Chapter 130: Who On Earth Are You?

The man in front of him was tall and bulky.
He was quite handsome and had a bright smile on his face.

But, people with a little more life experience would be able to see that the smile was a little fake.

The drinker’s heart is not in the cup!

Before this, these two had no interaction at all.
The only link between them was Xu Hui.

Wang Teng shook his head speechlessly.

This female devil Xu Hui came to find him for trouble the moment she came back.

“There’s no need for that.
I’m waiting for my friends,” Wang Teng said.

Xie Zhilong frowned secretly.
Then, he smiled and said, “You can ask your friends to come together.
Y’all just graduated from high school, so you have not experienced many things.
We have been in the university for a year or two.
We have heard and seen more than you.
If you follow us, you can gain some experience.”

He didn’t think much.
He believed that Wang Teng’s friends must be his peers, so they were just senior high graduates.

They probably felt that they were exceptional because they had just passed the martial arts exam.
Youth knew no fear!

As their senior brother, Xie Zhilong felt that he needed to educate them properly from the perspective of an elder.

Pan Danwen and Xu Hui’s other seniors silently agreed with his words.
They had been through this stage before.
They knew better than anyone how they felt when they just graduated from high school.
Honestly, they were a little proud at that time.
They only learned the immensity of the universe after they entered university.

Wang Teng was Xu Hui’s friend, so they agreed with Xie Zhilong’s suggestion.
If they could bring him along, they should.
This would prevent him from creating trouble.

“Little Brother Wang Teng, I’m Xu Hui’s senior sister, Pan Danwen.
You can follow us later.
We can take care of each other that way.
You don’t have to feel shy about it.” Pan Danwen was more tactful with her words.
Besides, she was as pretty as a flower.
When she opened her mouth, it felt as though a breeze blew past their faces.

Wang Teng said helplessly, “Senior Sister Pan, I’m not shy.
I’m really waiting for my friends.
I can’t make decisions for them.”

“Why are you rejecting us? It seems like you look down on us.
Forget it.
Let’s not ask for a snub,” Xie Zhilong said as if he was mocking himself.

As expected, the other senior brothers and sisters frowned when they heard this.
They were unhappy.

This Wang Teng was really insensible!

Did he think that he could be haughty just because he was the top scholar of the martial arts exam?

“Wang Teng, are you stupid? We’re asking you to follow us for your own good.
Why are you so stubborn?” Xu Hui was a little angry as she complained.

Wang Teng squinted slightly.
He ignored Xu Hui and just smiled ambiguously at Xie Zhilong.

Xie Zhiling felt chills running down his spine.
Somehow, he felt as though he got targeted by a wild beast.
Fear crept up his heart.

Did he get scared by a high school graduate?

He hurriedly shook his head and felt a little angry from embarrassment.
Just when he was about to flare up, he heard a voice behind him.


Xie Zhilong turned his head and smiled brightly.
He called out to the man, “Uncle!”

“Haha, it’s really you!” Xie Kun, Li Liangda, and Li Rongcheng walked over.

When Wang Teng saw Li Liangda and Li Rongcheng, his head started hurting.
All of them were gathered together again.

“Uncle, weren’t you in Jiangnan? Why are you here?” Xie Zhilong asked curiously.

“I came for the auction.” Xie Kun smiled.
Then, he turned to look at Pan Danwen and the others beside Xie Zhilong.
He said, “Are these your classmates?”

“Yes, they are all my schoolmates from Jiangnan University.
However, this person isn’t.
He’s the top scholar of the Donghai University martial arts exam this year.
He looks down on normal students like us.” Xie Zhilong introduced Pan Danwen and his friends before looking at Wang Teng mockingly.

“Oh, the top scholar of the Donghai martial arts exam!” Xie Kun sized up Wang Teng.
Then, he turned and asked Li Liangda, “Is this the Wang Teng you mentioned?”

“It’s him.” Before Li Liangda could open his mouth, Li Rongcheng had already answered hurriedly.

This martial warrior knew his father, so he would definitely stand on their side.
Also, Li Rongcheng could tell that there was contempt in his tone when he talked about Wang Teng.
He might be able to make Wang Teng suffer a little.
Li Rongcheng was delighted to see that.

“Wang Teng, this Mr.
Xie is a 3-star soldier-level martial warrior.
Don’t think that you can be so arrogant just because you’ve become a martial warrior.
Compared to Mr.
Xie, a 1-star martial warrior is nothing.
Don’t be proud.” Li Rongcheng was like the fox that assumed the majesty of the tiger.

“3-star soldier-level martial warrior!”

Pan Danwen and the other students looked at Xie Kun in astonishment.

“Hehe, my uncle has been a 3-star soldier-level martial warrior for many years.
Normal 3-star soldier-level martial warriors can’t be compared with him,” Xie Zhilong boasted proudly.

“A 3-star soldier level martial warrior isn’t much.
There are many powerful and respectable people in this place.
I’m just in the lowest rung.” Xie Kun pretended to be humble.
However, in his heart, he was proud and enjoyed the attention he was getting from everyone.
He looked at Wang Teng calmly and asked, “I’ve heard about your grudge with Li Rongcheng.
You used some method to force him to leave the martial arts exam because you wanted to take revenge on him.
I wonder if this is true?”

Pan Danwen and the other students from Jiangnan University looked at Wang Teng in unplanned unison when they heard this.
They threw him a look of contempt.

Owing to what happened just now, their impression of Wang Teng was already bad.
When they heard this inside story, they detested him even more.

“That’s impossible.
Wang Teng is not that kind of person,” Xu Hui shouted without thinking.

“Xu Hui, it’s impossible to judge a man’s heart from his face.
How do you know that he’s not that kind of person?” Xie Zhilong said.

“Li Rongcheng told you that, right?” Wang Teng glanced at everyone.
He especially paused when he glanced at Xie Zhilong, Li Liangda, and Li Rongcheng before he said this.

He wasn’t anxious even when he was misunderstood by other people.

“It doesn’t matter who said it.
You can’t hide the truth.
You are so young but already so evil.
If you become a higher class martial warrior in the future, you will be a huge scum of society,” Xie Kun placed his hands behind his back and said.

“Who are you? I don’t think I know you? Even if I’m evil, what does it have to do with you? Why did you run over and say this nonsense to me? Who gave you the authority to do that?” Wang Teng looked at Xie Kun indifferently.

“You…” Xie Kun choked on his words, and his face turned green.
It might be either anger or frustration.

At first, he thought that with his ability as a 3-star soldier-level martial warrior, Wang Teng wouldn’t dare to talk back to him.
He would definitely listen to his lecture obediently.

Unexpectedly, Wang Teng wasn’t scared of offending him.
The moment he opened his mouth, he didn’t give him any face and humiliated him right in front of everyone.

At this moment, he really wanted to slap Wang Teng to death.

Unfortunately, this was the venue of a grand auction hosted by the Bangde Auction House.
He wouldn’t dare to create any trouble.

“Wang Teng, do you know that you should respect your elders? My uncle is doing this for your sake, but you just berated him.
You don’t deserve to be the top scholar of the martial arts exam,” Xie Zhilong shouted angrily.

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