!

The horse-faced young man could only evade.
He gritted his teeth, and his speed increased exponentially as he charged towards Liu Yan.

“Your opponent is me!” Wang Teng blocked him again.

“You’re overestimating yourself.
Get out of the way!” Anger flashed on the horse-faced young man’s face.
He was really infuriated by this 2-star soldier-level martial warrior.
Wang Teng stuck to him like a plaster, refusing to let go.

He waved his battle sword, and rays and rays of sword light engulfed Wang Teng.
This time, Wang Teng didn’t receive the attack forcefully.
Instead, he activated his footwork and dodged them one by one.

“How is that possible?”

THe horse-face young man was dumbfounded.
This 2-star martial warrior was actually able to evade all his attacks.

This little brat must have a certain footwork skill.
However, with his ability, he won’t be able to continue this for long.
He might be able to evade ten moves, but I don’t believe that he can avoid 20 or 30 attacks. The horse-faced young man was ruthless.
The speed of his right hand exploded as he waved his battle sword.
He slashed and chopped everywhere.

His speed was definitely impressive.

Wang Teng was a little tired from dealing with the attacks.
Actually, just using his basic footwork, he wouldn’t be able to dodge the attacks from a 3-star martial warrior.
However, he had picked up the Steps of Gale in the past.
The combination effects of this skill with the wind Force were terrific.
That was why he was barely able to withstand the attacks of this 3-star martial warrior.

Also, he had spiritual power.
When he couldn’t evade the attack, he would use his spiritual power as a pushing force and help him to dodge the attack.

If it was another 2-star martial warrior, he would probably have been killed by now.

Even so, he was still in danger.
Cold sweat appeared on his forehead as he shouted, “Sister, if you don’t hurry up, you can only wait to collect my corpse!”

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