Chapter 133: Accident At The Auction

The auction carried on enthusiastically, broadening Wang Teng’s horizons.
He saw all kinds of strange items, and the people below scrambled for them like a flock of ducks.
Each bid was higher than the previous one.

He finally understood what wealth really meant.
As compared to these people, he was just a poor fellow!

But, until now, none of the people in the private rooms had called a bid.
The items at the front didn’t seem to garner their attention.

Lin Zhan and his teammates bid a few times, but the prices shouted by the people after them scared them away…

Damn it, all of them were so vicious!

If they wanted to get an item, they would need to empty their pockets.

Before this, they still thought that they could get one or two items, but now, it seemed that they had overestimated themselves.

“There are so many rich people in the world, but I’m not one of them,” Yan Jinming mocked himself as he wiped the cold sweat off his forehead.

Actually, as compared to a normal person, martial warriors like them were already extremely wealthy.
However, only they knew that their money came and left twice as fast.
They needed to buy weapons, scriptures, battle techniques, and many other things.
All of these were really expensive, so the money only passed through their pockets and left immediately thereafter.

“It’s our turn!” Lin Zhan suddenly said.

As expected, the auctioneer below said, “I’m sure that many people will be interested in the next auction item.
The seller just came back with it from the Xingwu Continent and managed to catch our grand auction.
Alright, I shall not tease you anymore.

“The seventh last auction item—the star bone of the 3-star wind element star beast, Single-horn Denglong!”

The moment he finished speaking, a commotion arose below.

“Star bone!”

“The seventh last item is a star bone!”

“What’s more, it’s the star bone of the 3-star star beast, Single-horn Denglong.
That’s definitely a good item.
We must get it!”

“Hmph, don’t even think of fighting with me! The star bone is mine!”

In an instant, the atmosphere was lit.

Even the people in the private rooms were attracted.
Some were already preparing to act.

Star bones were rare, and they had all kinds of special abilities.
If you could add a piece of star bone into your weapon or battle armor while forging it, it would definitely increase the quality by many folds.
It would be different from a standard weapon or battle armor, too, because it had a special ability.

To a martial warrior, what was more attractive than this?

“Let’s not waste any time.
The starting bid of this star bone is 500 million.
Each bid must be no less than 10 million.
The bidding starts now!”

On the high platform, a beauty in a cheongsam carried a tray in her hand.
A crystal-clear bone laid on the tray and glimmered with green rays under the lights.
The patterns on its surface were enchanting, mesmerizing the people below the stage.
Their gazes turned even more intense.

“550 million!” A shout was heard.
The moment the bidding started, the price rose by 50 million.

Unfortunately, it was impossible to scare other bidders away with this method.
Many people were determined to get this star bone.

“560 million!”

“600 million!”

Oh my god! These people are crazy! Wang Teng was astounded.

However, the crazier they were, the happier Wang Teng and his teammates were.
This was all money!

“It’s time for us to hit the jackpot!” Lin Zhan clenched his fist and said excitedly.

“That’s right.
This star bone can at least go up to 1 billion.
That means that each of us here will get 150 million.
This is five trips in one,” Liu Yan said with delight.

The bidding war was still ongoing.
The price had risen to 950 million, but the excitement of the bidders hadn’t subsided at all.

“1.2 billion!”

Suddenly, a calm voice came from a private room on the left side of the second floor.

The voice had been processed, so no one knew who it was.

The bidding below instantly quietened down.

1.2 billion!

This person added 250 million in one bid.
Normally, 1 billion was a segregation point.
Many people would beat a retreat here.
Now that the price had risen to 1.2 billion, most people didn’t even bother struggling.
They just gave up.

Also, everyone present knew that the people in the private rooms weren’t people they could offend.
If they continued bidding, they might provoke them.

Thus, these people weren’t willing to do it unless extremely necessary.

“1.3 billion!”

A voice came from another private room.
Another 100 million was added to the price.

The people below were dead silent.
All of them shook their heads and had disappointment on their faces.
They could only watch the people in the private rooms fighting now.

“1.5 billion!”

“1.6 billion!”

There was no exchange of threats, only the battle of price.
The higher bidder would get the item.

Wang Teng exchanged glances with his teammates.
Things were getting a little frightening.
It was almost double their estimated selling price.

“2 billion!”

The person in room 8, who was the first to open his mouth and bid, seemed determined to get the star bone.
He pushed the price to 2 billion in the end.
The other people remained silent.
No one opened their mouths again.

“2 billion.
This star bone belongs to the VIP guest in room 8!” The auctioneer knocked his hammer.

The final decision was made!

Lin Zhan and his teammates let out a long breath.
They had witnessed the price rising with their eyes.
It was a little too exciting.

“Damn it, that person just took out 2 billion so easily.
His voice didn’t even change when he said that.
Impressive!” Lin Zhan couldn’t help but curse.

“Haha, we’re rich now!” Yan Jinming was delighted.

“Split the money! Split the money!” Liu Yan’s eyes were glistening brightly.
She wished that she could take the money immediately and go on a shopping spree.

Unexpectedly, Yan Jinyue was the calmest.
She smiled happily as she watched everyone’s reaction from the side.
She said to Liu Yan, “Sister Liu Yan, after the money is handed to us, let’s go shopping.
I haven’t gone shopping in a long time.”

“That’s right, shopping.
Let’s buy some clothes and makeup.
I want to splurge for once.” Liu Yan nodded furiously.

Ever since she became a martial warrior, she had been sitting on the gates of hell all the time.
She didn’t care much about her hobbies in the past anymore.
Now that Yan Jinyue mentioned it, along with the stimulation of money, she seemed to have found the feeling of shopping crazily again.

Wang Teng smiled gently.
His gaze landed on the next item up for auction.
The last few items were undoubtedly more precious and rarer than the previous ones.

There was full-body battle armor, an advanced-rank scripture, weapons, and extremely rare medicinal herbs and ores.
The people below could only keep quiet and watch.
This battle belonged to the people in the private rooms.

The gains of all the auction items today were more than 80 billion.
Especially the last few items.
The moment they shouted their bids, it was more than 10 billion.

In a blink of an eye, it was time for the last auction item.
The auctioneer couldn’t control the smile on his face anymore.
The auction today was a great success, and the gains had exceeded his expectations.
Now, it was time to take things up a notch.
The auctioneer was confident of this item.
The bidders would only get crazier.

“Everyone, the last item for our auction today…”


The moment the auctioneer started speaking, a huge explosion was heard.
The hall started shaking violently, and broken fragments fell from the ceiling.

“What is happening?”

The people below were in a frenzy.
The martial warriors quickly stood up and became alert.

Wang Teng and his teammates’ expressions changed slightly.
They exchanged glances with one another and took out their weapons, staring in the direction the explosion came from.

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