Wu Liang was frustrated.

“You’re so treacherous.
You were preserving your strength all these while and only released it at the last stage.
You made me happy for no reason!”

Wang Teng sniggered and said, “Who was the one who was so confident at the start?

“Also, I wanted to save some of your ego, so I let you be in the lead for a while before catching up at the end.”

“Hmph~ Why should I believe you? You bad old man, you’re so evil.” Wu Liang snorted.



Why did I become a bad old man?

Do you dare to admit your loss? If you do, I won’t ask you to fulfill your bet with me.” Wang Teng was speechless.

“Who says that I can’t admit my defeat.
All I have to do is sing the song ‘Zhen Fu’, right? What’s there to be afraid of?” Wu Liang straightened his neck.

“Go ahead and sing, then! The flowers are drooping from waiting.” Wang Teng glanced at him from the corner of his eyes.

Wu Liang instantly looked as though he had eaten a fly.
The expression on his fat face kept changing.

He couldn’t put down his ego and sing the song, but on the other hand, he didn’t want other people to think that he couldn’t accept losing either.

His entire expression could be described in one word—dilemma!

In the end, he admitted defeat while looking like a deflated balloon.
He started singing with the voice of a mosquito.

“I can’t hear you!” Wang Teng placed his hand beside his ear and pretended that he couldn’t hear properly.

Wu Liang was furious.
After taking a long, deep breath, he increased his volume.

“This is how I got conquered by you…”


The people around them burst out laughing.
This fatty was tone deaf!

But, they felt sorry for him too.

He had to sing ‘Zhen Fu’ in front of so many people.
This must be black history in his life.

Wang Teng was really evil.
He actually pranked someone like this.

Wang Teng couldn’t help but laugh too.
He waved his hand and said, “Fine, fine, stop singing.
Your voice will frighten little children!”

Wu Liang replied, “Don’t! I still need to sing ten songs!”

This time, it was Wang Teng’s turn to feel speechless.

This fatty was a little cunning!

“This is how I got conquered by you…” Wu Liang got even more motivated when he saw Wu Liang’s frustrated look.


“Get off!”

Wang Teng ran away like his life depended on it.
Damn it, his voice was too terrifying!

The fatty was fun to play with, but he was too cunning.

Too much was always not good.
Since he was a good pastime, he would play with him slowly in the future.

The fatty looked around the same age as him, yet he was already an intermediate stage martial disciple.
This meant that he had the talent.

He might become a martial warrior in the future.

He was a fat sheep full of potential.
Wang Teng could milk this fatty as his long-term dueling buddy!


The students gathering around ran away in fright.
They hid far away and discussed with one another for some time.
While they marveled at the young men’s abilities, their competitiveness was ignited too.
All of them started practicing even harder.

As a result, there were already many attribute bubbles littering the second floor, as if it was raining here.

Wang Teng walked over and picked all of them up like a Good Samaritan.
He also greeted the other students.



Basic Fist Skill*3


Basic Blade Skill*6

After another round of upgrading his attributes, he stopped in front of a student practicing his fist skill, observing the young man for a long time.

When the student finished his session, he stopped to take a rest.

Wang Teng took the chance and walked forward, “Senior Brother, shall we have a duel?”

The young man looked a little older than Wang Teng and seemed to be slightly above 20.

He was stunned for a moment when he heard Wang Teng’s challenge.
He replied, “You’re Wang Teng, right? I am Zhang Shaoyang.

“I saw you competing with Wu Liang just now and am a little interested in you.
Since you brought it up yourself, let’s have a duel.”

“Senior Brother Zhang, please!”

The two of them stood in an empty area and distanced themselves.
Wang Teng raised his hand to ask Zhang Shaoyang to start.

“I will not be polite then.”

Zhang Shaoyang clenched his fist and stomped his leg, darting towards Wang Teng first.

Bang, bang, bang…

The duo got right down to it.
Wang Teng didn’t use other battle techniques, only employing his footwork and fist skills to fight with Zhang Shaoyang.

As their fists went back and forth, the fight looked violent and fierce.
If they were hit, their punches would directly land on their muscles.

Zhang Shaoyang was slightly surprised.
He was a muscular man.
One look and you could tell that he was a bulky guy.

However, Wang Teng was wearing loose sportswear, so the muscles on his body weren’t prominent.
From his appearance, he just looked like an ordinary youth.

But when he started fighting for real, he was full of explosive power.

It didn’t feel compatible at all!

Also, Wang Teng’s ability astounded him too.
A moment ago, he thought that Wang Teng was already quick with his footwork.
Now, he felt that he needed to retract his judgment.

Wang Teng’s fist skill wasn’t weaker than him.

This fellow seems to be a genius! Zhang Shaoyang thought to himself.

They were like a Roland for an Oliver, evenly matched.
They fought back and forth, and for a moment, no one won or lost.


“Zhang Shaoyang’s Basic Fist Skill has reached the big achievement stage.
Yet, Wang Teng isn’t at a disadvantage after fighting for so long.”

The students standing far away didn’t have high hopes for Wang Teng initially.
Hence, they didn’t take much notice when he challenged Zhang Shaoyang.
They thought that it would end within a few rounds.

But, the reality was unexpected.
The two of them fought for a long while, without any results.

“Could it be that Zhang Shaoyang didn’t try his best?” Someone was puzzled.

“Are you stupid? Look at Zhang Shaoyang.
Does he look like he’s not trying his best?” Another felt speechless.

“I’m not fighting anymore.
I’m not fighting anymore!”

Zhang Shaoyang quickly waved his hands after the two of them collided and retreated a few steps.

“Why don’t you want to fight anymore?” Wang Teng was unwilling to stop.

“Your fist skill is on par with me.
There won’t be any outcomes if we continue fighting.
Instead, we might lose too much energy, affecting our training for the entire day,” said Zhang Shaoyang.

“Also, if you didn’t compete with Wu Liang, I would have lost already.”

“Alright, let’s not go further than necessary.
We will have more chances to duel in the future,” replied Wang Teng.

I learned many things after fighting with you.” Zhang Shaoyang nodded.

Wang Teng went to the side to rest and restore his stamina.
At the same time, he counted the gains from his duel.

Basic Fist Skill*23


As expected, his guess was correct.
Fighting with ‘monsters’ would make them drop attributes.
The harder they fought, the more attributes they dropped, especially attributes like Basic Fist Skill.
They would never drop so much when they were practicing.

“So this is the correct way to use my bug!”

While strolling around the training room, Wang Teng slowly regained his stamina.
At the same time, he also picked up the attributes from the other students.

Half an hour later, most of his stamina was restored.

He went to the weapons room to pick a sword.
Then, he came in front of a student practicing sword skills and said, “Senior Brother, are you free to test my sword skills?”

“Okay!” The other party was decisive and nodded in agreement.

More and more students arrived at the training arena.
However, only those who came earlier knew that two duels had happened before this.

“That Wang Teng is having a duel with another person again.
This time, he’s using his sword skill!”

A student that just came felt puzzled.
“What’s the matter? This student looks unfamiliar.
Is he new?”

Another student started explaining to him.

On the other side, Wang Teng and the other young man had already started fighting.
Their long swords collided, letting out sparks and metallic clangs.

A sword duel was naturally more dangerous, but both parties knew their limits well.
They wouldn’t intentionally hurt the other party.

When the duel ended, Wang Teng gained many attributes as expected.
He rested at the side.

Basic Sword Skill*26


An hour later, Wang Teng found a student practicing blade skill and cupped his fists at the young man.
“Senior Brother, my blade is extremely thirsty now.
Let’s have a duel.”


“Alright, my blade couldn’t keep itself down anymore too!”


The two of them looked exceptionally serious.
They were sparks in their eyes as they looked at each other~


The other students were already numb.

Wu Liang was one of them.
He suddenly felt pity for the student Wang Teng found when he looked at him.

This Wang Teng was crazy about duels.
He knew all the battle techniques, and the result was always a draw…

He must be a monster!

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